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VISHNU the VEDIC ASHURA is the Persian AHURA MAZDA, Egyptian Ausar, Greek Osiris, Assyrian Asshur & the Babylonian Marduk Asaru


The Vedic Age Vishnu Ashura / Ahura Mazda. He rides on Grauda-Ananta and holds His discus, while possibly making a blessing sign.

Vishnu is the Vedic Age Soul of the Universe, Ashura. He is the Persian Good God, Ahura Mazda. He is also the Babylonian Supreme Deity Marduk Asaru and the Assyrian Supreme Deity Asshur. In Greece and Rome He was called Osiris. In Egypt He was called AUSU or AUSAR in the North and WASU-Theos in the South. AUSU orr WASU dios (VASU-DEVA) was the TOBA-YAHU of the Jews. The Jews also called Him AZAR-YAHU and AZARIEL or ELI-AZAR and JO-EL. Like JO-EL, YAHU-ELI would be the inverse of ELI-YAHU. ELI-YAHU is the Greek HELI-OS and the Egyptian HERU-AUSU ‘HORUS’.

For the record this is absolutely not about ancient astronauts.  I am an expert on these subjects and so I am writing what I write. I am not guessing about these things. I know what I am writing about, because I have been studying them for more than 40 years. I can prove that this is indeed Vishnu as the Vedic Era Ashura / Asshur. The circle is one of the most ancient Hieroglyphs that says His Name OLU / HERU / ELI / SOLE / HELI / HURRU / HVARE / HARI / HARA / SURA / HRIH etc. The smaller chakra circle in His hand distingishes his ‘solar’ discus from Himself as the Chakra-Vartin or Discus-Wielding Lord. The Wings, Tail and Snake-like Naga ‘feet’ identify Him as the Lord of Garuda-Vahana, Ananta Asana and the Anguiped Lord of the ANGA-NAGA language peoples.

Behind Asshur or Ahura Mazda, is the Rhodon or other Sun Flower that shows His Origin in the worship of Heru-Ausar of Heliopolis. He is bearded because He is the Second Person of the HERU-AUSAR-ATUM Trinity. Ausar has mature forms, but Helios Kouros (Krishna) never ages beyond His Beautiful From as a beardless long haired Youth. Read the rest of this entry

God in His World-Devouring Lion-Headed Form as Time was Once Universally Worshiped



In His Bhagavad-gita Sri Krishna reveals to His Friend, Arjuna, that He is the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. Arjuna then becomes frightened when he sees the wrathful Universal Form of Krishna as Time / Kalah devouring the Worlds. Kalah, Bairav and Shiva are some of the other Names of this Lion-headed All-Devouring Form of Krishna, Nara-Hari. This Montage shows only a few of the countless ways that this Form of HARI is still worshiped as the Supreme Spirit and Protector of the Buddhists and Buddhist-related Hindus of India and the Orient.

Clockwise from the upper left is 1. HARI as Kalah Bairab, the Tibetan World-Devouring Lord of the Chakra Wheel of Time. 2. An Indian example of the New Year or Time (Kaula Month related) Festival Lion Dance, which is always performed for the Supreme Lord’s Blessing and Protection. Sometimes it is also connected to the individual’s or community’s purgation from sin. 3. The Barong Lion Dance of the entire Bali Region. Again the Lion is the Lord, the King of Spirits, Who forgives bad karma, blesses and protects individuals and communities in the coming year. 4. The Nepali and Tibetan Kalah Bairab worshipers also have their Lion Dances, but they combine these more directly with their animal sacrifices as a propitiation for the sins of the community. Note the late Buddhist version of the Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Cambodian Hem Hem Compound Crown of HERU-HOR, ELI-EL or HARI-HAR (Vishnu-Shiva) on this kid-Sacrificing Lion Dancer. 5. The Chinese celebrate their Lunar New Year in a very extravagant way, with their always-related Lion and Dragon Dances. The Dragon is of course Ananta Sesha Naga, the Ourobolos Serpent of Infinity, Who always accompanies Lord Hari as Time / Kalah. 6. In Japan the New Year is also celebrated with the Lion Dance called the Shi Shi Ma. There too the children along the parade route may be blessed and protected for the coming year by being ‘bitten’ by the Supreme Lord’s Lion Form! Read the rest of this entry