Animal Theophanies of the ‘Hidden’ God


This video is an excellent linguistic analysis of some of the traditional Christian Holy Name abbreviations that were used by ancient scribes. But sadly the scholar misses the entire HELIOS DELPHINOS / MATSYA, Sumerian EA ‘Fish Cult’, Levantine DAGON SA HARRI, Biblical Noah’s Ark, Greek ‘Noah’ Deucalion-Crete connection with Roman MERIMUS, Greek NEREUS as the MER-MAN form of God, and the WHALE-DOLPHIN-NAR-WHAL connections.

To see the MATSYA’s FIN Peak in the Himalayas, see my 1982 photo of MACCHA PUCHARA, which I took from the traditional Holy Birthplace of Srila Veda Vyasadeva, which is the (now) Nepalese village of Pokhara.

See also the related MAN-FISH art forms of VISHNU as MATSYA, the Pure Land and Tantric Buddhist MACCHENDRANATH or MACCHA LOKESHVARA form, which is related to His Puchara Mountain ‘FIN’ related Fish-Form of BUDDHA LOKESHVARA, the West Semitic DAGON ‘FISH GOD‘, and ‘JONAH’ depicted as emerging from the ‘MOUTH OF THE WHALE’, confounded with NEREUS or MARIMUS as the original MER-MAN etc.

Compare the MACCHA PUCHARA ‘MATSYA’s FIN’ peak in the Himalayas with MACHU PICCHU and the Lake ‘MANU’ Andean ‘Flood Stories.’ 

As KRISHNA-VISHNU is MATSYA, KOUROS HELI-OS of Rhodes and Crete is DELPHINOS (DOLPHIN). One of the greatest centers of early HELIOS-APOLLO and DIONYSOS worship was at Delphi. Greek ‘DELPHA’ is cognate with Sanskrit ‘GARBHA’ meaning Womb. The Navel Axis Mundi of the Universe was thought to be in Delphi, where clearly GARBHA / DELPHA DAKSAYI VISHNU was worshiped. His cultus was connected to the tradition of HELIOS-PHANES of Egypt, which depicted PHANES (BRAHMA) as first appearing on the Universal Lotus Blossom arising out of the Navel Lotus-Stem from the ‘hidden’ ‘HAP’ APA, HYP-SUB, WATER and ABBA FATHER pun water symbol of the body of the Reclining NHR / NAHARIAM / MIZRAIM God ‘NILUS’ of the NILE, and the ‘MARIMUS’ Reclining ‘FATHER’ Form of all of the other Sacred ‘Rivers’ or Oceans from ‘Heaven’. The Roman JUPITER MARIMUS, like GARBODAKSAYI VISHNU, was traditionally depicted as Reclining.

DELPHIA as the Navel or Womb of the Universe was no-doubt the center of the Greek devotional cultus of the NARAYAN-Lotus-Stem HELIOS-PHANES (BRAHMA) school of the Egyptian NILUS (NHL / NILE), NARA-YANA tradition. We Gaudiya-related Vaishnavas consider our Sampradaya Discipline / Diksha tradition to be historically derived from this specific NARAYANA-BRAHMA-SURYA Lineage of Divine Revelation. This NILUS (or MARIMUS)-HELIOS PHANES-‘Solar’ HELIOS (SURYA NARAYANA) teaching lineage tradition is at the core of the Judeo-Catholic and Brahma Sampradayas of Vaishnavism and Pure Land Buddhism. Thus all of the most detailed and astonishing parallels that can be found in these great Bhakti traditions are because of their common historical revelatory origins.

The Sacred DOLPHIN or WHALE was anciently known as the Womb-Fish. This ‘Fish’ was confounded with other great Fish too. The simplest form of the ‘Fish‘ symbol discussed in this video was also used to represent MATSYA AVATARA in the East!

I have also seen this symbol called ‘Timi’ and confused with the East’s Giant ‘Timingila’ Fish. Still, this ‘FISH‘ symbol can be seen on the bodies of KRISHNA-VISHNU’s AVATARAS, commonly on the Lord’s Feet, as one of the ‘Marks of the VISHNU-tattva PURUSHA’. This is the common ‘MATSYAFISH symbol that is used in the collection of the symbols of KRISHNA-VISHNU’s ‘Ten AVATARS’.

One section of my 1982 multivolume series was devoted the Supreme Lord as the Saviour God of the ‘MARITIME’ tradition of the Great Flood Story.

Flood Myth “The flood-myth motif occurs in many cultures as seen in: the Mesopotamian flood stories, manvantara-sandhya in Hinduism, the Gun-Yu in Chinese mythologyDeucalion and Pyrrha in Greek mythology, the Genesis flood narrativeBergelmir in Norse mythology, flood during the time of Nuh (Noah) of Qur’an, the arrival of the first inhabitants of Ireland with Cessair in Irish mythology, in parts of Polynesia such as Hawaii, the lore of the K’iche’ and Maya peoples in Mesoamerica, the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa tribe of Native Americans in North America, the Muisca and Cañari Confederation in South AmericaAfrica, and some Aboriginal tribes in Australia.”


