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Jesus Christ: Vishnu Tattva, Yagna Purusha Yupa Dhvaja


9098_10152166660734828_2079101635_nHERU-AUSU-ATUM the Original Supreme Godhead of the Primal Rhodes-related Heliopolitan Egyptian Bhakti Divine Love Tradition is HARI, God Who IS Love, the Lord of the HRID / HEART.

The Circle Hieroglyph reads ‘R (HR) or ‘L and used to be rendered by modern linguists as HOR, but more recently has been rendered as HERU.

The Second Person of the Primal Deity HERU was AUSU, here depicted as the Uraeus Cobra or Ourobolos Serpent of Infinity that is holding-up Heru. Ananta Sesha Naga as Ausu-Uraeus is draped with His Ankh Cross, which is His Symbol as the Cosmic Purusha PER-AUSU. The cCatholic Apostolic Coptic Egyptian Rite of Saint Mark of Alexandria Egypt retained this same ancient ANKH CROSS OF AUSU / OSIRIS AS ITS SYMBOL OF JESUS CHRIST, the Self-Sacrificed Cosmic Purusha (Egyptian PER-AUSU, Greek POLIEUS).

HERU-AUSU’s Omnipresent Third Person, Their Holy Spirit ATUM (the Indic Tradition PARAM-ATMAN), is depicted as the CORONA / KARANA-MALA Garland of RAY-HANDS (Sanskrit KARA) that extend from HERU-AUSU and Hold His Ankh Crosses. These Ray-Hands also do the creating, maintaining and dismantling work of all Temporary (composite, material) Worlds. Even today countless Vaishnava and Pure Land Buddhist Icons of HARI still depict Him
as surrounded by just such a ‘Garland of Ray-Hands’.

As the KR root Name CREATOR, Hari-Vasu-Atman is called KRITA Creator, KRITA-KRITA Creator of Creators, and KARTRI Creator. He is God / Huta and the Lord of Lords, Guard of Guardians and Ward of Wardens, Varda-vardana. He is the Raja-raja King of kings. Compare ancient Greek REX, Roman REG and Biblical Hebrew ROSH and RAZAN. He is Vasudeva of the vasudevas the Biblical Basileos of the basileos. He is HARI of the Hari-janas / Haryana / Suragana and ELI of the Elohima.

Together the 3 Persons of the Trinity of the Transcendent HERU, the Mediating AUSU and the Immanent ATUM are the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are the HERU-AUSU-ATUM of Heliopolis, the HELI-OSiris-ATOMOS of the Greeks, the HERU-WASU-ATEN of Thebes (in Egypt), the ELI-YAHU-ADON of the Biblical Semites, and the HARI-VASU -ATMAN (Krishna-Baladeva-Paramatma) of the Vaishnavas. To the Pure Land Buddhists These Same Three Persons of the HARI Trinity were the TRI KAYA of Amitabha-Amitayus-Lokeshvara.

+In the Name of the Father, the Son and Their Holy Spirit, and with the help of our Mother Mary-Miriam / Nari-Narayani, Radha / Rhoda Mystica, may our human Family again be united as ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD! + Amun Amen Amin Aum !
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PAPA and APA-RADHA, APEP and APO-STACY: Comparing the Concept in the Eastern & Western Bhakti Tradition

Ramachandra Puri chastising Lord Chaitanya seeing ants in His room.  The Monk developed an envy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu after having had earlier committed an offense against his Guru Madhavendra Puri.

Ramachandra Puri chastising Lord Chaitanya seeing ants in His room. The Monk developed an envy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu after having had earlier committed an offense against his own Guru Madhavendra Puri.

[Bhakti Ananda Goswami’s Response to this article by Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari]

 Thank You for this nice explanation of the difference between papa ‘sin’ and aparadha ‘offenses’.  When I first saw this article by Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari, I thought of writing something about the issue of papa and aparadha in the World’s other anciently related Bhakti Yoga Traditions.  However, since my Father and I have been struggling with a severe illness lately, I have not been able to do it.  So here I will only note a few things that perhaps I will be able to write more about in the future.

