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On Human Giftedness and Pride: The Appreciation of Love, Versus the Depreciation of Pride and Envy


A Pastoral Letter from Bhakti Ananda Goswami…

On Human Giftedness and Pride: The Appreciation of Love, Versus the Depreciation of Pride and Envy.

Human beings are made in the image and likeness of God Ess. They are all gifted, and very differently gifted. Any perceptive person who has cared for many small children knows that they experience things differently and learn differently.

Touchers, Movers, Actives
Some childern are very physically active and tactile learners. They want to touch everything. As infants they tend to be out-going, never shy and always curious and exploring everything physically. They seem fearless, constantly seeking contact with other people, animals and things. They are touchers and physical signalers. As adults they will probably be gregarious and physically adventurous. They will want to close the distance between themselves and others. They will invite people into their physical space and may even impress or annoy others with their space-invading habits. They may become expert in physical forms of communication, expressing themselves through the ‘body language’ of movement, dance and even asanas, posturing, MUDRAS or ‘signing’. Sign languages are a very ancient form of communication. Signing or signaling that could be seen at a distance had a lot of utility in the ancient world. Bees are not the only creatures that can communicate through ‘dancing’.  Read the rest of this entry

Buddha Did Teach About God


1. According to the evidence of Original Pure Land form of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha (Shakyamuni) did reveal the existence of God, as the triune Tri-Kaya or Three Bodies / Forms or Purushas / Persons of the Godhead.

1. Adi Purusha Dharma Kaya = Hrih (Sri Krishna),

2. His emanation savior form = Sambhogya Kaya Hrih (Balarama-Vishnu)

3. His all-pervasive form in the heart of all beings = Rupa Kaya Hrih (Paramatma / Hrih in the heart.) According to the pure land-related Mahayana Buddhist tradition, these teachings could not be heard, received or understood by those of the Theravadin mentality. Only those with the Bodhi heart of compassion could receive the pure land teachings.   Read the rest of this entry