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Jesus Christ’s Sacred Peacock Symbol

In the center picture Baby Jesus is on His Mother Mary's Lap. Mary-Mariam is Nari-Narayani. In the other pictures, Jesus as the Rig Vedic Cosmic Purusha and Sacred King is Sacrificed for the Sins of the World, on the Yupa Cross / Stanu Stambha of All Creation, and He is enthroned as the Triumphant Cosmic Lord. In these and the other pictures Jesus is symboilized by His Sacred Peacock or Fire-Bird / Phoenix

In the center picture Baby Jesus is on His Mother Mary’s Lap. Mary-Mariam is Nari-Narayani. In the other pictures, Jesus as the Rig Vedic Cosmic Purusha and Sacred King is Sacrificed for the Sins of the World, on the Yupa Cross / Stanu Stambha of All Creation, and He is enthroned as the Triumphant Cosmic Lord. In these and the other pictures Jesus is symbolized by His Sacred Peacock or Fire-Bird / Phoenix

The Peacock, Phoenix and Golden Pheasant, Cock and related birds were interchangeble as belonging to one of the important categories of the Sacred Birds of HERU, HELI, ELI, ALI or HARI (etc.). Specifically the Peacock common to India was also the Emblem of the Jewish Deity ELI and His Royal House of King David and Solomon of Jerusalem. Thus the Peacock also represented Jerusalem, Judah, Israel, Judaism and Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah.

The Peacock, which was often interchangeble with the Phoenix, was also an important symbol of Helios and His Sacred Cities of Heliopolis, the original City of Heliopolis (AUM/N AMUN, AMEN, ON) in Egypt, and the later City of Heliopolis Baalbek in Lebanon.  Read the rest of this entry

The 4 Aeons or Yugas of Time


The vowels of the sator square form a maltese cross and spell AEON 4 times. The 4 ages are a common theme in both eastern and western mythologies.

Aion’s consort is Aeternitas and her name appears in the sator square in a Tau cross formation 4 times…. you can find the first one by looking at the sator square center point and proceeding ETOR (upwards and right) NETAS (up and left). The other T crosses of Eternity should be easy to spot then.

There are so many god/goddess pairings in the sator square, here are just a few primary pairings:

Remember do not look for abstract impersonal concepts. Look for the Personal Names of God Ess! like a Tibetan Thangka or an Indic Vaishnava, Shavite of Devi Yantra or Mandala, these Heliopolitan (late Serapean) Asyla Federation word-puzzles both conceal and reveal the bija or seed-mantra Names of God Ess. Everything is contained in Their Holy Names. The English words AGE or EON from Greek is cognate with Sanskrit YUGA ! The ‘GOLDEN AGE’ is that of GAURA / HARI / HERU !   In the Latin world Saturn ruled the golden age, thus connecting Saturn with Hari.

Thangkas, Yantras, Mantras and Mandalas are ALL made-up, composed of the Holy Names of God Ess. The Forms revealed by the Holy Name or Bija Name Seed-Mantras are visualized by the Meditator or Priest Ess invoking the Divinity. Impersonalism introduced the iconoclastic practise of killing, destroying or dissolving these conjured or created Nama-Rupa Name-Forms of God Ess after Their invocation or consecration.

The Jupiter-Saturnus as TIME of ancient Rome was the Hari of the Bhagavad Gita. I have seen many depictions of Him as Jupiter-Zeus-Amun and Cronus with His Lion’s Head etc. In His Gita, Sri Hari shows His wrathful Cosmic Purusha Form to Arjuna as the lion-Headed NARA HARI KALAH BAIRAVA (SHIVA)! KALAH is TIME and He is also the Alter-Form of Ananta Sesha Naga, the Seraphic Serpent of Infinity. Thus Lion-Headed Saturnus is usually wrapped-around by His Ourobolos Serpent of infinity. Gold is sacred to HARI because it and the color YELLOW are pictorial puns on His HR / HL Name. Krishna wears Gold HARI, GAURA, AURA or GELB/ YELLOW which says His HR / HL etc. Name.

