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Bhakti Ananda Goswami’s Unique Contribution To The Field of Biblical Studies of the “Song of Songs” of Solomon

The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon, Edward John Poynter 1884-1890

The Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon, Edward John Poynter 1884-1890

Pope and Rabin are considered two of the most important scholars to specialize in studying the “Song of Songs”.  I DO NOT AGREE with either of their interpretations, but both of them provide a strong rational for my Thesis, because they discuss some of the SAME issues that are important in my work.  Thus their research legitimatizes my own by raising the same or closely related questions.   In this article I first introduced the subject of the Divine and Earthly Gokula / Goloka.  Then I pointed-out that the scholar of Protestant Christianity, Pope and the Jewish Scholar Rabin raised some extremely important questions.  Then I gave some links.  Finally I showed how my work ‘Contribution’ identified the specific Bridal Mysticism SOURCE in the ancient Mediterranean, namely the Bucolic Paradise Island of Rhodes. The BOUKOLION was the Place where the Bridal Mysticism Rites of the HieroGamos or Monogamos Sacred Wedding took place.  The Divine Lovers of the Song of Songs are called the (plural) DODANIM and elsewhere in the Bible we  see RODANIM the plural for of RHODES.  The Hebrew Letters Daleth and Rosh are almost identical, thus it is clear that the DODANIM of the “Song” were the RODANIM Divine Lovers of Rhodes!

What I contributed was the HISTORICAL and THEOLOGICAL IDENTITY of the SPECIFIC and ORIGINAL Mediterranean REGIONAL ‘HIEROGAMOS” Rhoda-Kouros / Radha-Krishna Bridal Mysticism Tradition that all of the other Mediterranean REGIONAL TRADITIONS including the BIBLICAL TRADITION were derived from. As a Vaishnava disciple of Srila Prabhupada’s, I naturally offered the fruits of my labors TO THE VAISHNAVA COMMUNITY. Perhapes if I had NOT made this sacrifice of my life’s work, my life would have been entirely different, and I would not ‘be here’ today, still struggling to get even a few of my Godbrothers and Godsisters to accept my devotional service offerings and ‘take my work seriously’.

This major discovery of the Rhoda-Kouros and BALAdeva Bridal Mysticism Core of the Judeo-Catholic Tradition could have been used by the leaders of the Hare Krishna Movement to unify all of Humanity in the NON-SECTARIAN HARI NAMA SANKIRTAN Mission of Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai! Instead those leaders chose to ally ISKCON and the Movement to the anti-Judeo-Catholic and anti-Semitic Aryanist and Occult Neo-Gnostic ‘New Age Movement’, and their hyper-sectarian version of exclusivistic Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Thus they could only reject and suppress any and all of my research ‘discoveries’, because they were entirely invested in their own profoundly prejudicial and exclusivistically sectarian World-view. The anti-Jewish and Anti-Christian Vaishnava Leaders did not want anyone to know that the ORIGINAL REGIONAL MEDITERRANEAN Bhakti Tradition was the Cultus of Radha-Krishna / Rhoda-Kouros and Their Supreme Hierophant, Yahu-BAL (Dionysos) on Their BUCOLIC / GOKULA Cow-Paradise Nymphia Lotus-ISLE of Rhodes.

There are countless historical and theological connections between the Bucolic Boukolion (GO-KULA) Hiero-Gamos Bhakti Tradition of Rhoda and Kouros of Rhodes and the Bucolic GOKULA / GO-LOKA Tradition of Radha-Krishna worship in the Vrndavan-Mathura Region of India. These connections evidence that the CORE of both of the Judeo-Catholic and the Eastern Bhakti Divine Love Traditions has ALWAYS BEEN the worship of Radha-Krishna and Balarama as Their Supreme Master of Mysteries and the Spiritual Master and Savior of ALL WORLDS. Read the rest of this entry

Jesus Christ: Vishnu Tattva, Yagna Purusha Yupa Dhvaja


9098_10152166660734828_2079101635_nHERU-AUSU-ATUM the Original Supreme Godhead of the Primal Rhodes-related Heliopolitan Egyptian Bhakti Divine Love Tradition is HARI, God Who IS Love, the Lord of the HRID / HEART.

The Circle Hieroglyph reads ‘R (HR) or ‘L and used to be rendered by modern linguists as HOR, but more recently has been rendered as HERU.