First, the concept of sin as papa and papa-purusha sin-personified or the person/man of sin, can be historically traced back to the enemy of  the Supreme Triune Godhead HERU-AUSU-ATUM of the Rhodian Cultus of Helios Meghistos Kouros / Krishna.  The first High Civilization of Egypt was based on the worship of the Theophanies and Incarnations of this Trinity of Hari (Krishna), Vasudeva (Balarama-Vishnu) and Their All-Pervasive Atman / Paramatma.  In North Egypt at Heliopolis the Hidden Lord of the Heart was called ATUM / ATON / ADON.  Later in the South at Thebes the same Hidden Lord of the Heart was called ATEN before and during the famous Amarna Period. 
The Indo-Europeans and Semites also worshiped this same Godhead as HELI-OS-ATOMOS (Atman = Being, WHO IS and the SELF Ousios, Atomos, Ontos, Autos etc.). The Semites called this Godhead ELI-YAHU-ADONyahu. 
For thousands of years the enemy of this Godhead was known as SETU /KETU (Satan the sinful cause of CATA-bolism decay disease and death) ) and PAPA / sin. The hieroglyph for PAPA / sin in Egypt was a small deadly poisonous centipede type of insect.  The meaning of the symbol is that the poison of sin can sicken and kill your whole body.  Thus a very small and insignificant looking creature or bite/sting may look harmless, but the wise person knows to avoid the risk of the deadly sting of such envious life-destroying sinful creatures.  Modern Egyptologists and Linguists have rendered this centipede-like ideogram for sin as PP and have transliterated it as APEP.  Obviously this name of the envious destroyer of life and enemy of God and Humanity is PAPA. 

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Remembering HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami


David/ Bhakti Ananda Goswami visiting with the sweet disciples of HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami, near Washington D.C., USA

Once when I was visiting HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami Maharaj, due to polio-related muscle weakness and heart trouble I was mostly bedridden and could not climb stairs to go to the bathroom. So Swamiji said for me to stay on the couch in the basement, where there was a toilet by the laundry. After midnight the first night, someone came quietly down the stairs and tip-toed to the laundry room with an armload of clothes. I was amazed to see that it was Bhakti Tirtha Swami!

I said, Maharaja, what are you doing? Why are you doing laundry at this hour? He replied “The laundry needs to be done, but the Devotees are tired. I wanted to let them sleep. I have rounds to chant anyway”. He stayed and talked with me a while and then went to chant some rounds. During the time that I was living in the basement, Swami would send Maha Prasadam down to me, and come to visit me late at night, while doing laundry and/or chanting his rounds. Eventually he had the Devotees make popcorn and he and about 20 Devotees would come to the basement in the evening to visit with me and listen to Swami and I discuss Vaishnavism in the Bible and ancient Africa.

As a Child Evangelist, Swami was VERY knowledgeable about the Bible, and he actually still loved Jesus very much, and meditated on Jesus taking the sins of His Devotees, and the whole World. We used to discuss Vasudeva Datta, the Catholic Saints who were Intercessors or ‘Victim Souls’ (Stigmatists) and the Pure Land Buddhist Bodhisattvas. He was very much in that mood of taking the vi-karma or sins of others to guarantee their salvation.  Read the rest of this entry

The Sacred Peacock was the Symbol of the One True God

Krishna Peacock Montage 5
Please study the Sacred Peacock and its closest relatives, the Phoenix, Quetzal, Golden Pheasant, Mediterranean or Persian Cockerel etc., which were sacred and propagated around the World by the Devotees of the Supreme Lord.  Some of them Heralded the Dawn, and were thus widely revered for their sensitivity to the first light of the day. The Peacock and Persian or Domestic Cock (Rooster, see Wiki) were both important in Judaism, and in the Schools devoted to Asclepios Iasas (Jesus, Ananta-Charaka) the Great Physician.     
The most familiar Peacock itself was imported from India by the Bible’s King Solomon (Jewish Scriptures [Christian Old Testament], Kings 10:22, 2 Chron. 9:21), and was the Symbol of the Royal Messianic Lineage of David.  Scholars have long recognized that the ancient Biblical word for Peacock comes from Tamil Nadu South India. 