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A New Book On the History of Religion & Civilization: The Serpent, The Eagle, The Lion and the Disk


The Serpent The Eagle The Lion & The Disk

By Brannon Parker

Paperback, 469 Pages

The Serpent The Eagle The Lion & The Disk‘The Serpent, the Eagle, the Lion and the Disk’ The preeminent symbols of the sacred in the ancient world. The Ancients associated these symbols with the Divine. Many theories have been developed regarding these symbols yet the mystery still remains. This is particularly true of the aniconic winged disk symbol. How and why does the same symbol have the same meaning to so many people of diverse cultures and civilizations? Was it the symbol of an all-conquering triumphalist Egyptian or Sumerian Empire or perhaps of a vanished race from beyond the stars? Or is it a representation of a universal transcendent experience? The pieces of this puzzle have long been scattered throughout history, hidden amongst the mystical traditions of the world. Unravel the truly astounding and majestic history of religion, civilization and God. This book represents a Startling Revelation and a Revolutionary New Look at the Origins of Humanity’s Common Mystical Experience, its Religion, Culture and the Rise of Civilization. Researching and writing on this subject represents a tremendous journey into the ancient world, with all its mystery and splendor. Rather than soulless brutal stories of ‘burial cults’, ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘scheming priests and kings’ scenarios, it was refreshing to recognize that the roots of civilization are genuinely positive. Civilization originally developed as a reflection of humanity’s spiritual inclinations. As an example when cities were built, they were built and architecturally planned as forms of Purusha (God), thus they are called ‘pur, puri, burry, borough, burg’, etc. The research shows that, rather than similar Gods and Goddesses being worshiped in these ‘boroughs’ throughout the world, it was the same God and Goddess being worshiped. Our common and long forgotten history reveals the diverse and unique methods that multitudes of cultures interacted with these same divinities. Civilization and culture are but reflections of the depth of Humanity’s conscious connection with the ‘Sacred’. Read the rest of this entry

Multiple Reflections of the Same Divine Light


Question: “If Krishna and Amitabha are one and the same then we have two names of God . But who is Dharmakara who, according to mahayana scriptures, once lived as a man(just like Krishna) who became a Buddha . Did God descendent on earth then as Dharmakara who has to reach enlightment, or mayby the story of Dharmakara is not important at all and is mayby not correct.”

Answer from Bhakti Ananda Goswami: I am concerned with World History and Theology, Metaphysics and Philosophy, the Sacred Arts and Sciences and the Revelation, Name and Form of Godhead and Shakti. If one carefully studies what I have written about these Subjects, one should come to understand that the ORIGINAL KRISHNA / KOUROS NEVER CHANGES HIS ORIGINAL FORM and NEVER ‘LEAVES’ GO-LOKA VRINDAVAN. Thus, ALL OF SRI KRISHNA’s VARIEGATED FORMS FOR PASTIMES / LILAS are through, with, in and by Sri Krishna’s Second Person, LORD BALADEVA! In the earliest evidence of HARI-VASUdeva-ATMAN (Krishna-Baladeva-Paramatman) worship, These Three irreducible Forms or KAS / KAYAS / BODIES / PERSONS of the Triune Godhead may be confounded with One-Another. Thus in Pure Land Buddhism the Three Persons of the TRI-KAYA may be telescoped-into Eachother, or their distinct Theological Attributes may be merged. The Persons and Attributes of the Tri-Kaya’s Feminine (Receiving) Shaktis may even be confused and/or merged into the Purusha Persons of the Tri Kaya. So, over thousands of years and miles, and hundreds of cultures and languages, Pure Land Buddhism has flourished leaving a legacy of countless variations in its regional and local Lila Stories, Doctrines and Practices. Read the rest of this entry