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Of Khnum, Karma, Krima, Zeus Chronus, Jupiter Saturnus and God as Time


There is a V triangular tilak mark on this deity’s forehead. he has 4 arms like Vishnu, he has MN (Min – Manu) erect phallus, and is stepping forward like the Kouros statues

This is the Wrathful Leonid-Headed Cosmic Form of HELI / ELI / ALI / HERU / HARI / HARA as KALAH / TIME in His great I AM Theophany in the Bhagavad-Gita. In Egypt He was called HERU-AUSU Amun-Ra and identified with ZEUS CHRONUS (Time) and JUPITER SATURNUS (Time). Compare this Murti of Him with His relief on the top center of the Metternich Stela.

I have seen Egyptian Icons and Murtis of Amun-Ra and Bes with V / U ‘Tilak’ Marks. The phallus HIEROglyph of MN ‘MIN’ is clearly the symbol for HARI as MANU the Vedic-Vaishnava Progenitor of the Human Species. This is a Kouros-related Murti, Whose human body identifies Him as a Form of HERU-AUSU (HARI-VASU) Helios (ELI-YAHU) Meghistos Kouros KRISHNA as the Cosmic PUR-USHA / PER-AUSU / POLIEUS. Normally He holds a small peg-like object in one hand that some scholars have identified as a piece of (Holy Vaishnava and Buddhist) SHAL or Acacias wood, a symbol of resurrection and immortality. In His other, outstretched hand should be His WAS / VASUdeva Septre. In Eastern Vaishnava iconography this Septre or symbol held by Lord Baladeva / Vasudeva has been confounded with both His small hoe-like hand-plow and His cow-herding stick.

As the God of ancient WARKA / DWARKA (URUK or ERECH of the Anguiped Erechtids), HE is the NG pictorial-pun ANGA-NAGA God of the serpent-foot, angle / ankle LANGUAGE peoples. His people were NOT any shape-shifting snake-footed reptilian aliens, as imagined and invented by the nonsense New Age ‘Illuminate’ fear and hate mongerers! As Ananta Sesha Naga the Lord of the Vaishnavas, He was worshiped in the ancient lost Biblical City of IR-NACHASH of the Hebrew speaking Semites, and the NAGA-PUR (original Delhi) of the Eastern Sanskrit speaking Vaishnavas. Clearly the Hebrew city name IR-NACHASH and the Sanskrit city name NAGA-PUR are related. From ancient times Ananta Sesa Naga (Ourobolos the Serpent of Infinity) was considered an alter-Form of Hari (or Hara, Shiva) as Lion-Headed Time KALAH, the Wrathful or creative and destructive Cosmic Form of Lord Krishna in His Bhagavad-gita Self-Revelation. Thus ancient Murtis or so-called ‘cult images’ of the Supreme Lord in this Form as Time / Kalah are usually depicted with His Naga / Nachash Serpent either connected-to or as part-of His own Body / Form / Rupa.
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Explaining the Metternich Stela – Evidence Confirming Ancient Recognition of the One Supreme God


147436The Supreme Godhead Heru-Amun Ra is centered on top. He has a Leonid Head, four wing-arm limbs, two arm hands, one holds a WAS Septre of VASU-DEVA! All of the ‘gods’ on this stela holding these WS Yahu / Vasudeva Septres are Expansions or Incarnations of His. Those holding AUSU (Ausar / Osiris) and DJED etc. Septres are also His Expansions, Theophanies or Incarnations, but they are the ‘Gods’ of the other Heliopolitan Alliances or the Northern School of HERU-AUSU-ATUM rather than those of the Southern School of HERU-WASU-ATEN or VASU-DEVA at Thebes (WASET / VASTU or Dios-Polis-Magnus / Maha-Deva-Purusha). With Lord Nara-Hari Kalah on top, this stela cearly depicts Him as the Orgin of ALL of the Nome Arch / Monarchy (Pharonic) Patron ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’ of Egypt. This Stela therefore is an illustration of the Self-Revelation of Sri Krishna-Vishnu as the Supreme Lord Nara-Hari (Man-Lion) ) Kalah / Time in His Bhagavad-gita Theophany.

In the related Egyptian mis-labeled ‘HEKA’ Murti in this Album, He clearly has African facial features which identify Him as Amun-Ra Apademak, the Supreme Lord of KUSH / MEROE and the Lands South of Egypt. The ‘Crown’ determinative on top of His Head is a typical Compound Crown of HERU-AUSU-ATUM that combines the symbols of the specific religio-political alliance that worships this particular Form of the Lord, HERU-AUSU-ATUM. This Crown combines a large Uraeus with two levels of AMUN-KHNUM Ram Horns that are both separated and connected by eight smaller Uraeus Cobras. Ananta Sesha Naga holds up the Worlds. These are surmounted by a final single Uraeus Cobra, Who holds the Discus Chakra Hieroglyph for HERU / HARI and His Supreme Abode. Thus the entire Murti represents the Cosmology and Supra-Cosmological Metaphysics of HERU-AUSU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU-ADON / HARI-VASU-ATMAN. Below is the Material Universe VIRATA-RUPA or COSMIC FORM of PURUSHA, above Him the Vaikuntha Planets of the Spiritual Sky, and on top is Sri Hari and His Supreme Abode, all Manifest and ‘supported’ by Ananta Sesha Naga, the Seraphic Serpent of Infinity.  Read the rest of this entry

God in His World-Devouring Lion-Headed Form as Time was Once Universally Worshiped



In His Bhagavad-gita Sri Krishna reveals to His Friend, Arjuna, that He is the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead. Arjuna then becomes frightened when he sees the wrathful Universal Form of Krishna as Time / Kalah devouring the Worlds. Kalah, Bairav and Shiva are some of the other Names of this Lion-headed All-Devouring Form of Krishna, Nara-Hari. This Montage shows only a few of the countless ways that this Form of HARI is still worshiped as the Supreme Spirit and Protector of the Buddhists and Buddhist-related Hindus of India and the Orient.

Clockwise from the upper left is 1. HARI as Kalah Bairab, the Tibetan World-Devouring Lord of the Chakra Wheel of Time. 2. An Indian example of the New Year or Time (Kaula Month related) Festival Lion Dance, which is always performed for the Supreme Lord’s Blessing and Protection. Sometimes it is also connected to the individual’s or community’s purgation from sin. 3. The Barong Lion Dance of the entire Bali Region. Again the Lion is the Lord, the King of Spirits, Who forgives bad karma, blesses and protects individuals and communities in the coming year. 4. The Nepali and Tibetan Kalah Bairab worshipers also have their Lion Dances, but they combine these more directly with their animal sacrifices as a propitiation for the sins of the community. Note the late Buddhist version of the Egyptian, Persian, Indian and Cambodian Hem Hem Compound Crown of HERU-HOR, ELI-EL or HARI-HAR (Vishnu-Shiva) on this kid-Sacrificing Lion Dancer. 5. The Chinese celebrate their Lunar New Year in a very extravagant way, with their always-related Lion and Dragon Dances. The Dragon is of course Ananta Sesha Naga, the Ourobolos Serpent of Infinity, Who always accompanies Lord Hari as Time / Kalah. 6. In Japan the New Year is also celebrated with the Lion Dance called the Shi Shi Ma. There too the children along the parade route may be blessed and protected for the coming year by being ‘bitten’ by the Supreme Lord’s Lion Form! Read the rest of this entry