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Holy Week Offering to JESUS BAL-YAHU 2023


Written by Bhakti Ananda Goswami aka David Michael Sherman:

Palm Sunday:
The Lord of Jerusalem
rides in on a Donkey

The palm frond or palm tree was the symbol of YAHU-BAL and His ancient cities of Jericho and Palmyra. It was the symbol of the Semitic Supreme Deity YAHU-BEL / BOL / BAL / BAAL. The Greeks called this World-Saving Great Physician, BEL DIOS (Sanskrit BALA-DEVA) or BELOS THEOS / DIOS. The Italians called Him BELUS and the Celts called Him BELENUS.

Thus BELOS THEO / DIOS, BALA-DEVA, as the World-Saving ‘Great Physician’, (the Ayur Vedic ANANTA CHARAKA) was a By-Name of the Greek IASAS ASCLEPIOS. IASAS was a Greek Form (like IASON) of the Hebrew Messianic Name YAHU-SHUA, which is ‘JESUS’ in English. IASAS is a Greek variant of IESOUS / JESUS.

As the Lord of Jericho and Palmyra, the symbol of JESUS was His Sacred Palm Tree or its frond (leaf). Then His Palm became the symbol of Holy Jerusalem and all of Israel and Judah, then His Palm became the symbol of His religion of Judaism itself.

Half Shekel of the Jewish Commonwealth.

In India, both the fan-leaf and the feather-leaf palms were called a Tala tree. Lord BALA DEVA was called TALANKA, TALA-DEVA, TALA-DHWAJA, and TALA-KETU, meaning Palm-emblemed or Palm-flagged. His chariot had a Palm tree flag on it in sources like the Mahabharata and the Puranas. His Sacred Palm tree forest in Vrindavan was called the Tala-Vana. Palm wine (Areca) and honey wine from Palm trees was Sacred to Him. This honey wine or Madhu (Mead) was probably His ritual ‘Soma’ (see ‘Life’), Vedic age Moksha Rtya / Mass Rite Purusha Sukta sacrifice drink.

When JESUS entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, on a small ass (Asana seat or Vahana) donkey, He was coming from Jericho, where He regularly camped with His disciples! After all, He was the Supreme Lord of the ancient ‘City of Palms’, Jericho, by His YAHU-BAAL Lunar-related Nectar-of-Immortality SOMA (SM/N) Name!

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Vedic Empire’s “Back to Doghead” Christmas special

Video description: The First Vedic Empire TV show aired in Honolulu, Hawaii in Oct 1996. Now over 25 years later, Neil Kalia Robinson and Vrndavan Brannon Parker Reunite! Joined by historical researcher and religious scholar Elijah Dobkins, the Vedic Empire TV Series is Back!

Have you ever wondered why Santa looks and behaves the way he does? Why do cultures all over the World have seemingly different Santa origin stories? Did you know that the prototype for Santa was based on the ‘Dog-Headed’ St. Christopher among several other ancient personalities?

In this episode, Neil Kalia Robinson presents a startling premise; Santa Claus, his elves, gifts bags/seasonal gift giving, naughty or nice lists and many other aspects of the Western Christmas tradition are in fact rooted in India’s ancient Vedic Ramayana tradition.

From Bhakti Ananda Goswami: Thanks to Kalia, Vrn and Elijah for this video, which is a discussion led by Kalia, concerning the many in-common thematic elements found in the Eastern Ramayana and the Mediterranean Judeo-Catholic related traditions associated with Saint Christopher, the CHRIST-Bearer, and confounded later with Saint Nicolas as ‘Santa Claus’.

My main comment would be to give a more non-Indo-centric context to the entire discussion. At one point, both Kalia and Vrn note that elements of the Ramayana can be found everywhere. I assert that these common elements are the common heritage of all Humanity. I do not agree that they all diffused from India or Hinduism. For example, I have studied the story of the Descent into the underworld, that is at the core of the Dionysian, Orphic, Eleusinian and other ‘Mysteries’.