Demeter (Da-Mata) Mother Earth & Her Kidnapped Daughter Sita/Proserpina

King Janaka Unearths Baby Sita who is Born of the Earth Goddess Sri Sita was born as Janaki or daughter of King Janak but later renamed as Sri Sita Devi by Maharishi Naradh Muni.She was actually given to King Janak by the Earth Goddess or Bhuma Devi whilst he was ploughing a piece of land during a prolonged period of drought in the Treta Yuga He unearthed a golden casket in which he found a beautiful baby girl. Overjoyed he named her Sita because land ploughed by a yoke is called Sita.

King Janaka Unearths Baby Sita who is Born of the Earth Goddess. Sri Sita was born as Janaki or daughter of King Janak but later renamed as Sri Sita Devi by Maharishi Narada Muni.She was actually given to King Janaka by the Earth Goddess or Bhumi Devi whilst he was ploughing a piece of land during a prolonged period of drought in the Treta Yuga He unearthed a golden casket in which he found a beautiful baby girl. Overjoyed he named her Sita because land ploughed by a yoke is called Sita.

Demeter is Mother Earth and Sitadevi is the beloved Daughter of Mother Earth who was BORN from Her! Thus Sita Devi appeared as a baby from Mother Earth as She was being plowed! This is why Sita was called (From A ) FURROW. To understand the deep profound connections between the Lila of Sita-Rama and the Heliopolitan Eleusinian Mysteries and related Orphic Mysteries, or the Mysteries of Demeter (DA-MATA Who ‘DA’ Bears/Carries us ALL) and Persephone, one must first understand Bridal Mysticism. In Bridal Mysticism the primary relationship of focus is the ‘conJUGal’ YOGA YOKING-OF-TWO Lover-and-Beloved Giver-and-Receiver Rasa Relationshipof the feminine soul-self or Shakti and Shakti-man God. God is always the masculine (Giver) Purusha, and Shekinah / Shakti is always the feminine (Receiver) Prakriti in Bridal Mysticism. The Jiva Soul is always the Bride of Christ, NOT Christ the Bridegroom / God. In the Adam and Eve Original ‘fall’ story, JIVA / HEVA / EVE ‘falls’ from Her relationship with ADON-YAHU, Her Lord the Supreme Atman (see the Jewish Mysticism of ADAM / ADON / ATON Kadmon and Shekinah). This is the Egyptian ‘Fall’ of the ‘BA self-soul (bird glyph) From Her Union with the ATON, ATUM/N or ATEN Form of HERU-AUSU. Read the rest of this entry

VISHNU the VEDIC ASHURA is the Persian AHURA MAZDA, Egyptian Ausar, Greek Osiris, Assyrian Asshur & the Babylonian Marduk Asaru


The Vedic Age Vishnu Ashura / Ahura Mazda. He rides on Grauda-Ananta and holds His discus, while possibly making a blessing sign.

Vishnu is the Vedic Age Soul of the Universe, Ashura. He is the Persian Good God, Ahura Mazda. He is also the Babylonian Supreme Deity Marduk Asaru and the Assyrian Supreme Deity Asshur. In Greece and Rome He was called Osiris. In Egypt He was called AUSU or AUSAR in the North and WASU-Theos in the South. AUSU orr WASU dios (VASU-DEVA) was the TOBA-YAHU of the Jews. The Jews also called Him AZAR-YAHU and AZARIEL or ELI-AZAR and JO-EL. Like JO-EL, YAHU-ELI would be the inverse of ELI-YAHU. ELI-YAHU is the Greek HELI-OS and the Egyptian HERU-AUSU ‘HORUS’.

