The more we study the infinite Holy Name of Hari the more we realize that the various forms of the name Hari are not late borrowings within the various traditions of the world. Rather they are found at the deepest layers and at the most ancient substratums of all culture, language and religion. This indicates that humanity had in fact received a primal revelation and had practiced a common worship of this one deity. This deity is known to us through the Judeo-Catholic tradition in the West as a living extant tradition. In the East this same deity is known to us through Vaishnavism, Pure Land Buddhism and Sattvic Theistic Shaivism. Zoroastrianism is also related to this tradition along with numerous  African and American Indian Traditions as well.

We  are speaking of a time in human history before differentiations developed between the Kemetic or African, the Semitic  and Indo-European languages, religions and peoples. We are talking about a level of human experience so ancient and so primal as to be at the core of all human experience.  Racial and linguistic groups which are considered to have been isolated from each other for many millennia all have the worship of Hari in common.

We find the the worship of Hari or HR in Pre-dynastic Egypt and throughout Africa at the earliest time, the worship of Heli in Europe, the worship of Ali, Eli, Ela, Eloi or Ila in Sumer and Akkad and throughout the Levant or the Middle East, and the worship of Hari in India. The very pervasiveness of this deity in all of the world’s major racial and linguistic groups proves that HR/Hari is a deity of primal human revelation. All of humanity shares in what Catholics would call the ‘general revelation‘ of this deity. More than what common Catholic understanding allows the worship of Ali, Hari, Vasudeva or Yahu is not simply a matter of ‘general revelation‘.  In fact many many peoples who are not thought of as being Hebrews, Israelites or Jews also received specific Messianic prophecies. All of these prophecies were realized and fulfilled in the Lila of Lord Jesus Christ.

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