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Time I AM: Forms of Kalah Purusha, Time Man as the MacroCosmos

KRISHNA AS KALAPURUSHA VISVARUPA God as Time Personified - Universal Form

God as Time Personified – Universal Form

The Vedas and other ancient scriptures… describe the sky as the “Kala Purusha” the “Divine cosmic being”, personification of time, being the zodiac a representation of his different body parts. The whole original Bhakti Buddhist Other-power Tradition has diffused out of Vaishnava centers and is full of Vaishnava doctrines and practices.

“In a 17th century printing by Christian QBLHist Athanisius Kircher, (Figure 4 -Below)) we see the triune halo representing God in the form of the Christian Trinity concept atop the wheels of concepts emanating outward from a core symbolising the cosmos of the QBLHistic world of Assiyah. Here we see Adam Kadmon, the cosmic template of man’s physical body and the mind of God that can possess any living person, depicted as a child-like Christ, whose limbs reach across the cosmos of Assiyah, but who is yet bounded within the outer 3 realms of the other QBLHistic worlds.

Here we see the outer edge of the comsos of Assiyah, to which the reach of the child-like Adam Kadmon extends, is marked by the wheel of the zodiac, and that the “Microcosmos” within the young Christ’s reach is comprised of the 7 planetary orbits, symbolising the 6 cardinal directions plus the forward motion of time. Below these are 3 worlds surrounding Malkuth, the Kingdom, which signify the 3 essential elements of Alchemy, salt, sulphur and mercury, signifying, alike frozen, fluid or vapid, the conditional states of matter as symbolic of the 3 spatial dimensions. Malkuth, at the centre of which are Adam Kadmon’s genitals, is shown in black.

Beneath the feet of Adam Kadmon, in the 3 “upper” worlds of ha QBLHistic 4 worlds, are three groups of three aspects. These signify the 7 heavens and 7 arch-angels of Beriah, the 12 permutations of the 3 Tetragrammtons, names of God, of Yetzirah, and the 3 layers of the greater light, Ayin, Ayin Soph, and Ayin Soph Aur of Atziluth, the upper-most world. In this depiction we see the zodiac circle as surrounding Adam Kadmon as alike an oroborus or aura, signiying the realm beyond God, when God is lowered into a form of body in the cosmos of Assiyah.”

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HARI, Krishna, is the Sourse of all spiritual and material worlds. Our local Sun Planet is just one of HARI’s infinite manifestations. When our Sun is considered a Form of Hari / God, our Sun is called Surya-Narayana. If we study the 1008 Holy Names of Surya Narayana, we can understand that Surya is a Form of HARI or Narayana, Krishna-Vishnu. However this Solar-Globe Planetary Form of His is NOT His ‘Original’ or ‘Supreme’ Form. Scholars have thus been mistaken in their identification of HARI (Krishna) as part of their imagined Global Class of Supreme Solar Gods. Read the rest of this entry