For the record this is absolutely not about ancient astronauts.  I am an expert on these subjects and so I am writing what I write. I am not guessing about these things. I know what I am writing about, because I have been studying them for more than 40 years. I can prove that this is indeed Vishnu as the Vedic Era Ashura / Asshur. The circle is one of the most ancient Hieroglyphs that says His Name OLU / HERU / ELI / SOLE / HELI / HURRU / HVARE / HARI / HARA / SURA / HRIH etc. The smaller chakra circle in His hand distingishes his ‘solar’ discus from Himself as the Chakra-Vartin or Discus-Wielding Lord. The Wings, Tail and Snake-like Naga ‘feet’ identify Him as the Lord of Garuda-Vahana, Ananta Asana and the Anguiped Lord of the ANGA-NAGA language peoples.

Behind Asshur or Ahura Mazda, is the Rhodon or other Sun Flower that shows His Origin in the worship of Heru-Ausar of Heliopolis. He is bearded because He is the Second Person of the HERU-AUSAR-ATUM Trinity. Ausar has mature forms, but Helios Kouros (Krishna) never ages beyond His Beautiful From as a beardless long haired Youth. Read the rest of this entry

God in His World-Devouring Lion-Headed Form as Time was Once Universally Worshiped



In His Bhagavad-gita Sri Krishna reveals to His Friend, Arjuna, that He is the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. Arjuna then becomes frightened when he sees the wrathful Universal Form of Krishna as Time / Kalah devouring the Worlds. Kalah, Bairav and Shiva are some of the other Names of this Lion-headed All-Devouring Form of Krishna, Nara-Hari. This Montage shows only a few of the countless ways that this Form of HARI is still worshiped as the Supreme Spirit and Protector of the Buddhists and Buddhist-related Hindus of India and the Orient.

Clockwise from the upper left is 1. HARI as Kalah Bairab, the Tibetan World-Devouring Lord of the Chakra Wheel of Time. 2. An Indian example of the New Year or Time (Kaula Month related) Festival Lion Dance, which is always performed for the Supreme Lord’s Blessing and Protection. Sometimes it is also connected to the individual’s or community’s purgation from sin. 3. The Barong Lion Dance of the entire Bali Region. Again the Lion is the Lord, the King of Spirits, Who forgives bad karma, blesses and protects individuals and communities in the coming year. 4. The Nepali and Tibetan Kalah Bairab worshipers also have their Lion Dances, but they combine these more directly with their animal sacrifices as a propitiation for the sins of the community. Note the late Buddhist version of the Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Cambodian Hem Hem Compound Crown of HERU-HOR, ELI-EL or HARI-HAR (Vishnu-Shiva) on this kid-Sacrificing Lion Dancer. 5. The Chinese celebrate their Lunar New Year in a very extravagant way, with their always-related Lion and Dragon Dances. The Dragon is of course Ananta Sesha Naga, the Ourobolos Serpent of Infinity, Who always accompanies Lord Hari as Time / Kalah. 6. In Japan the New Year is also celebrated with the Lion Dance called the Shi Shi Ma. There too the children along the parade route may be blessed and protected for the coming year by being ‘bitten’ by the Supreme Lord’s Lion Form! Read the rest of this entry

NARA-HARI, Exodus & the Jewish PERAZON, HAREDIM & DOSSIM People of God, Part 4


In between the paws of the Sphinx is the “Dream Stella”. In the 18th Dynasty Thutmosis IV fell asleep under the Sphinx which was covered to the neck in sand. Thutmosis had a dream that the Sphinx came to him in the form of Ra-HARakhty (Hari) and spoke to him promising him that if he would free the Sphinx from the sand, Thutmosis would be destined to become king of Egypt. Photo: Andrew Bayuk

