Holy Week Offering to JESUS BAL-YAHU 2023


Written by Bhakti Ananda Goswami aka David Michael Sherman:

Palm Sunday:
The Lord of Jerusalem
rides in on a Donkey

The palm frond or palm tree was the symbol of YAHU-BAL and His ancient cities of Jericho and Palmyra. It was the symbol of the Semitic Supreme Deity YAHU-BEL / BOL / BAL / BAAL. The Greeks called this World-Saving Great Physician, BEL DIOS (Sanskrit BALA-DEVA) or BELOS THEOS / DIOS. The Italians called Him BELUS and the Celts called Him BELENUS.


Thus BELOS THEO / DIOS, BALA-DEVA, as the World-Saving ‘Great Physician’, (the Ayur Vedic ANANTA CHARAKA) was a By-Name of the Greek IASAS ASCLEPIOS. IASAS was a Greek Form (like IASON) of the Hebrew Messianic Name YAHU-SHUA, which is ‘JESUS’ in English. IASAS is a Greek variant of IESOUS / JESUS.

As the Lord of Jericho and Palmyra, the symbol of JESUS was His Sacred Palm Tree or its frond (leaf). Then His Palm became the symbol of Holy Jerusalem and all of Israel and Judah, then His Palm became the symbol of His religion of Judaism itself.

Half Shekel of the Jewish Commonwealth.

In India, both the fan-leaf and the feather-leaf palms were called a Tala tree. Lord BALA DEVA was called TALANKA, TALA-DEVA, TALA-DHWAJA, and TALA-KETU, meaning Palm-emblemed or Palm-flagged. His chariot had a Palm tree flag on it in sources like the Mahabharata and the Puranas. His Sacred Palm tree forest in Vrindavan was called the Tala-Vana. Palm wine (Areca) and honey wine from Palm trees was Sacred to Him. This honey wine or Madhu (Mead) was probably His ritual ‘Soma’ (see ‘Life’), Vedic age Moksha Rtya / Mass Rite Purusha Sukta sacrifice drink.

When JESUS entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, on a small ass (Asana seat or Vahana) donkey, He was coming from Jericho, where He regularly camped with His disciples! After all, He was the Supreme Lord of the ancient ‘City of Palms’, Jericho, by His YAHU-BAAL Lunar-related Nectar-of-Immortality SOMA (SM/N) Name!

In the Eastern Bhagavatam, He defeated the donkey demon, Dhenuk-Asura, by throwing Him into a Palm tree. As is the Eastern Vaishnava and Mahayana Buddhist Iconographic motif tradition, when an Asura ‘Demon’ has been defeated by the Lord, he may then become the Lord’s humble servant as one of the Lord’s vehicles! Thus on the triumphal entry of JESUS CHRIST into Jerusalem, He is riding on His donkey / Dhenuka Vahana, revealing that He is the defeater of the donkey or Ass Demon of pride-full stubborn arrogance!

JESUS CHRIST enters Jerusalem from Jericho, riding on a donkey, while being worshipped with Palm fronds.

Why do Christians call today
“Good” or “Great” (Mega / Maha)
Friday (μεγάλη παρασκευή) in Greek?


Why do Christians call the day of Lord JESUS CHRIST‘s false accusation, unjust conviction, mocking spat-on humiliation, stripping, flogging, cross bearing and torturous death by crucifixion, “Good” or “Great Friday”? The Catholic Diksha Disciples of JESUS, even instituted a Holy day for the worship of His Holy cross with Sacred Basil! Here is an internet page about a small part of the tradition of Holy Basil in the Judeo Catholic and later Christian tradition.

Decades ago, after I originally wrote (in the 1970s), about TULASI as Sacred to the JESUS (IASAS ASCLEPIOS) the Great Physician in the Judeo-Catholic tradition, many people picked-up the idea, and studied the subject themselves. However, some people just plagiarized parts of my own research. But the worst part of that is that they changed or left-out some of what was important, because of their own anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic or anti-Christian religious bias. For example, in this India Divine web post, the post begins by asserting that the Christian use of TULASI, somehow began in India.

“For thousands of years Tulasi was worshipped in India and slowly made its way westward via trade routes linking India to Persia and Greece.”


This statement is a completely Indo-centric myth. The various subspecies of Holy Basil in ancient ‘Greater India’, including Thailand etc., were already sacred to the universal “Great Physician”, VISHNU as BALADEVA, ANANTA CHARAKA, all over the World.

The very easy preserving, cutting or root, seed and cross-breeding propagation of TULASI’s Sacred Labiatae family has made the Lords life-saving aromatic herb of the “Sacred Labiatae” (Basil or Mint) family, one of the most numerous and wide-spread of botanical families on Earth! She (TULASI in Her Multi-Form) is even found in the Western Hemisphere, where She is used medicinally in Sacred purifying rituals by various indigenous tribes.