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Holy Week Offering to JESUS BAL-YAHU


Part 1 Palm Sunday Offering: JESUS as BAAL YAHU, the Valorous Universal Savior God.

Why did JESUS CHRIST camp with His disciples in Jericho, ride into Jerusalem on an ass / donkey while being greeted with BAAL-YAHU’s sacred palm fronds?

14. Talanka: He who bears the insignia of a palm tree.

Lord Balarama WordPress. Hundred and eight names of Lord Balarama. Published on 3-11-2015.

See Sanskrit ‘Asana’ as what one sits on, a throne or one’s seat. The Vyas-Asana is the seat / throne of Vyasadeva or the Spiritual Master in the Vedic lineage of Vyasadeva. A Hatha Yogic Asana is one’s ‘seat’ or sitting position. In any case, an ‘ass’ is one’s ‘seat’ or what one sits on.

As a beast of burden, the ‘ass’, as used in the English Bible, traditionally refers to the animal known as a donkey. There is no confirmed English P.I.E. (or other linguistic root) etymology for either the word ‘ass’ or ‘donkey’. However there are many European cognates for ‘ass’, which all mean a donkey. In Pure Land Buddhist iconography, the Lord (HARIH as AVALOKITESHVARA / CHEN REI ZEI), is commonly depicted as sitting or riding on a throne or seat / Sanskrit Asana or a vehicle / Sanskrit Vahana, representing some ‘demon’ that He has conquered or that has surrendered to Him, and who has thus become His devoted servant. In the Vaishnava tradition, Lord BALA-DEVA the Greco-Roman and Celtic BELUS and the Semitic BAL-YAHU of Jericho and Palmyra, defeats the great donkey demon Dhenuka A-Sura, by throwing him into the top of a palm tree in His own sacred Tala-Vana, palm tree forest!

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Animal Theophanies of the ‘Hidden’ God


This video is an excellent linguistic analysis of some of the traditional Christian Holy Name abbreviations that were used by ancient scribes. But sadly the scholar misses the entire HELIOS DELPHINOS / MATSYA, Sumerian EA ‘Fish Cult’, Levantine DAGON SA HARRI, Biblical Noah’s Ark, Greek ‘Noah’ Deucalion-Crete connection with Roman MERIMUS, Greek NEREUS as the MER-MAN form of God, and the WHALE-DOLPHIN-NAR-WHAL connections.

To see the MATSYA’s FIN Peak in the Himalayas, see my 1982 photo of MACCHA PUCHARA, which I took from the traditional Holy Birthplace of Srila Veda Vyasadeva, which is the (now) Nepalese village of Pokhara.

See also the related MAN-FISH art forms of VISHNU as MATSYA, the Pure Land and Tantric Buddhist MACCHENDRANATH or MACCHA LOKESHVARA form, which is related to His Puchara Mountain ‘FIN’ related Fish-Form of BUDDHA LOKESHVARA, the West Semitic DAGON ‘FISH GOD‘, and ‘JONAH’ depicted as emerging from the ‘MOUTH OF THE WHALE’, confounded with NEREUS or MARIMUS as the original MER-MAN etc.

Compare the MACCHA PUCHARA ‘MATSYA’s FIN’ peak in the Himalayas with MACHU PICCHU and the Lake ‘MANU’ Andean ‘Flood Stories.’ 

As KRISHNA-VISHNU is MATSYA, KOUROS HELI-OS of Rhodes and Crete is DELPHINOS (DOLPHIN). One of the greatest centers of early HELIOS-APOLLO and DIONYSOS worship was at Delphi. Greek ‘DELPHA’ is cognate with Sanskrit ‘GARBHA’ meaning Womb. The Navel Axis Mundi of the Universe was thought to be in Delphi, where clearly GARBHA / DELPHA DAKSAYI VISHNU was worshiped. His cultus was connected to the tradition of HELIOS-PHANES of Egypt, which depicted PHANES (BRAHMA) as first appearing on the Universal Lotus Blossom arising out of the Navel Lotus-Stem from the ‘hidden’ ‘HAP’ APA, HYP-SUB, WATER and ABBA FATHER pun water symbol of the body of the Reclining NHR / NAHARIAM / MIZRAIM God ‘NILUS’ of the NILE, and the ‘MARIMUS’ Reclining ‘FATHER’ Form of all of the other Sacred ‘Rivers’ or Oceans from ‘Heaven’. The Roman JUPITER MARIMUS, like GARBODAKSAYI VISHNU, was traditionally depicted as Reclining.