The Second Person of the Primal Deity HERU was AUSU, here depicted as the Uraeus Cobra or Ourobolos Serpent of Infinity that is holding-up Heru. Ananta Sesha Naga as Ausu-Uraeus is draped with His Ankh Cross, which is His Symbol as the Cosmic Purusha PER-AUSU. The cCatholic Apostolic Coptic Egyptian Rite of Saint Mark of Alexandria Egypt retained this same ancient ANKH CROSS OF AUSU / OSIRIS AS ITS SYMBOL OF JESUS CHRIST, the Self-Sacrificed Cosmic Purusha (Egyptian PER-AUSU, Greek POLIEUS).

HERU-AUSU’s Omnipresent Third Person, Their Holy Spirit ATUM (the Indic Tradition PARAM-ATMAN), is depicted as the CORONA / KARANA-MALA Garland of RAY-HANDS (Sanskrit KARA) that extend from HERU-AUSU and Hold His Ankh Crosses. These Ray-Hands also do the creating, maintaining and dismantling work of all Temporary (composite, material) Worlds. Even today countless Vaishnava and Pure Land Buddhist Icons of HARI still depict Him
as surrounded by just such a ‘Garland of Ray-Hands’.

As the KR root Name CREATOR, Hari-Vasu-Atman is called KRITA Creator, KRITA-KRITA Creator of Creators, and KARTRI Creator. He is God / Huta and the Lord of Lords, Guard of Guardians and Ward of Wardens, Varda-vardana. He is the Raja-raja King of kings. Compare ancient Greek REX, Roman REG and Biblical Hebrew ROSH and RAZAN. He is Vasudeva of the vasudevas the Biblical Basileos of the basileos. He is HARI of the Hari-janas / Haryana / Suragana and ELI of the Elohima.

Together the 3 Persons of the Trinity of the Transcendent HERU, the Mediating AUSU and the Immanent ATUM are the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are the HERU-AUSU-ATUM of Heliopolis, the HELI-OSiris-ATOMOS of the Greeks, the HERU-WASU-ATEN of Thebes (in Egypt), the ELI-YAHU-ADON of the Biblical Semites, and the HARI-VASU -ATMAN (Krishna-Baladeva-Paramatma) of the Vaishnavas. To the Pure Land Buddhists These Same Three Persons of the HARI Trinity were the TRI KAYA of Amitabha-Amitayus-Lokeshvara.

+In the Name of the Father, the Son and Their Holy Spirit, and with the help of our Mother Mary-Miriam / Nari-Narayani, Radha / Rhoda Mystica, may our human Family again be united as ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD! + Amun Amen Amin Aum !
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Dharmaraja as Afro-Heleno-Semitic Anpu and Meso-American Xolotl

DHARMA-RAJA in His Dog Form. REG in Latin, REX in Greek, RAJ or RAJAN in Sanskrit and ROZEN in Hebrew means Chief, Head or KING, and is a title of the Sacred Anointed LAW-GIVING Divine King, the DHARMA-PROTECTOR of the East and West!

DHARMA-RAJA in His Dog Form. REG in Latin, REX in Greek, RAJ or RAJAN in Sanskrit and ROZEN in Hebrew means Chief, Head or KING, and is a title of the Sacred Anointed LAW-GIVING Divine King, the DHARMA-PROTECTOR of the East and West!

The Lord as Dharma-Raja is the Lord of Torah Divine Law and Order, Who structures the Universe, creating Cosmos out of chaos! His association with the Dead as both Guide, Guardian and Judge also identifies Him with Shiva, which is why the Dog of the burial ground is Sacred to Shiva and is in fact an alter-Form or Totem of Shiva. Across the range of Greater India, dogs, and especially large black pointed-eared dogs are considered to be like ‘familiar spirits’ or Forms of Shiva by many (especially the more tamasic) Shaivites. Thus as dogs were sacred to Anpu in Egypt, dogs were sacred to Shiva throughout the range of Shaivism in Greater India. The question is: when did the Xolotl first appear in Meso-America? Was this dog that was associated with Dharmaraja brought with the Spanish, through the route from Egypt as I have described with the photos in this Album? Or was there already a Tradition of the Dog-God of the Dead here, when the Spanish arrived?

D.N.A. Backs Lore on Pre-Columbian Dogs

Others have noticed this…


“I do not feel that Anubis bears anything beyond surface similarities to much later canine cults of Meso-America. Aside from the total silence of the Egyptians concerning the American continent, and the fundamental differences between Xolotl and Abubis, the chronological differences involved further rule out the possibility of links.

