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Enemies of Human Survival Hide Behind the Cover-stories of UFO Alien Invasions, Planet X and Illuminati Conspiracies


3404056_370Blaming (or crediting) God, the ‘Illuminate’, the ‘Anti-Christ Obama’ or some other extra-terrestrial UFO Alien or Planetary force for the problems facing our Earth is a global diversionary tactic to divert humanity’s attention away from our real self-created problems. Since the Industrial Revolution we gluttonous consumer societies, led by the Robber Barons who have exploited our unbridled consumerism, have been fouling our own Earth-nest at a furious pace, both through the technologies of peaceful development and of war, and the disastrous Global effects of this pollution are finally catching up with us. 

Decades ago atmospheric scientists warned that our Industrial Age pollution was destroying our atmosphere, and depleting the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Since then governments World-wide have been experimenting with atmospheric geo-engineering in an apparent attempt to mitigate the disastrous effects of our changing radiation shield. In the meantime this whole reality has been hiding in plain site under the broad debate over ‘Global Warming’ or more recently ‘Climate Change’. But, of course there are those who deny the reality of this Global problem, and who prefer for the masses to irrationally fear an UFO alien invasion or the rise of the Anti-Christ, or a secret cabal of Jewish Illuminate Zionists, to the reality that greedy and racist etc. sinfully selfish human business-as-usual is the real threat to our planetary survival. While the effects of Global atmospheric geo-engineering are plainly visible over head as the now familiar ‘cloud cover’ of ‘chemtrails’ World-wide, the serious dialogue about our real self-inflicted problem is avoided through the diversionary strategy and various tactics of the many dis-information campaigns, which are filling the popular imagination with UFOs etc.  Read the rest of this entry

HARI and His Vedic Devas Were NOT UFO Aliens!


The Sanskrit Language Vedas and related Scriptures of so-called ‘Hinduism’ / Sanatana Dharma, ARE religious texts. They, the Scriptures and the Devas that they describe, are all strung-together ‘…like pearls on a Thread…’ as Sri Krishna says in His Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS, and Sri Krishna, the Adi Purusha Himself, is That Thread! Thus the oldest Hymn of the oldest part of the Rig Veda is the Purusha Sukta Hymn, which clearly describes that ALL of the Vedic Devas have been ‘born’ from the Cosmic Body of the Self-Sacrificed Purusha! These Devas are NOT some mundane material late-Greek Astrological, science-fiction or comic-book hero-type planetary regents or UFO aliens or demi-gods! The Purusha Sukta Hymn and earliest related Sanskrit oral traditions and texts are devotional, theological, metaphysical, religious, and philosophical, containing the most profound and devotional Transcendentalism and Moral Theology, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Logic, and even Language, Sociology, Math and Science! The modern-era popular ‘science fiction’ movement to reduce this Primal Revelatory Tradition of Sanatana Dharma to some UFO alien nonsense is just tragic. The Adi Purusha of the Vedas, Sri Krishna-Vishnu, is not just some mundane UFO ‘god’! The Vedic Devas are all variously described as Expansions or Incarnations of His, Who preside over various macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic forces and realms!

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