Is a popular uprising inspired by the Holy Spirit / Paramatma or not? There are ways to tell!


Let us consider the causes and effects throughout history. In all of history there have been rivalries between leaders and movements, supported by the backing of the followers of the oppositional leaders or the adherents of the contending religious or ‘political’ movements. As the pendulum swings and one belligerent faction becomes dominant over the other, oppression increases and popular reactionary movements develop and the next cycle of open hostilities begins to escalate.

Eventually, the youth, being sick of dying in the old men’s wars, rebel. The mothers, being sick of sending their young off to die in these same wars, rebel. The young girls, losing their lovers in these wars, rebel. They all resist the constant state of war and the ‘saber-rattling’ threat of war that keeps them impoverished and oppressed from generation to generation. Thus as this pattern of oppression and violence is perceived, a generational effect may come into its own, and a powerfully idealistic youth and women’s resistance movement may rise-up to challenge the corruption and failures of the previously dominant (and oppressive) leader(s), and their oppressive systems of sectarian war-mongering religious rule and military-dominated government.

Such popular ‘Peace and Freedom’ movements throughout history have shared common features. One model of such a ‘Peace and Freedom’ movement is that of the ‘First Bengali Renaissance’ that was inspired and led by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda-Balarama 500+ years ago in the Gaudiya region of Bengal. At that time the Vaishnavas, Buddhists, Shaivites, Shaktas and other religious peoples of the area were being severely abused under a rigidly oppressive system of Muslim rule, supported by an iconoclastic ‘Mayavadi’ dominated profoundly racist and sexist birth-based hierarchical caste system.

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What is the essential nature of all far-right religio-political power?


What does the popular power base of someone like Modi, Netanyahu, Putin, the Ayatollah, the Saudi crown prince or Trump (or any popular atheistic communist or Theravadin Buddhist tyrant) really consist of? These leaders must appeal to the ‘true believers’ of some popular movement that is powerful (and ruthless enough) to seize control of their country, usually by gaining dominance in its so-called ‘conservative’ right-leaning clerical, military and police force.

Historically tyrants never come to power without the backing of such a ‘conservative’ movement. Such ‘conservatives’ usually justify their Adharmic (not Dharmic) activities ‘because their end justifies their means’. Thus they can oppress, enslave, torture and slaughter their perceived ‘feared and hated other’. 

The Saudis came to power with the backing of the Wahabi Sunni sect. The Iranian Shia revolution was backed by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Putin has had the ‘new Tzar’ backing of the Imperial Russian orthodox patriarch of Moscow. Netanyahu has the backing of the far right ultra orthodox Jewish Haredi and other politically far-right Jews. Trump has the backing of the far right Jews, Mormons, Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals. In Burma and Sri Lanka the genocide of the non-’Buddhists’ by the atheistic far right conservative Theravadin Buddhists (in Sri Lanka, the white racist ‘Aryan‘ Sinhalese) has had the political backing of the allied military and religious leaders.

All throughout history, in every case the ‘adversary’ of these self-righteous ‘holier-than-thou’ ‘conservative’ religious and military alliances has always been some version of the same thing… Difference. Human difference is their enemy. They only value those like themselves and degrade or even demonize those that are different. Even the women or perceived effeminate men in such societies are treated as inherently inferior to their idealized masculine (and sexually) powerful men.

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