Is this a Euro-Centric view? I do not think so. I think subscribing to the idea that the Meso-American civilizations developed independently of those of the Ancient Near East does nothing to demean either family of civilizations. Egypt remains, to me, in many ways, the most remarkable of all civilizations, as the first large nation-state in history.” Read the rest of this entry

Djed Pillar Trio of Amun-Ra, Khon-Shu and Mut & Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra

Theban Amun-Ra, Khon-Shu and Mut (Mata)

Theban Amun-Ra, Khon-Shu and Mut (Mata)

Amun’s Blue color reveals that He is a Form of the Supreme Transcendental ‘Sky God’. The non-human colors distinguish mere humans from the Supreme Lord and His Expansions or Theophanies. Thus the Lord may be depicted as Blue, Black  Green, Red, Gold/Yellow or Snow-white. The Supreme ‘Sky Father’ God is Blue in the daytime and Black, covered with stars as Kalah Purusha Time-Man at Night.

Amun, Mut and KhonShu at Thebes were equated with the Deities of Heliopolis and Greater Africa in various ways. Thus to the North AMUN would be equated with the Heliopolitan Cultus of Kouros Helios / Krishna. MUT would be equated with Rhoda/Radha and KhonShu equated with BAL-Yahu, Baladeva-Vasudeva. At Heliopolis and throughout the Levant the HERU-AUSU-ATUM HARI-VASU-ATMAN Tradition was associated with the DJED PILLAR TRIO of HERU-AUSAR (Osiris) and Their Feminine Asherah. These ‘Pillar’ Forms of Krishna HERU/HARI/ELI, His Brother and Alter-Form BAL-Yahu and Their Shekinah Shakti ASHERA / SUBHADRA (HALIA as Sister of Helios) are definitely Jagannatha, Subhadra and Baladeva! 

These Forms of the Lord and His Shakti were surely equated with Amun, Mut and KhonShu at Thebes, and the MANY Heliopolitan BARQUE/Float/Boat-PULLING FESTIVALS of Their devotees, conducted along the canals of the Nile thousands of years ago! 

To the South and East in Greater Africa Amun Mut and KhonShu were equated with the Ethiopian and South Indian / South Asian Tradition of Rama, Sita and Lakshman. Thus we can observe a Southern diffusion of the Sita-Rama-Lakshman Tradition and a Northern diffusion of the Radha-Krishna-Balarama Tradition, with a Global equation of Radha with Sita, Krishna with Rama and Baladeva with Lakshman. 

The public Murti Darshan RathaYatra Barque Boat or Murti-Carrying or Cart/Float-pulling Festival of Jagannatha Subhadra and Baladeva is a world-wide feature of Their worship, still going on today in a very grand way in ‘Hindu’, Buddhist and Catholic Lands. 

All Glories to Jagannatha Subhadra and Baladeva!

Deciphering God’s Holy Name Is Not Word Jugglery & How Racist Aryanism In Linguistics Obscured The Truth

Lord Ramachandra liberates  Ahalya from the curse of Sage Gautama

Lord Ramachandra liberates Ahalya from the curse of Sage Gautama

As I investigate and reveal the historical prominence of the name of God I have NO use or interest in grammatical word jugglery! I am not a Paninian Grammarian or any other kind of grammarian. I realize that many have interest in their own and in other’s inner personal spirituality. My mission also concerns human inter-personal spirituality and relationality. Humans are internally traumatized by the divisive lies and fear-mongering of racism, sexism, and all of the other isms of the enslaving ‘false gods of the World’. This internal condition of heart-broken fearful alienation from other human beings works-out into the World as things like pogroms, ‘communal rioting’, political and militarily organized genocidal campaigns and World Wars. These horrors are NOT due to the positive will of GOD! 


God Who Is LOVE comes here ‘or sends His Representative’ from Age to Age (Yuga to Yuga) to defeat the enslaving cruel false gods of the World and to remind us that we are all His jivatmas, who exist to LOVE and BE LOVED by Him and each other!  Read the rest of this entry

Tara: The Worship of MA Kuan Yin Has NOT Developed From the Separate Worship of Lokeshvara


Everywhere and at all times in the ancient world, when tending-towards sattvic people worshiped the Supreme Lord and His Shakti/Shekinah, They were ALWAYS worshiped TOGETHER. Thus all forms of Pure Land Buddhism have their origins in the worship of both AMITA-BHA and His SHAKTI. Tara (STAR, ASTRAYA/ASTAREA/STELLA) is one of the Shaktis of Vishnu, and when Pure Land Devotional Buddhism spread into China, TARA was initially worshiped along with Avalokiteshvara (Vishnu) as MA Guan Yin. The earliest Icons/Murtis of Guan Yin that are masculine are simply the Father Avalokiteshvara Kuan Yin Form. As the devotion to Ma Guan Yin (TARA) became ever more popular, the devotion to Father Guan Yin (Lokeshvara) both receded in importance and became absorbed-into a kind of we-don’t-know-and-we-don’t-care devotion to the rather a-sexual form of Guan Yin.  Read the rest of this entry