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The Abhira Yadava / Hapiru Hebrew Family


When ancient peoples practiced inter-tribal marriage, adoption and religious conversion they inevitably were ‘mixed-race’ peoples. Typically such peoples readily marries, adopted and religiously converted outside of their tribe or ethnicity, but were strict about not marrying outside of their religion.

Thus, for example, the ‘Jewish’ Hebrew leaders, after their patriarch Abraham, went back to the Hurrian Kingdom of Mitanni to marry Hurrian wives, because they were of their same religion!!! Their Hurrian wives of Haran (etc.) worshiped the same Supreme Godhead as that of the Jewish patriarch Abraham and his wife Sarah. Thus the Supreme Godhead of the Hurrians was the same Supreme Godhead of the Hebrews and the Jews (and Arabs).

Who were the Hebrews? “The [Yadava] community was formed of four clans, being the Abhira, Andhaka, Vrishni, and Satvatas, who all worshiped Krishna.” ~ WIKI

Nanda Maharaja receives a gift from his son KRISHNA.

The Abhira were actually part of KRISHNA’s own family! Nanda Maharaja was an Abhira chieftain. Even more amazing is that the cow-herding Abhiras were described in very ancient census, trade and treaty literatures as the H-P/B-R ‘Hapiru’ (Abhira) which many scholars have identified as the pastoral Biblical Hebrew!

Srimad-Bhagavatam explains this:

abhira-sumbha yavanah khasadayah
ye 'nye ca papa yad-apasrayasrayah
sudhyanti tasmai prabhavisnave namah
"Kirata, Huna, Andhra, Pulinda, Pulkasa, Abhira, Sumbha, Yavana, members of the Khasa races and even others addicted to sinful acts can be purified by taking shelter of the devotees of the Lord, due to His being the supreme power.
I beg to offer my respectful obeisances unto Him."
~Srimad Bhagavatam 2.4.18

Why would the “Abhiras”, in general, be classed by SRI KRISHNA among the “people addicted to sinful acts”, who never-the-less can be saved due to their surrendering to Him?

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Arca Vigraha Murti Incarnations of the Lord’s Form in the Asyla Federation


The following is from the sacred ‘cult image’ portion of my Master’s Thesis for Goddard Graduate School in 1983. At that time the forms of ‘a God or Goddess’ that were religiously consecrated / awakened (PTAH / BUDH) and ‘installed’ for worship in a shrine or temple, were called ‘cult images’ by religious art historians, and ‘idols’ by various kinds of iconoclasts, like Eastern Mayavadis, atheistic Theravadin Buddhists, Muslim, Protestants and some other Eastern Rite (Orthodox) Christians.

As part of my Master’s Thesis i focused on the incarnational theology, the worship rtya / rites, and the evolution of the innovation and diffusion of the materials and techniques of the murti makers in both the ancient Mediterranean region and in the region of ancient Greater India.

This cartoon illustrates an extremely important fact of sacred art ‘cult image’ history! Seriously, the Graceful Three-fold Bending Contrapposto form of the Supreme KOUROS (KISHORA) of Rhodes was KRISHNA. It was these KRISHNA worshipping murti makers of Rhodes that first mastered naturalistic monumental stone carving in the round, while trying o depict their Supreme Lord, KOUROS HELIOS – ‘PL GOPALA / APOLLO. Thus After Several centuries of trying, they were finally able to master their monumental stone carving techniques and turn the ‘stiff’ sacred MEGHISTOS KOUROS murtis of Rhodes, Egypt and the rest of the Mediterranean Region, into the Relaxed and Graceful TRIBHANGA ‘CONTRAPPOSTO’ three-fold bending form of HELIOS-APOLLO KOUROS KRISHNA, which we are familiar with today.

