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PAPA and APA-RADHA, APEP and APO-STACY: Comparing the Concept in the Eastern & Western Bhakti Tradition

Ramachandra Puri chastising Lord Chaitanya seeing ants in His room.  The Monk developed an envy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu after having had earlier committed an offense against his Guru Madhavendra Puri.

Ramachandra Puri chastising Lord Chaitanya seeing ants in His room. The Monk developed an envy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu after having had earlier committed an offense against his own Guru Madhavendra Puri.

[Bhakti Ananda Goswami’s Response to this article by Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari]

 Thank You for this nice explanation of the difference between papa ‘sin’ and aparadha ‘offenses’.  When I first saw this article by Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari, I thought of writing something about the issue of papa and aparadha in the World’s other anciently related Bhakti Yoga Traditions.  However, since my Father and I have been struggling with a severe illness lately, I have not been able to do it.  So here I will only note a few things that perhaps I will be able to write more about in the future.

First, the concept of sin as papa and papa-purusha sin-personified or the person/man of sin, can be historically traced back to the enemy of  the Supreme Triune Godhead HERU-AUSU-ATUM of the Rhodian Cultus of Helios Meghistos Kouros / Krishna.  The first High Civilization of Egypt was based on the worship of the Theophanies and Incarnations of this Trinity of Hari (Krishna), Vasudeva (Balarama-Vishnu) and Their All-Pervasive Atman / Paramatma.  In North Egypt at Heliopolis the Hidden Lord of the Heart was called ATUM / ATON / ADON.  Later in the South at Thebes the same Hidden Lord of the Heart was called ATEN before and during the famous Amarna Period. 
The Indo-Europeans and Semites also worshiped this same Godhead as HELI-OS-ATOMOS (Atman = Being, WHO IS and the SELF Ousios, Atomos, Ontos, Autos etc.). The Semites called this Godhead ELI-YAHU-ADONyahu. 
For thousands of years the enemy of this Godhead was known as SETU /KETU (Satan the sinful cause of CATA-bolism decay disease and death) ) and PAPA / sin. The hieroglyph for PAPA / sin in Egypt was a small deadly poisonous centipede type of insect.  The meaning of the symbol is that the poison of sin can sicken and kill your whole body.  Thus a very small and insignificant looking creature or bite/sting may look harmless, but the wise person knows to avoid the risk of the deadly sting of such envious life-destroying sinful creatures.  Modern Egyptologists and Linguists have rendered this centipede-like ideogram for sin as PP and have transliterated it as APEP.  Obviously this name of the envious destroyer of life and enemy of God and Humanity is PAPA. 

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Rama-Hari or Rahu-Ketu?

In the ancient World the Lion was a pictorial pun, a HIERO (HARI) glyph for the Holy Name HERU / HELI / ELI / ARI / HARI.   Through the centuries the Man-Lion Form of their Lord ELI was called YAHU-TZABAOTH by the Hebrews Israelites, Judahites and Jews.  He was the Lord of TIME and Eternity/Infinity so His Alter-Form was His Uraeus the UN-ENDING / AN-ANTA Serpent of Infinity.  Thus He was often depicted with His Serpent or Naga (Hebrew Nachash).  Thus in Egypt and throughout the ancient World the combination of the Lion and the Serpent was a pictograph or Hiero-glyph for the Deity HERU-AUSU or HERU-WASU to the Egyptians, HELI-OS to the Greeks, SOLE-US to the Romans, ELO-AH, ELI-YAHU or ALLAH to the Biblical Semites and HARI-VASU or HARYAH / SURYA / HARIH / HARAH etc. to the people of India.
Lion-Headed Time is the Lord of the Jews as YAHU TZABAOTH.  HE delivered the Israelites and Mixed Multitude of HERU-AUSU / HELIOS / ELI-YAHU worshipers out of chattel slavery in Egypt, when ALL of the ‘HORUS’ (HERU-AUSU) worshipers were being enslaved and oppressed under the rule of the SETU / KETU ‘Satan’ worshipers.  The heretical Egyptian worship of SETU was patronised by the Hyksos Dynasty of Pharaohs from the Levant.  The Semitic Hyksos Setu worshipers enslaved their fellow Semitic Helios worshipers and the Mixed-Multitude of Helios / Heru-Ausu (Horus) worshipers in Egypt, and forced them to build their Setu-worshiping Capital City of AVARIS for them.  Rahu-KETU as the enemy of the Hari and the Devas is the story in Egypt of SETU as the envious Enemy of HERU and the THEOS (Hebrew TOBA) Bright Beneficient Good-Gods.  This Setu / KETU is remembered in the Biblical Tradition as SATAN, the Cosmic Enemy of God / ELI / HARI and His benevolent elohim ‘gods’.  Rahu-Ketu throughout India and the Orient is the cosmic and earthly Enemy of Hari-Vasu and the Devas.