The Religious Jews or HAREDIM

Confronted with the wrathful Universal Form of Krishna as Nara-Hari Kalah-Purusha (Yahu Tzabaoth Ari-YAHU or Ari-EL, the Lion of Judah), Arjuna’s hair stood on end.  Did Arjuna tremble in awe and ecstacy before the LORD HARI / ARI-EL / ARI-YAHU, like the Quakers or HAREDIM (Religious Jews)?  HERU / HELI / ELI (HARI, HARA) was the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Supreme ‘Father’ God of the Mixed Multitude and Israelites (Jews), who fled from their chattel slavery in Egypt, during the Exodus described in the Jewish Scripture and the Christian Bible.  Did the ancient Jews ever depict their Savior-God of the Exodus as a Lion or a Lion-Headed Man or Sphinx ?  YES!  Numerous ancient Israelite and Jewish artifacts have been found depicting the Jewish God as a Lion or a Man-Lion!  The compound Deity Name ARE-YAHU means LION-YAHU and the compound Deity Name ARI-EL means LION-EL or LION-ELI.  So LEONTOCEPHALOS TIME as NARA-HARI KALAH-PURUSHA is the NAMA and RUPA, the NAME-FORM of the Jewish Deity as YAHU-TZABAOTH the Great “I AM” and “Lord of Hosts” of the Exodus Revelation and the Bhagavad-Gita!  The RELIGOUS Jewish People today, the ones that still shave their heads, wear the sidelock SIKHAS and keep the Commandments of the Mosaic Law, are called the HEREDIM. The HAREDIM are also called DOSSIM

Why are the Religious Jews, the HAREDIM called (plural) Dossim?  Does this practise really come from a derogatory play on the “…Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation of the word “datim” – meaning religious.[23]”?  Read the rest of this entry

KRISHNA-VISHNU NARA-HARI Leontocephalos Lion-Headed TIME/KALAH of the Bhagavad-Gita, as the Biblical YAHU-TZABAOTH & Zeus-Jupiter Chronos-Saturnus, Egyptian HERU-AUSU-Ammon-RA, Kushite Apademak, Shaivite and Buddhist Kalah-Bairab & Mithraic Zervan


In Hebrew ARYEH is the Lion-Headed God of the JEWS. He is the Lord of the Exodus Story, YAHU-TZABAOTH, the Lord of Hosts (both Heavenly Hosts / Sun, Moon and Asterims, and Earthly Armies), Who the ancients identified with the Protector of Israel and Judah, the Lion-Headed Form of God

In the previous age Krishna-Kalah worshiped by all of humanity in his Lion-Headed Form of God as Time . Once Krishna-Vishnu as Lod Nara-Hari / KALAH / TIME was worshiped as the Supreme Lord World-wide! He was the Deliverer of the Jews and Mixed-Multitude in their Biblical Exodus from slavery in Egypt. KRISHNA- VISHNU NARA-HARI Leontocephalos Lion-Headed TIME / KALAH of the Bhagavad-Gita, as the Biblical YAHU-TZABAOTH and Zeus-Jupiter Chronos-Saturus, Egyptian HERU-AUSU-Ammon-RA, Kushite Apademak, Shaivite and Buddhist Kalah-Bairab, Mithraic Zervan, etc. HE, ARYEH / HARYAH is the “Lion of Judah”, NARA-HARI, the Biblical Exodus Deliverer and Protector of the Jews!

Did you know that Saturn’s-Day Sabbath-Keeping is widely associated with the worship of Krishna-Vishnu as Nara-Hari Kalah, the all-devouring Supreme Lord as Lion-Headed TIME? From Tamil Nadu to Nepal, I, Bhakti Ananda Goswami, have seen Vaishnava Calendars with Saturday Sabbaths marked-off and decorated with Sri Yantras, the ‘Megan David’ ‘Star’ of Israel and Judah / the Jews. Read the rest of this entry