Although many scholars use the terms ‘idols’ or ‘cult images’ I do not, because an image is ‘imaginary’ and the word ‘Idol’ from ID-Latria is completely misunderstood. The divinely revealed Form of God is neither imaginary, nor is it forbidden as something ‘seen’ from the root of ‘Vid’! Adoration / Latria of one’s own self / ID is what is forbidden! ID-Latria or self-adoration is forbidden!

Please see Saint Francis of Assisi’s Ecumenical Retreat’s Murti montage:
Radha & Krishna as Rhoda-Kore & Rhodos-Kouros of Rhodes

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Rendering unto Caesar, Testing the Power of Serapis, Aesculapius saving Rome from plague & Pythagoras’ Flesh Abstinence

Without any more information about this, what can be said is that during the Indo-Greek Bactrian Era the traditional depiction of KRISHNA as PARTHA SARATHI, the driver of Arjuna’s chariot, was completely interchangeable in the region with the classical depictions of the Greek’s HELIOS QUADRIOS, which was also depicted late as the Jew’s Deity ELI-YAHU, driving a quadriga / four horse chariot, in the Jewish temples and synagogues of the intertestamental period. In addition, please note that the Sun as SURYA NARAYANA, the moon and a planet or star are all simultaneously looking on. This means that all of the ‘Heavenly Host’ are attending the depicted event, because the ‘Lord of Hosts’ (YAHU TZABAOTH), KRISHNA as KALAH PURUSHA of the Bhagavad Gita, is manifesting Himself there!

I am very encouraged by my recent efforts to find some of my important references from my 1980 Marylhurst College PLE program writings on the ancient peoples that worshiped the Trinitarian Godhead of Heru-Ausu-Atum / Heli-Os-Atomos / Eli-Yahu-Adon / Hari-Vasu-Atman, the Heliopolitan and Memphite Trikaya of the earliest Per-Ausu, Polieus / Pur-Usha Asyla Federations.

These Afro-Heleno-Semitic Biblical Peoples were always anti-racist mix tribe peoples, which has confused all those historians that have assumed that the Vedic Age term ‘arya’ was a racial term meaning ‘white’, as in the much later Tantric Buddhist name of Arya Tara or White Tara.

This morning while looking for a useful free internet source for my old references from the ancient Greek Historian, Herodotus, I again tried the website that I found yesterday, for the free use of the Loeb Classical Library, which I read and compared to the Penguin Classical Library, when I first began my studies back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

To construct a regionally inclusive history of the worship of the Heliopolitan Trinity of the Asyla Federations, I had to minimally familiarize myself with the entire Afro-Heleno-Semitic (Biblical) mega-tradition of their Trinity / Triple KA, Tri-kaya of Heliopolis and Memphis of Lower Egypt, Thebes and Amarna of Upper Egypt and Meroe, and of the Biblical Levant. 

My sources for these comparative studies were interdisciplinary, and included the rich treasury of written materials of all kinds available in the ancient languages of the region.

Beginning to recover my old references from Herodotus, here is one that I used in my many papers regarding the classical asceticism of the Heliopolitan Asyla Federation Ascetics, the Biblical Tzaddiks and Eastern Sadhakas / Sadhus. 

My opinion, that the extent of Egypt is such as my argument shows, is attested by the answer which (my judgment being already formed) I heard to have been given concerning Egypt by the oracle of Ammon. The men of the cities of Marea and Apis, in the part of Egypt bordering on Libya, thinking themselves to be not Egyptians but Libyans, and misliking the observance of the religious law which forbade them to eat cows’ flesh, sent to Ammon saying that they had no part or lot with Egypt; for they dwelt (said they) outside the Delta and did not consent to the ways of its people, and they wished to be suffered to eat of all foods. But the god forbade them: all the land, he said, watered by the Nile in its course was Egypt, and all who dwelt lower than the city Elephantine and drank of that river’s water were Egyptians. Such was the oracle given to them.