Ezob / Hyssopus was Sacred to the ancient Jews and Greeks, and to the Holy Anointed BASILEOS-BASILEA King and Queen royal lineages of Europe.

Why is this TULASI connection to JESUS CHRIST, the World-Saving Great Physician, who can ‘raise the dead’, so important, especially on “Good Friday” and the Catholic Apostolic ‘Feast of the Holy Cross”?

It is because TULASI can only be offered to God, VISHNU, Himself!!!

God / VISHNU has been impersonated by many mad people, fools, fraudsters and demons. However, these imposters, like Vasudeva Pundraka, cannot stand the test of the devotion of SRIMATI TULASI DEVI.

Consequently, if we carefully study how TULASI is Holy in Judaism, and Catholicism, and so important in the Good Friday story, growing at the foot of the Cross, growing from the Cross, growing instantly from the tears of JESUS and Mother MARY, spreading over the hill of Golgotha, growing at His tomb, being discovered centuries later by Saint Helena, etc. We can understand why Sacred Basil is called JESUS CHRIST’s Holy “Communion Plant”, and She is also sacred to Mother MARY, and is grown in Her monastery prayer gardens, and used in the celebrations called the ‘exaltations’ of the Holy Cross.

What does she declare and prove to all of Humanity? She witnesses that JESUS CHRIST is the cosmos saving Great Physician Incarnation of ANANTA CHARAKA, who heals us all, by “Taking away the sins of the World”! Her presence with God’s beloved MARYs, at the foot of JESUS CHRIST’s Cross, on Good Friday, when Her leaves were offered to JESUS, (dipped in Hala Hala / vina ager) after He said “I thirst”, can only mean one thing… He is VISHNU Tattva, the Universal PURUSHA, whose Purusha Sukta Self-Sacrifice “Takes away the sins of the World!”

“Happy are we who are called to His supper!”


Google: What is the meaning of the exaltation of the Holy Cross?
What does the Exaltation of the Cross mean? The Exaltation of the Cross honors Christ’s Cross, an instrument made sacred by the Lord’s offering of Himself upon it for our salvation. It is celebrated in both Catholicism and Orthodoxy on September 14.
On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross it is customary in the East to rest the Holy Cross on a bed of basil before presenting it to the veneration of the faithful. Also, from the practice in some areas of strewing branches of basil before church communion rails, it came to be known as Holy Communion Plant.

In the Western and Eastern Mass Rites on the Holy days of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Sacred Basil / TULASI, has been part of the celebrations!


Orthopraxis – Why Basil at the Feast of the Cross?

https://stnicholassaratoga.org › orthopraxis-why-basil-…

Aug 21, 2017 — The herb, basil has long been associated with the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The word “basil” is derived from “Vasileios,” …

Holy Saturday and
JESUS CHRIST’s Harrowing of Hell

Before the Advent of JESUS CHRIST, in the Mediterranean region, the worship of IASAS (YAHU-SHUA / JESUS) ASCLEPIOS was popular and pervasive. There were many versions of his miracle-working stories and various cities vied-for the honor of being his birthplace or home. This kind of proudly competitive ‘localization’ always gave-rise to popular poet-myth-makers and astrologers creating competing ‘canons’ of city-related ‘origin’ myths of very popular ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’.

Thus, for example, the cities of Arsinoe in Egypt claimed IASAS ASCLEPIOS as their own, while other Greeks claimed that IASAS ASCLEPIOS was the fire-born Son of APOLLO and CORONIS. Being fire-born, one of the By-Names of IASAS ASCLEPIOS was IGNATIUS / AGNITAS. He was therefore the All-Purifying Great Physician Son of HELIOS KOUROS (APOLLO / GOPALA) of the ancient healing cult of HELIOS MEGHISTOS KOUROS and RHODA-KORE of Rhodes.

RHODA-KORE and RHODOS-KOUROS were the RODANIM Divine Lovers of Rhodes and the DODANIM Divine Lovers of the Biblical “Song of Songs” in the Jewish Hebrew and Greek Bible (the Christian “Old Testament”). IASAS, YAHU-SHUA was the uniquely Divine Son of HELIOS KOUROS of Rhodes, and He was considered an Incarnation of YAHU / VASU BELOS-THEOS / BALADEVA, or DIONYSOS, the Second Self of the MEGHISTOS (MAHA, Greatest, Original, Supreme) KOUROS of Rhodes, He was BALADEVA as the Second Self, SAN-KARSHANA, of KRISHNA. He was the Sanskrit SAN/SAM, the Greek SYN/SYM and the Latin CON/COM Second Person of the primally revealed HERU-AUSU-ATUM trinity.

