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Egyptian Heka & the Ayur Vedic Medicine Cultus of Ananta-Sesha-Naga as Dhanvantari


heka1D. N. Wrote: Apparently in addition to this lion-headed form HEKA had a child HERU and a serpent handling Asclepius form as well!, see above link, and wiki article on Heka (god) too! http://www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/heka.html

Bhakti Ananda Goswami Comments: When I found this AMUN-RA on the internet is was captioned HEKA. If you read the description of HEKA that you have linked, it is NOT iconographically cognate with this Form of HERU-AUSU as AMUN-RA. HEKA should instead be compared to the early Ayur Vedic Medicine Cultus of Ananta-Sesha-Naga as Dhanvantari.

The above Comment-posted Finger-to-Mouth Picture and the Finger-to-Mouth Picture on the Wiki HEKA page are of the same type of standing Harpocrates that is found on Horus Cippi protection and healing Stela. Please note that these are nothing like the Lion-Headed Subject of this Album. The Form of Harpocrates is rather to be identified with the Lion-Headed Form of HERU / HARI in other ways, for example by having a lion’s head surmount Him as a kind of pictographic determinative. 

esna-temple-heka-1Like Harpocrates, Heka is a Form of HERU-AUSU-ATUM. HERU as Heka had Rhoda as HEKATE as His SHAKTI. HKT = SHAKTI and HEKATE, Egyptian SEKHET and Hebrew SHEKINAH. The Sri Yantra was the SIX pointed STAR ASTERIA, ISHTAR, ASTRAYA, TARA SATKONA HEXAD pictorial Pun for This Holy Name HK / HX, see SIX, HEX and SEX. The Sri Yantra is the HEXAD of the Masculine Purusha and the Feminine Prakriti or Shakti Triangles combined. 

Heka HK HX as a Form of HERU should not be confused with a modern occult understanding of ‘magic’. Such confusion will lead to the kind of statement made in the wiki article on the Metternich Stela: “…There is a winged man who represents the demonic solar god Harmeti.” This erroneous wiki statement is referring to the same Form of Amun-Ra as I have posted on this Page. Harmeti or Amun-Ra or Heka is NOT a ‘demon’ or a mere ‘solar god’!

Also to clarify, ‘HEKA’ (HX, SX) is a By-Name of the Seraphic Baladeva as Ananta Sesha Naga, not a linguistic cognate of His Name Sesha. So the Deity Sesha is also Heka, but the Name Sesha and the Name Heka are NOT linguistic ‘cognates’. 

The Wiki articles can be a good starting place for general inquiries, but they are also often representing some Western Esoteric Tradition occult or relatively modern New Age Organization self-serving perspective, and are therefore unreliable. In fact the WIKI articles are also full of covered-Aryanist doctrine. Look at the Wiki page for the word “cognate”. It gives some completely Racist Aryanist examples of cognate words. I will have to devote a page to this subject sometime.