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Radha & Krishna as Rhoda-Kore & Rhodos-Kouros of the Greek Isle of Rhodes

 UNIQUE MEDALLION OF GODDESS KORE! UNCERTAIN MINT, Asia Minor, c. 2nd century BC/AD. AE19 uniface medallion honoring the Goddess Kore. Obverse: ΚΟΡΗ, bust of the goddess r./Reverse: Blank. VF. Extremely rare, likely unique. Choice glossy forest green patina.

UNCERTAIN MINT, Asia Minor, c. 2nd century BC/AD. AE19 uniface medallion honoring the Goddess Kore. Obverse: ΚΟΡΗ, bust of the goddess r./Reverse: Blank. VF. Extremely rare, likely unique. Choice glossy forest green patina.

Dear Family and Friends, Please put aside any preconceived notions that you might have about who the mere astrological planetary regent Greco-Roman ‘sun god’ Helios-Apollo was, and try to understand that all such mundane polytheistic ideas were a very late devolution of unified humanity’s original, primal emanational and incarnational devotional Monotheism. In that Monotheism the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead was the 1. Transcendent, 2. Mediating (Emanating and Incarnating) and 3. Immanent HARI, Who as God-Who-Is-Love was HARI, the LORD OF ALL HEARTS, and the HEART OF THE COSMOS / CREATION. HARI dwelt in the CORE, HRID / HEART HRIDAYA/ HARI-DAYA of All BEINGS and THINGS! Thus HE was not just some mundane solar planetary regent or just the planetary ‘father’ of our local solar system.

He was the Source of ALL ‘Spiritual and Material Worlds’! As the Lord of LOVE / LOBHA, Rasa Raja, the REX, REGENT, Hebrew RAZAN, RAJA KING of all flavors of Holy Love, He was worshiped in His ‘Original Form’ as Meghistos Kouros, with His Supreme Shekinah (Shakti) Rhoda-Kore on Their Sacred Lotus Island of Rhoda-Nymphia-Asteria in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Thus the worship of Srimati Radha Rani, Sri Krishna and Their Supreme Hierophant Baladeva was at the historical and theological HEART of all human progress in the ancient World!

To understand this astounding truth, we must go back past the corrupted and degraded forms of mundane polytheism that devolved from the original Monotheistic Bhakti Yoga devotion to Radha-Krishna and Their Sole Master of Divine Love Mysteries, The World Savior, Lord Bala Deva. This means that we must clear our minds (and hearts) of the prejudicial nonsense that we have been taught, and re-examine the evidence of history and theological Revelation, from a new perspective, which is in fact the oldest ‘angle of vision’…that of our primal Human unity as One People of God, HARI, the Transcendent-Mediating-Immanent Loving Lord of All Hearts!

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Rhoda-Kore and Helios Kouros are the Origin of ALL of the Heliopolitan-Monotheism related Afro-Helleno-Semitic ‘Greek Gods and Goddesses’.  Note in the this image (left) that RHODA-Kore (RADHA-Hare) has Her pictorial pun RED Dress on!

Why have these Kore and Kouros Murti Pairs been found at the bottom of the Mediterranean, buried like the Merenta Excavation Pair (images below), or preserved in the Vatican and other Catholic collections?  It is because of the Iconoclastic (Sacred Image-smashing) Controversy and the near total destruction of early Christian and other sacred Art by the followers of M*hammed.  The Catholic Leaders who fought against the Iconoclasts, tried to rescue the Sacred Art of their religious domain, especially the so -called ‘cult images’ of the Proto-Catholic Heliopolitan Tradition. The Great Rhodian School of Monumental Stone Murti Sculpture in-the-round was unparalled in the ancient World. Techniques from the Masters of Rhodes were transmitted to the Murti Makers of Pure Land Buddhism and Vaishnavism at centers like Gandhara and Mathura.

In these related Pure Land Buddhist and Vaishnava Traditions, to avoid desecration of a Sacred Murti of the Lord or Shakti, if there is no other way to protect Sri Murti, the Form of the Lord or Shakti must be buried or cast into a deep body of water!  Where this was not accomplished, the Iconoclasts (Murti smashers) delighted in disfiguring, beheading and dismembering the so-called ‘Cult Images’ of the ancient Mediterranean Region. They also defaced and destroyed countless other works of Sacred Art.  This is why the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea is littered with countless ‘Cult Images’ from the tiny home-shrine type to great Temple Murtis weighing tons.  Such Murtis were deposited there before or after desecration, to protect Them from further insult and injury.  Burying Murtis on land was an alternative to burial at sea.  Thus many more such ‘Cult Images’ will no doubt be found as research progresses in areas that were once invaded and ruled by Muslims or other Iconoclasts. Read the rest of this entry

Multiple Reflections of the Same Divine Light


Question: “If Krishna and Amitabha are one and the same then we have two names of God . But who is Dharmakara who, according to mahayana scriptures, once lived as a man(just like Krishna) who became a Buddha . Did God descendent on earth then as Dharmakara who has to reach enlightment, or mayby the story of Dharmakara is not important at all and is mayby not correct.”

Answer from Bhakti Ananda Goswami: I am concerned with World History and Theology, Metaphysics and Philosophy, the Sacred Arts and Sciences and the Revelation, Name and Form of Godhead and Shakti. If one carefully studies what I have written about these Subjects, one should come to understand that the ORIGINAL KRISHNA / KOUROS NEVER CHANGES HIS ORIGINAL FORM and NEVER ‘LEAVES’ GO-LOKA VRINDAVAN. Thus, ALL OF SRI KRISHNA’s VARIEGATED FORMS FOR PASTIMES / LILAS are through, with, in and by Sri Krishna’s Second Person, LORD BALADEVA! In the earliest evidence of HARI-VASUdeva-ATMAN (Krishna-Baladeva-Paramatman) worship, These Three irreducible Forms or KAS / KAYAS / BODIES / PERSONS of the Triune Godhead may be confounded with One-Another. Thus in Pure Land Buddhism the Three Persons of the TRI-KAYA may be telescoped-into Eachother, or their distinct Theological Attributes may be merged. The Persons and Attributes of the Tri-Kaya’s Feminine (Receiving) Shaktis may even be confused and/or merged into the Purusha Persons of the Tri Kaya. So, over thousands of years and miles, and hundreds of cultures and languages, Pure Land Buddhism has flourished leaving a legacy of countless variations in its regional and local Lila Stories, Doctrines and Practices. Read the rest of this entry