The IASAS ASCLEPIOS ‘IGNATIUS’ Son of HELIOS-APOLLO of Rhodes, had His own infernal ‘hell’ related Sacred cult-center, on the volcanic Lemnos-shrine, Rhodes-related island of Kos. The eternally burning underground natural gas flumes / fumes of the small cult island of Kos, were of-course associated with the fire-born By-Name of IASAS ASLCEPIOS as ADNITAS, the ‘Fiery’ IGNATIUS.


Before the actual Advent of JESUS (YAHU SHUA, IASAS ASCLEPIOS) CHRIST, His prophetic worship throughout the region was very complex, with all of His competitive mother-city devotional cults. Was He born from Arsinoe in Egypt, or from CORONIS as She was burning on Her funeral pyre? Or was He born from the miraculous fire of the underworld on Kos, being thus associated with the Jew’s an-iconic ‘Burning Bush’ YAHU-TZABAOTH God on the Holy Mount of Sinai?

The many JESUS related stories of the prophetic IASAS ASCLEPIOS tradition can be summarized thusly.

He was miraculously born of the Supreme ‘Solar’ Father God and a mortal woman.

He was raised by a foster father and taught the healing arts.

He was secretly the Cosmic All-Healing Great Physician.

He could and did raise the dead. This is related-to his association with Sacred Basil / TULASI, as the “Herb of Immortality”, because the aromatic oils of plants of the Sacred Labiatae (Basil-Mint) family can actually revive an unconscious person and restart a stopped heart.

Because He raised the dead, including King Lycurgus (see Lazarus), Hades complained to Zeus Fulgar, demanding that Fulgar (Indra) kill IASAS with his thunder-bolt. Images of this were apparently confounded with those of CHRIST fixed on His Yupa Stake or Cross.

Thus slain IASAS ASCLEPIOS descended to the dead in ‘Hell’ and “Harrowed Hell” releasing / liberating (by manumission) the souls being held captive there.

After His triumph over sin and death, IASAS was resurrected by His Divine Father, HELIOS KOUROS of Rhodes, and was raised to the highest spiritual Heaven to sit at the right hand of His Father, to judge the living and the dead.

This is of-course the Apostolic Catholic story of JESUS CHRIST.

JESUS, fulfilling all of the Afro-Heleno-Semitic prophecies of this World-Savior tradition, then replaced the prophetic worship of IASAS ASCLEPIOS throughout the region.

In Christian theology, the Harrowing of Hell (LatinDescensus Christi ad Inferos, “the descent of Christ into Hell” or Hades) is an Old English and Middle English term referring to the period of time between the Crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection. In triumphant descent, Christ brought salvation to the souls held captive there since the beginning of the world.[1][a]


The Northern Buddhist legend of Avalokitešwara’s descent into the Hell Avîchi.

By Prof. Edward B. Cowell, M.A., Cambridge

He is Risen!!!

Easter Day Offering #1

RHODA (RADHA) as a ‘Mother MARY’s’ handmaid in the Bible

Rhoda (Biblical Greek: ˁΡόδη) is a woman mentioned once in the New Testament. She appears only in Acts 12:12–15. Rhoda was the first person to hear Peter after God freed him from prison, but no one believed her account that Peter was at the door because they knew he had been put in prison and couldn’t believe that he had actually been freed.

Google: Who is Rhoda from the Bible?

Rhoda (whose name means “rose”) was a girl (Biblical Greek: παιδισκη) living in the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark. Many biblical translations state that she was a ‘maid’ or ‘servant girl’. After Peter was miraculously released from prison, he went to the house and knocked on the door.

Greek RODA or RHODA is a linguistic cognate of RADHA.

MARY is RHODA MYSTICA, the Mystical Rose! The milkmaid, RADHA, has a significant role in the Sal Tree Grove, milk-sweet with TULASI offering story, of the enlightenment of the BUDDHA. This tradition of RADHA and Her Vaishnava Mistress is narrated in the English language “The Light of Asia” Mahayana biography of the BUDDHA by Sir Edwin Arnold.

However, many Christians do not realize that similarly, a Maidservant named RHODA (RADHA) appears in the Bible too. After Saint Peter was arrested and imprisoned by the Romans, an Angel released him, and it was RHODA who first recognized Saint Peter and opened the door to him, where the Apostles were hiding in ‘MARY’s’ house.


Rhoda (whose name means “rose[1]) was a girl (Biblical Greek: παιδισκη) living in the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark. Many biblical translations state that she was a ‘maid’ or ‘servant girl’. After Peter was miraculously released from prison, he went to the house and knocked on the door. Rhoda came to answer it, and when she heard Peter’s voice, she was so overjoyed that she rushed to tell the others and forgot to open the door for him. She told the group of Christians who were praying that Peter was there. They did not believe her at first and told her she was “out of her mind.” When she kept insisting that it was Peter, they said, “He is his angel.” Yet Peter kept on knocking, and eventually, they opened the door for him.

