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The Bridal Mysticism & Gender of God in Islamic Divine Love Poetry


What is the gender of God / Allah as ‘the Beloved’ in the poetry of Rumi and other Sufi Divine Love Poets? Why is Rumi’s poetry an inseparable part of the Pashtun Sunni Muslim Afghani culture of the ‘dancing boys’? Why are such boys interpreted as the Divine Love-object in the Sufi Love Poetry that has been gender-altered in translation for the ‘Western’ editions? What is the difference between God / Allah as the finite soul-self’s ‘Purusha’ Lover in the Judeo-Catholic and Eastern Indic and Buddhist traditions, and God as the Beautiful ‘Dancing Boy’ Beloved in the Sufi Islamic traditions?

In all of the other primally-related Bhakti (Divine Love) traditions, the Jiva-Atma or finite soul-self, is feminine. Jiva in Sanskrit is Heva (Eve) in Biblical Hebrew and was the ‘BA (B=V in common linguistic sound shifting) finite soul of the Afro-Egyptians, which was significantly depicted as a small bird. Birds, especially doves, which mate for life, were ancient symbols for the relationship between the finite spirit-soul or self and the Supreme Self or God.

In the Eastern ‘Vedic’ tradition of the Divine Lover and His Beloved, the Supreme or Param Atman (Holy Spirit), is the Masculine Purusha Lover of the finite Feminine Jiva-Atma. In the story, the Jiva-Atma becomes distracted and ‘falls’ into the temporary but real ‘material world’. The Lovers, ATUM / ADON / ATEN / ATMAN and BA / HEVA / EVE / JIVA are described as two Love Birds situated in a mystical tree. The Feminine (Receiver, Prakriti) finite Jiva-soul of the pair becomes momentarily distracted by tasting the fruit of the mystical ‘Tree of Knowledge’, and forgets Her Divine Purusha (Masculine, Giver) Lover, God. In Her forgetful condition of Illusion / Maya, She, the Jiva-soul ‘falls’ into mortal ‘matter’ and becomes ‘lost’ to Herself and to Her God, in her ‘fallen’ state.

Consequently, God, in his form as an ‘Avatara’, crosses-over into the ‘material world’, descending into the Saha world of birth, death, disease and old age, to find and Rescue His Beloved! This universal theme of the Divine or semi-divine Hero’s descent into matter, or the realm of the dead, to Find and Save His Beloved, is all related to the same primal ‘Bridal Mysticism’ Revelation.

This same separation of forgetfulness is the ‘fall‘ that is described in the Biblical tradition of the ‘original sin‘ story of ‘Adam and Eve’. In Jewish and Catholic Hermetic and Kaballistic mysticism, the Adam and Eve story is about this Separation of Eve as ‘the Mother of All Living’, the Feminine Jiva-Shakti, (Hebrew Shekinah), from Her Lord, Adon-Yahu or God as the universal ‘First Adam” (Purusha) or Adam Kadmon.

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Regarding the Sufi preservation of Rhoda-Kouros Worship

Things to do in Istanbul, visit the Whirling Dervish Museum

Among the Sattvic Sufi pre-m*hammedan Arab mystical traditions the worship of Rhoda-Kouros was preserved in their Raqs (Rasa) dance related HOURIS’ circle dance of Paradise tradition.  The male ‘whirling dervishes’ and their related Irshad singing/ reciting of the ‘Beautiful 99 names of ALLAH’ is all part of the same early Arabic Rhodes related Bhakti Yoga tradition. So it is not that the Arabs before m*hammed were not devotees of HERU-AUSU / HELIOS / ELI-YAHU / HARI-VASU, or that they were adversarial to the other Eastern or Western RADHA-KRISHNA devotees. Instead, like Zoroaster and history’s other previous erroneous or apa-sampradaya ‘false prophets’, m*hammed was influenced by the deviant teachings of various heretical Arabian gurus and their deviant guru-kulas / schools. Thus m*hammed’s teachings were heavily influenced by Arab Gnosticism and the teachings of the material atomists of the Greek atheistic school of Democritus, and the later Aristotelians whose dualistic (spirit versus dead ‘matter’) thinking was polluted by the iconoclastic atheists and material atomists.

Only among some of the Sufi Muslim lineages / schools of initiation (guru-kulas) was the pre-m*hammedan platonism-related tradition of ancient Arabia’s RADHA-KRISHNA’s and BALADEVA’s Divine Love mysticism preserved.

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Why I have exposed & opposed the Sexism of Sharia Law: Must ALLAH be obeyed by the ‘keeping’ of such inhuman Sharia Law?


Background: There have been, and still are, sattvic-tending (non-violent) and female-respecting Sufi Muslims

While visiting with my friend, Sufi Master M*hammed P. Casim of Sri Lanka, in 1982, we had long discussions about the many Sunni, Shia and Sufi branches and sects of the ‘Prophet’ M*hammed’s Religion of Islam. Defined as faith-in and submission-to ALLAH, Who is historically Eloah, the same Supreme Deity as the Eli-Yahu of the Jews, all of the pre-M*hammaden worshipers of ALLAH, which is a Aramaic / Arabic Name of God, have been retroactively considered by post-M*hammad Muslims to have been M*hammedan defined Muslims too.

However, even today there are surviving Eastern Rite Arab Catholic Christians who call their God, ALLAH. For centuries before M*hammed was born, the ethnic (tribal) Arabs, (and Arabic Language speakers), including Jews, ‘Pagans’ and Apostolic Eastern Rite Catholics, all called their Supreme God, ALLAH. 

So before and after the life of M*hammed, the Speakers of Aramaic or Arabic, the Language of the Arabs, called their Supreme Deity, ALLAH. 

Therefore faith-in and submission-to the will of ALLAH, may or MAY NOT historically have anything to do with M*hammed and his particular Islamic sect’s version of his Sharia Law.

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