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Cosmology of Milk: Theotokos, the Sacred Cows & the Birth of the Galaxios


Her charioteer has a royal blue cloth and radiant crown. She has a red dress and as she squirts her milk to the ‘orphaned’ infant HERAKLES, some of it misses His mouth and become the ‘Milky Way’ / GALAXIOS / Galaxy of the Original GOLOKA VRINDAVANA.

Jacopo Tintoretto - The Origin of the Milky Way - Google Art Project.jpg
The Origin of the Milky Way by Jacopo Tintoretto

These late paintings preserve some important elements of the HERA-HERAKLES tradition.

There is much more to be written about KRISHNA-BALADEVA and the Original HERAKLES.

Who was the original KOUROS, duo-king BASILEOS and ‘Solar’ HELIOS deity related ‘HERAKLES’?

First note that the great classicist, Jane Harrison, identified 3 forms of the same deity as 1. MEGHISTOS KOUROS, 2. HERAKLES the BASILEOS (Sacred Hero-King), and the 3. ‘Solar’ HELIOS.

These are KRISHNA-VISHNU as the

  1. The KOUROS / KISHORA Original Cowherd Boy (GOPALA / APOLLO) 
  2. The Sacred King-Heroes, BASILEOS / VASUDEVA Incarnations of KOUROS
  3. The ‘Solar’ SURYA (HELIOS) NARAYANA. 

Expanding on her observations, I investigated and identified the specific cultus origins of

  1. The Original Meghistos ‘Greatest’ KOUROS of the Isle of Rhodes as KRISHNA, the
  2. Original HERAKLES of the ancestral Duo-Kings / Sacred BASILEOS of Sparta, Jerusalem, Haran and Heliopolis Egypt, the twins HERAKLES and IPHIKLES, from ‘ten thousand years before the Trojan War’ (according to Herodotus) as the WAS-DIOS / VASUDEVA / BASILEOS (BAZODEOS) of Thebes and Heliopolis, Egypt, and the East, and the
  3. HELIOS / ‘HERU-AUSU / HELI-OS the ELDER’ of Rhodes-related Heliopolis Egypt, as SURYA-NARAYANA.
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The Light of the World is a Healing Shepherd


The JESUS CHRIST of the Apostles as the

AMITA-BHA ‘Light of Asia’, the ‘Good Shepherd’

& the All-Healing ‘Medicine BUDDHA’ of Infinite Eternal Life, AMITA-YUS.

JESUS CHRIST as the Infinite Eternal ‘Light of GOD’ and ‘Light of the World’.

The Other-Power of AMITA-BHA BUDDHA is the Essence of All Pure Land Buddhism.

In Pure Land Buddhism the ‘recitation’ or constant invocation of the Holy Name of HRIH or AMITA-BHA (or AMITA-AYUS) BUDDHA is the ‘Dharma’ of the ‘Dharma-Ending Age’. This is exactly the same doctrine as that of the ‘Yuga Dharma’ of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and every other ‘Holy Name Invocation’ Bhakti Yoga Tradition.

Note: The Sanskrit Name of the ADI BUDDHA (DHARMA KAYA) is AMITA-BHA, meaning ‘Infinite and Eternal Light’ Light is BHA(S). The Mantra for AMITABHA and all of the Persons of the TRIKAYA is HRIH!!! BHA(S) in Sanskrit is Light. KRISHNA-VISHNU has multiple compound by-names with the BHA(S) Light word-element.

