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Explaining the Metternich Stela – Evidence Confirming Ancient Recognition of the One Supreme God


147436The Supreme Godhead Heru-Amun Ra is centered on top. He has a Leonid Head, four wing-arm limbs, two arm hands, one holds a WAS Septre of VASU-DEVA! All of the ‘gods’ on this stela holding these WS Yahu / Vasudeva Septres are Expansions or Incarnations of His. Those holding AUSU (Ausar / Osiris) and DJED etc. Septres are also His Expansions, Theophanies or Incarnations, but they are the ‘Gods’ of the other Heliopolitan Alliances or the Northern School of HERU-AUSU-ATUM rather than those of the Southern School of HERU-WASU-ATEN or VASU-DEVA at Thebes (WASET / VASTU or Dios-Polis-Magnus / Maha-Deva-Purusha). With Lord Nara-Hari Kalah on top, this stela cearly depicts Him as the Orgin of ALL of the Nome Arch / Monarchy (Pharonic) Patron ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’ of Egypt. This Stela therefore is an illustration of the Self-Revelation of Sri Krishna-Vishnu as the Supreme Lord Nara-Hari (Man-Lion) ) Kalah / Time in His Bhagavad-gita Theophany.

In the related Egyptian mis-labeled ‘HEKA’ Murti in this Album, He clearly has African facial features which identify Him as Amun-Ra Apademak, the Supreme Lord of KUSH / MEROE and the Lands South of Egypt. The ‘Crown’ determinative on top of His Head is a typical Compound Crown of HERU-AUSU-ATUM that combines the symbols of the specific religio-political alliance that worships this particular Form of the Lord, HERU-AUSU-ATUM. This Crown combines a large Uraeus with two levels of AMUN-KHNUM Ram Horns that are both separated and connected by eight smaller Uraeus Cobras. Ananta Sesha Naga holds up the Worlds. These are surmounted by a final single Uraeus Cobra, Who holds the Discus Chakra Hieroglyph for HERU / HARI and His Supreme Abode. Thus the entire Murti represents the Cosmology and Supra-Cosmological Metaphysics of HERU-AUSU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU-ADON / HARI-VASU-ATMAN. Below is the Material Universe VIRATA-RUPA or COSMIC FORM of PURUSHA, above Him the Vaikuntha Planets of the Spiritual Sky, and on top is Sri Hari and His Supreme Abode, all Manifest and ‘supported’ by Ananta Sesha Naga, the Seraphic Serpent of Infinity.  Read the rest of this entry

Who is Rhoda? Who is Zeus? Who is Kouros? Indra, Vishnu, a Demigod or God Himself?



Let us compare the degradation of the Primal Revelation in the Medi-Terranean (Middle Earth) Region to that of its degradation in Indian ‘Hinduism’. 

In india today, if I say ‘Indra’ to a ‘Hindu’ how many people will instantly think of Krishna-Vishnu as the Vedic Purusha manifest as Indra? How many will immediately remember Sri Krishna-Vishnu asserting that HE IS Indra in His Bhagavad-Gita? How many will think of the Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine that Avalokiteshvara (Vishnu) may appear as Indra, the King of ‘heaven’. How many will think of Indra as the King (Royal-Post-occupier) of our Material ‘heaven’ or cosmic manifestation? How many will first or only think of Indra as a bolt-throwing deva demigod or storm god? These different ideas of Indra represent stages of the devolution of Vedic-Vaishnava thought/realization, with a lusty fornicating bolt-throwing material storm-god as the last stage, the last remnant of identification with the entire previous tradition.

Notice the winged lighting-bolt (see etching of engraving below) Vajra of Zeus and Indra (and Tantric Buddhism) in this relief of Kouros and His Kouretes. There was an ancient confounding of the Chakra of Helios Kouros (Krishna-Vishnu) and the Vajra Lighting-bolt of Indra, Who is Zeus as FULGAR, the Wielder of the Lighting-bolt. Zeus and Jove (Jupiter, YA-Pitr, Father YAHU) are the Same Supreme Father God as Heru-Wasu-AHMUN in Egypt. The Greek Zeus, and Greco-Roman Theos, Dios and Deus are cognate with both the Sanskrit DEVA and Dyaus. As POLIEUS /PURUSHA Egyptian PER-AUSU, Zeus or Jupiter had hundreds and thousands of Holy Names, which were the Names that He was known by in every little home shrine and great Temple-City-State dedicated to Him in the ancient World. The important thing to understand is that now, the only ‘Zeus’ that commonly comes to mind is that of the late polytheist’s lusty ‘storm god’ lighting-bolt thrower of the late Greco-Roman mythologists and their modern commentators.

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Rama-Hari or Rahu-Ketu?

In the ancient World the Lion was a pictorial pun, a HIERO (HARI) glyph for the Holy Name HERU / HELI / ELI / ARI / HARI.   Through the centuries the Man-Lion Form of their Lord ELI was called YAHU-TZABAOTH by the Hebrews Israelites, Judahites and Jews.  He was the Lord of TIME and Eternity/Infinity so His Alter-Form was His Uraeus the UN-ENDING / AN-ANTA Serpent of Infinity.  Thus He was often depicted with His Serpent or Naga (Hebrew Nachash).  Thus in Egypt and throughout the ancient World the combination of the Lion and the Serpent was a pictograph or Hiero-glyph for the Deity HERU-AUSU or HERU-WASU to the Egyptians, HELI-OS to the Greeks, SOLE-US to the Romans, ELO-AH, ELI-YAHU or ALLAH to the Biblical Semites and HARI-VASU or HARYAH / SURYA / HARIH / HARAH etc. to the people of India.
Lion-Headed Time is the Lord of the Jews as YAHU TZABAOTH.  HE delivered the Israelites and Mixed Multitude of HERU-AUSU / HELIOS / ELI-YAHU worshipers out of chattel slavery in Egypt, when ALL of the ‘HORUS’ (HERU-AUSU) worshipers were being enslaved and oppressed under the rule of the SETU / KETU ‘Satan’ worshipers.  The heretical Egyptian worship of SETU was patronised by the Hyksos Dynasty of Pharaohs from the Levant.  The Semitic Hyksos Setu worshipers enslaved their fellow Semitic Helios worshipers and the Mixed-Multitude of Helios / Heru-Ausu (Horus) worshipers in Egypt, and forced them to build their Setu-worshiping Capital City of AVARIS for them.  Rahu-KETU as the enemy of the Hari and the Devas is the story in Egypt of SETU as the envious Enemy of HERU and the THEOS (Hebrew TOBA) Bright Beneficient Good-Gods.  This Setu / KETU is remembered in the Biblical Tradition as SATAN, the Cosmic Enemy of God / ELI / HARI and His benevolent elohim ‘gods’.  Rahu-Ketu throughout India and the Orient is the cosmic and earthly Enemy of Hari-Vasu and the Devas.