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Bousaala, Goshalla, Boucolic, Gokula, Opis, Gopis, Lucretia, Lakshmi, Rex & Raja


The Temples of Saturn and Mother Ops were important members of the Heliopolitan Asyla Federations, where run-away slaves and prisoners could get sanctuary and manumission/freedom by the ‘adoption’ of the God Ess or the temple authorities or some redeemer in the community. I do not have time to go into it now, but there are two tracks to run-on to pursue the connections between Ops and the Go-pis. OPS is Mother Earth. Follow the Names of the Earth. Mother Earth was worshiped as a COW. Follow the names and words for Her as a Cow. Despite the diffierence between the initial G and B, the Greek BOU for BOvines, COWS, is clearly somehow related-to, or was confounded-with the Sanskrit GO for COW. I am sure that English COW, GAU Sanskrit GO are cognates. But it gets more complicated because Mother Earth’s Cow Form in Sanskrit is also called BHU or BHUMI and She is clearly the EUROPA BOU Cow-Goddess that is so important in the Cadmus-Danae round of Theban-related European Civilization Foundation Legends. HOR-HAP, ELI-HABHA or SER-APIS the APIS or HAPI Bull is obviously related to EUROPA and the Sanskrit (Vaishnava Vedic and Puranic) SURABHI COW and bull. Thus SURABHI = EUROPA =HERU-HAP (HOR-HAP) = SERAPIS = ELIHABHA etc. Look at the Names of Mother Earth (OPS) like GE GEA, and GEO ! In fact Mother Earth was once called BHARATA in Sanskrit meaning FRUITful or FERTile. The ancient name of the Biblical Caldean village of ePHRATA (New Testament Beth-Lehem!), BIRTH, FERTile, FRUIT and EORTHA / EARTHA / BERTHA / EARTH are all cognates of BHARATA! Mother Earth / Bharata is called GO-LOKA the COW-Planet. Krishna lives in GO-KULA on GO-LOKA and the Hierogamos Sacred Wedding of the Helios and Dionysos related Divine Love Mysteries Cults took place in a BOU-KOLION.  At the Temple of Tiru-Pati in Tirumala, Narayana as Venkateshvara Vishnu is worshiped with Earth and Heaven in Their Forms as BHU and SRI. BHU is the Earth. She is the Matron Mother depicted with Her breasts exposed for all of Her Children. Sri as the Heavenly Shakti has Her Breasts covered. Like the Heavenly Sarasvati, Sri is a Muse-like Inspiration and Mystery, who is forever a ‘maiden mother’ or Virginal mother like Mary, the Queen of Heaven.

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Ancient Cities were Named After Purusha/God – Pur, Puri, Bury, Borough, Burg, Polis


The Ancient Indian Holy City of PURUshottam Kshetra is now Known as Jagannath PURI

The linguistic root for BODY / HOUSE / TEMPLE / TOWN/ CITY / Realm is the P / B / V / U or Y / I + R / L. R and L are also interchangeable due to sound-shifting. Thus for the most ancient House / Temple or City words we see PR in Egypt “PER”, Greek POL (NOT POLIS, which appears to be derived from POLIEUS ), English BURY and Sanskrit PUR (PURA, PURI). UUR, YIR, PER and IR are also found in ancient Semitic Lands.

This is the theology: The Presiding Form of the Lord in ANY Vishnu Temple is its VASTU-PUR-USHA. Every place of Sri Krishna’s Pastimes is called a PURA, except Goloka Vrindavan! Thus Sri Krishna is actually worshiped in ROYal RAYA / RAJA awe and reverence EVERYWHERE as the Vastu PUR-USHA, the Presiding Form of the Supreme Atum / ATMAN in that VASTU, Greek ASTU/Y. The Greeks called the Presiding Spirit of the Lord in any sacred location / loka, its POLIEUS or POLIAS. POLIS appears, like POLICE, ‘City Protector’ to be derived from POLIEUS. In Egypt this SAME DEITY was called the AUSU Presiding Spirit (ATUM / ATMAN ) of the PER, or PER-AUSU / PURUSHA.

Everywhere EXCEPT in His Highest Paradise of Goloka Vrindavana, Sri Krishna-Vishnu is worshiped in ROYal splendor. Only in His Paradisical Highest Abode, and in His Divine Love “Mysteries”, is He to be worshiped as a simple Kouros ‘Farm Boy’ and ‘Lover of the Soul’. All other places of Sri Krishna-Vishnu’s ROYal pastimes are called PURA.

Thus the Greek Religio-Political Term POL, (translated as in Roman ‘Civic’), the Hebrew Biblical PR / YIR / IR, the Sanskrit PURA and Egyptian PER Cities were ALL dedicated to the worship of VASU-Deva, the North Egyptian AUSU / Osiris, South Egyptian Theban WASU, and Jewish YAHU. The Egyptian sacred PER Cities dedicated to Forms of AUSU / AUSAR / OSIRIS, were from age-to-age members of Afro-Heleno-Semitic Asyla Federations or religio-political Alliances or Leagues of Free City-States. Countless kinds and examples of evidence for these Alliances are still existant, and solidly tie these ancient groups of Krishna-Vishnu PUR-USHA / POLIEUS / PER-AUSU Worshipers together!

Of course POLIS IS related to PURI! Just as the Greek Deity Name POLIEUS is a compound of the ‘city’ word POL and the MASCULINE ‘BEING’ DEITY NAME, PUR-USHA is a compound of the Sanskrit PUR city word and the MASCULINE DEITY NAME USH / AS / VAS / VISH etc. the Name of the All-Pervasive Soul of the Universe! Read the rest of this entry