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The Bridal Mysticism & Gender of God in Islamic Divine Love Poetry


What is the gender of God / Allah as ‘the Beloved’ in the poetry of Rumi and other Sufi Divine Love Poets? Why is Rumi’s poetry an inseparable part of the Pashtun Sunni Muslim Afghani culture of the ‘dancing boys’? Why are such boys interpreted as the Divine Love-object in the Sufi Love Poetry that has been gender-altered in translation for the ‘Western’ editions? What is the difference between God / Allah as the finite soul-self’s ‘Purusha’ Lover in the Judeo-Catholic and Eastern Indic and Buddhist traditions, and God as the Beautiful ‘Dancing Boy’ Beloved in the Sufi Islamic traditions?

In all of the other primally-related Bhakti (Divine Love) traditions, the Jiva-Atma or finite soul-self, is feminine. Jiva in Sanskrit is Heva (Eve) in Biblical Hebrew and was the ‘BA (B=V in common linguistic sound shifting) finite soul of the Afro-Egyptians, which was significantly depicted as a small bird. Birds, especially doves, which mate for life, were ancient symbols for the relationship between the finite spirit-soul or self and the Supreme Self or God.

In the Eastern ‘Vedic’ tradition of the Divine Lover and His Beloved, the Supreme or Param Atman (Holy Spirit), is the Masculine Purusha Lover of the finite Feminine Jiva-Atma. In the story, the Jiva-Atma becomes distracted and ‘falls’ into the temporary but real ‘material world’. The Lovers, ATUM / ADON / ATEN / ATMAN and BA / HEVA / EVE / JIVA are described as two Love Birds situated in a mystical tree. The Feminine (Receiver, Prakriti) finite Jiva-soul of the pair becomes momentarily distracted by tasting the fruit of the mystical ‘Tree of Knowledge’, and forgets Her Divine Purusha (Masculine, Giver) Lover, God. In Her forgetful condition of Illusion / Maya, She, the Jiva-soul ‘falls’ into mortal ‘matter’ and becomes ‘lost’ to Herself and to Her God, in her ‘fallen’ state.

Consequently, God, in his form as an ‘Avatara’, crosses-over into the ‘material world’, descending into the Saha world of birth, death, disease and old age, to find and Rescue His Beloved! This universal theme of the Divine or semi-divine Hero’s descent into matter, or the realm of the dead, to Find and Save His Beloved, is all related to the same primal ‘Bridal Mysticism’ Revelation.

This same separation of forgetfulness is the ‘fall‘ that is described in the Biblical tradition of the ‘original sin‘ story of ‘Adam and Eve’. In Jewish and Catholic Hermetic and Kaballistic mysticism, the Adam and Eve story is about this Separation of Eve as ‘the Mother of All Living’, the Feminine Jiva-Shakti, (Hebrew Shekinah), from Her Lord, Adon-Yahu or God as the universal ‘First Adam” (Purusha) or Adam Kadmon.

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Blazing Tongues Eat Sin & Sacrifice


“Enter Blazing” – Jayadvaita Swami Commits a Grammatical Error (BG 11.28)

BBT International’s edited 1983 edition: “As the many waves of the rivers flow into the ocean, so do all these great warriors enter blazing into Your mouths.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.49.21

Original and authorized 1972-edition: “As the rivers flow into the sea, so all these great warriors enter Your blazing mouths and perish. I see all people rushing with full speed into Your mouths as moths dash into a blazing fire. O Visnu, I see You devouring all people in Your flaming mouths and covering the universe with Your immeasurable rays. Scorching the worlds, You are manifest.”

Sridhara Swami’s commentary: “As unlimited currents of water helplessly flow in innumerable rivers and are propelled from multiple channels into the ocean, the mighty warriors of the Kaurava and Pandava armies are seen to be helplessly propelled into the flaming, gnashing mouths of the visvarupa or divine universal form of Lord Krishna.”

Kesava Kasmiri’s commentary: “How helplessly do the mighty warriors of the Kaurava and Pandava armies enter into the flaming mouths of Lord Krishna’s visvarupa or divine universal form? As helplessly as unlimited currents of water from innumerable rivers are propelled into entering the ocean.”

