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Caroling, Sacred Hymn Circle-Dancing, Hora Dance, Lakota Sun-Dance & the Lord of the Dance


Caroling, Sacred Hymn circle-dancing, led by a Choreogos with a Flute, was a practice of the early Catholic Christians. The practice goes back to the Greek worship of Helios Kouros and Rhoda, Krishna and Radha and Their Master of Divine Love Mysteries, Lord Bala-Deva (the Original Dionysos) on Their Sacred Isle of Rhodes. The Jewish Sacred Hora Circle Dance is also related to the Vaishnava Rasa Lila Dance of Radha-Krishna, and Baladeva and His Gopis (Cowherd Girls). The first Catholic Christians accepted Jesus as the Greek IASAS Asclepios, the Egyptian Great Physician Serapis INCARNATE. Thus they understood Him to be Lord Bala-Deva, the true Dionysos, the sole Master and Initiator into the Divine Love Mysteries of Rhoda-Kouros of Rhodes. With the early travels of humanity, one can trace the diffusion of this primal and universal Tradition of Divine Love Mysteries from pre-historic evidence around the World. Please see my facebook Album on the Rasa Lila Dance Tradition World-wide. See the youtube videos that I posted on the related sacred Circle Dance Traditions. All Glories to the Lord of the Dance!  Read the rest of this entry