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Russian word for God is BOG – Rooted in the Sanskrit Bhagavan


MI0001020312 (1)Linguists have long known that the Russian word for God, is BOG. I have just written the following for you and for all of our Friends here. Please Share it with others.

Slavic cCatholics and Other Devotees Call Their God BOG, as in BHAGAVAN!

An important Sanskrit Name for HARI, or Krishna-Vishnu, from the Vaishnava Scriptures is Bhagavan, from the root Bhag. The words Bhoga and Bhakti are from the same root. Among Slavic-Language Peoples, the Apostolic cCatholic Tradition of Jesus Christ has always used the BHAG-related Name of Hari (Biblical ELI) for “GOD”. Thus Slavic cCatholics call their GOD some variation of the Holy Name BOG (Sanskrit BHAG, Bhagavan).

ALL of the Russian-Language related “BOG” Names for God are known by Slavic linguistic experts to be related to the Sanskrit word BHAG. Unfortunately there is no pervasive realization among the Christian lay masses or even the religious devotees or scholars that they are refering to their GOD by an important Holy Name of HARI / ELI or Krishna-Vishnu.
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