In his translations of Visvanath Cakravarti Thakura and Baladeva Vidyabhusana’s Bhagavad-gita commentaries, Bhanu Swami also translates Bg. 11.28 as follows: “As many swift currents of rivers flow towards the sea, so these heroes of the world enter Your flaming mouths.”

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Balarama Jayanti Advent Offering with Vaishnava References to the Theology of Christ reprisal


Christ Mass Advent Offering with Vaishnava References to the Theology of Baladeva the Second Person of the Godhead [Reprisal]:


In the Vaishnava Tradition of India, the wide-spread lore of the Messianic Second Coming of Jesus Christ is found in the Prophetic Revelation of the Vishnu Yashas – Kalki Tradition.  As in Vaishnavism the Name of the Father is revealed in the Son, and vice versa, it is astonishing that Christians, Vaishnavas and other ‘Hindus’ have not generally recognized that Kalki Avatara is also the ‘Second Coming’ of Vishnu Yashas or Yasho-Narayana, and thus He is directly ‘cognate’ with the Judeo-cCatholic Tradition of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as the Divine Savior-King and ‘Son of David’.  The Judeo-cCatholic (Apostolic Parampara) Divine Savior Jesus Christ first appears as the Suffering Sacrifice Deliverer Messiah Son of Joseph (Yagna Purusha Yupa Dhvaja, Who takes away the sins of the World), and then He appears as the Triumphant King Deliverer Messiah Son of David (Kalki Avatara).

In ancient Egypt KRISHNA-VISHNU-PARAMATMA was worshiped as HERU-AUSU-ATUM, the Trinity of Greek Heliopolitan Monotheism. The Jews worshiped This Same Trinity as ELI-YAHU-ADON. Ausu or Osiris was the Yahu of the Jews and the VASU-DEVA (Jewish TOBA-YAHU) of the Vaishnavas. He was called WASU THEOS in Thebes Egypt, which City was also called Dios-Polis-Magnus or Maha Deva Purusha. In each of these ancient related Bhakti Traditions, the Second Person of the Godhead is the Savior God Who descends into the dark entropic material worlds to save all of the beings that have ‘fallen’ there, who cannot get back-out by their own endeavour!

The Theology of Baladeva: SRI CAITANYA-CARITAMRTA of Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami

Translated, with elaborate purports by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, One Volume Edition, Bhaktivedanta Books

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Is a popular uprising inspired by the Holy Spirit / Paramatma or not? There are ways to tell!


Let us consider the causes and effects throughout history. In all of history there have been rivalries between leaders and movements, supported by the backing of the followers of the oppositional leaders or the adherents of the contending religious or ‘political’ movements. As the pendulum swings and one belligerent faction becomes dominant over the other, oppression increases and popular reactionary movements develop and the next cycle of open hostilities begins to escalate.

Eventually, the youth, being sick of dying in the old men’s wars, rebel. The mothers, being sick of sending their young off to die in these same wars, rebel. The young girls, losing their lovers in these wars, rebel. They all resist the constant state of war and the ‘saber-rattling’ threat of war that keeps them impoverished and oppressed from generation to generation. Thus as this pattern of oppression and violence is perceived, a generational effect may come into its own, and a powerfully idealistic youth and women’s resistance movement may rise-up to challenge the corruption and failures of the previously dominant (and oppressive) leader(s), and their oppressive systems of sectarian war-mongering religious rule and military-dominated government.

Such popular ‘Peace and Freedom’ movements throughout history have shared common features. One model of such a ‘Peace and Freedom’ movement is that of the ‘First Bengali Renaissance’ that was inspired and led by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda-Balarama 500+ years ago in the Gaudiya region of Bengal. At that time the Vaishnavas, Buddhists, Shaivites, Shaktas and other religious peoples of the area were being severely abused under a rigidly oppressive system of Muslim rule, supported by an iconoclastic ‘Mayavadi’ dominated profoundly racist and sexist birth-based hierarchical caste system.

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