See also: https://www.bibleversestudy.com/acts/acts12-rhoda.htm

There are multiple ‘MARYs’ (or MARIAMs) in the Catholic (Christian) Bible. These are NARI-NARAYANIs. Like the Name of JUNO, MARINA, these feminine Names were from the root M/NHR and meant ‘of the water’ or the Holy River(s), see Hebrew NHRYM / NAHARAIM. Thus the Name ‘MARY’ was not from the Hebrew root meaning ‘bitter’, as some modern scholars have claimed.

When 3 MARYs are depicted in the categories of the maiden, mother and crone together, these may have referenced the HEKATE triad SHAKTIs / SHEKINAH of the Mystical Rose RHODA / RADHA, Mother SHAKTI / NARAYANI and the feminine soul-self Hebe / Heva / Eve / Jiva.

MARY in Her Maiden (KORE NYMPHIA, GOPI Form) was RHODA MYSTIKA, the Mystical Rose. In the great Catholic Cathedrals, it is MARY’S rose window, through which the living light of CHRIST, streams onto the altar. Her rose window represents MARY as the Mystical Rose, through whose “Perfect Yes”, God, as JESUS CHRIST, entered the World!

Some scholars have said that the triple MARYs in art represent MARY as the (HEKATE) grandmother, (hag or wise women or saintly ancestor), the Marian Mother THEOTOKOS, and the maiden girl, (the virgin RHODA-NYMPHIA or KORE).

MARY’s triumph over all of the other ‘City Goddesses’ (TYCHE-FORTUNAs) that were claimed to be the Mother of IASAS ASCLEPIOS (JESUS), also established His Divine Fatherhood. MARY as THEOTOKOS, the Mother of God, proved her superior status over all of the other city-patroness so-called ‘goddesses’ of that degraded mundane polytheistic mythological and astrological era.

MARY-MARIAM (JUNO MARINA in Rome), NARI-NARAYANI, was not just another so-called goddess, She was BETH-EL (Egyptian HET-HERU, the East’s HARI-KUTI) the ‘Hut’ or House of God / HARI.

She was the Mother of the Supreme All-Saving Son of God, IASAS / YAHU-SHUA / JESUS. She was the ever-virgin (KORE NYMPHIA) Mother of the All-Saving ‘Great Physician’ of Rhodes, Kos, Epidaurus and everywhere else!

All praise to MARY as RHODA MYSTICA the ever virgin Mystical Rose! All praise to MARY as the Incarnate SHEKINAH, the beloved of the DODANIM, Queen Sabbath of Her Sabbatine Privilege, and Mother of God / YAHU Incarnate! She reveals the Son of God to us! All praise to MARY, who is the aged wise counselor of the Diksha Disciples of the Supreme Lord JESUS CHRIST, who takes-away the sins of the World!

All praise, honor and exceptional worship (Hyperdulia) to MARY as the Holy Triad of the virgin, mother and wise crone. As the wise crone spiritual mother (see PURNAMASI and YOGA MAYA) She is the all-in-one HEKATE Hexad SHAKTI (SHEKINAH) of the Most Holy Trinity of Afro-Egyptian HERU-AUSU-ATUM / Greek Rhodian Heliopolis HELI-OS-ATOMOS / Biblical Hebrew ELI-YAHU-ADON!

Easter Day Offering #2

JESUS CHRIST’s Holy Fire in Hymns and San-Kirtans / Con-Certs

See the San-Kirtan Con-Certs at the Holy Sepulcher, when the devotees are shouting-for the miraculous appearance of JESUS as His Holy Spirit manifest ‘Holy Fire’!

In Orthodox Christian belief, the Holy Fire (Greek: Ἃγιον Φῶς, “Holy Light“, armenian “Սուրբ Լոյս”) is a proposed miracle that occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, the day before Orthodox Easter. However, the authenticity of the miracle has long been disputed.[1]


Holy Fire (Greek: Ἃγιον Φῶς, “Holy Light“), is Agion PHOS. In English PHO, as in Photo, means light. In Sanskrit this is AGNI as BHAS / BHA / Chinese FO, as associated with the Pure Land Buddhist PHOS / PHO / BHA Name of the Buddhist AMITA-BHA, who is the supreme, infinite and eternal “Light of the World”! JESUS is the PHO “Light of God” and the PHO “Light of the World”.

Google: What are the words of the Holy Fire Chants being sung before the Fire comes out?

The “Tongues of Flame” over the heads of JESUS CHRIST’s Diksha Disciples revealed that they were filled with His Holy Spirit!

This Holy Spirit connection has even been retained in many Protestant Hymns.

JESUS CHRIST’s Holy Fire in Protestant Hymns http://len-seekingthelord.blogspot.com/…/songs-of-holy…

See last year’s offering here!

He is Risen Indeed!!!

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