Although the story of Noah in the Hebrew Bible has become the most well-known flood myth in Western culture, it shows the influence of earlier narratives from Mesopotamia. The nineteenth-century Assyriologist George Smith first translated a Babylonian account of a great flood, and further discoveries produced several versions of the Mesopotamian flood myth; the version closest to that in the Book of Genesis (c. 6th century BC) appeared in a 700 BC Babylonian copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Many scholars believe that this account was copied from the Akkadian Atra-Hasis, which dates to the 18th century BC. In the Gilgamesh flood myth, the highest god, Enlil, decides to destroy the world with a flood because humans have become too noisy. The god Ea, who had created humans out of clay and divine blood, secretly warns the hero Utnapishtim of the impending flood and gives him detailed instructions for building a boat so that life may survive. Both the Epic of Gilgamesh and Atra-Hasis are preceded by the similar Sumerian creation myth (c. 1600 BC)—the oldest surviving example of such a flood-myth narrative, known from tablets found in the ruins of Nippur in the late 1890s and translated by Arno Poebel.

MATSYA MAN-FISH ‘MER MAN’ / NEREUS forms and ‘Fish symbols’; KRISHNA’S Foot Fish Symbol ; BRAHMA from Reclining VISHNU [NARAYANA ‘OF WATER’] Navel; Nilus (mythology); HELIOS as PHANES from the HELIOS-worshiping Orphic tradition

PHANES was a deity of light and goodness, whose name meant “to bring light” or “to shine”; a first-born god of light who emerged from a void or a watery abyss OF HAP-NHL / MR / NHR, NHRYM, NAHARIAM / NARAYANA and gives birth to the universe.

HAP is the important Egyptian ‘hidden’ pun name for the WATER (Sanskrit APA DEVA) and the inconceivable HYP and SUB Transcendent and Immanent, Over and Under, Outside Upper, Epi and Within, Covering and Covered, Hiding and Hidden Supreme Personality of Godhead. His most important by-name in Egypt was His ‘NILE’ NHL / MHR (Later MZR and NZR) names. This Holy Name was the root of His Greek name NILUS (the NILE River) and NEREUS (of the Mediterranean Sea.). It was also the root of all of the water and sea related names of JUPITER MAR-IMUS, JUNO MARINA, NEREUS as the MER-MAN, and all ‘MARINE’ words. NARA in Sanskrit means both WATER and MAN. NARI mean woman. NAAR in Hebrew means a young man, a KOUROS. NAARI means a KORE. NHR means WATER in Hebrew. This is the same root as NHL in Egypt. MR / MAR and later MZR are cognates, as is the later NZR of the ‘NAZIRITE’, NAZAREAN or MIKVEOTH or Baptism Tradition.

The Holy ‘P/B HYP / SUB name of God is His simultaneously inconceivable transcendent-immanent ‘Bigger than the Biggest’ and ‘Smaller than the Smallest’ Holy Name. Hyper or super / supreme and sub words come from this ‘P/B root. The hieroglyph for this Deity name, commonly rendered as ‘HAP’ or ‘HAPI’ in Egypt, is two angle lines, one over the other. This over and under symbol also forms the throne of HAP-AMUN, the Hiding and Hidden Supreme God of Egypt. Any Deity seated on this throne is a form or KA / Buddhist Sanskrit KAYA of HAP. HAP is also the NHL Water NILE God, see Sanskrit APA DEVA. As the father of the gods, His name is also the PA and ABBA pun name.

In Egypt, HELIOS PHANES with 4 heads and 4 arms appears seated cross-legged on the Primordial Lotus Flower that arises from the Supreme ‘Hidden God’, ‘P / HAP (NILUS). See also the Vedic Era ‘Water God’ APA DEVA, who is the always-reclining form of the Heliopolitan Egyptian Cosmic Waters God. In another Egyptian form this Nile Deity is androgynous, with a half male and half female body, standing with His / Her symbol of unification, symbolizing the Nile’s unity of Upper and Lower Egypt, meaning the religious and political unity of the Upper Theban and Lower Heliopolitan (and Memphite) HERU-AUSU-ATUM / ATEN traditions. In both traditions, it is HELIOS as PHANES that appears on the Primordial Lotus born from the Supreme ‘Hidden’ God of the Nile. This Lotus-Born form of HELIOS is the BRAHMA form of VISHNU. Not a mere ‘Jiva Soul’ Brahma.

In my travels, in museum collections, I have seen amazing Egyptian stone reliefs of this form of the Lord, HERU-AUSU-ATUM. These have been identified as HELIOS PHANES. In studying the HELIOS-worshipping Religion of Orphism, I have positively been able to identify the ‘first born’ form of PHANES with the Lotus-Born form of HELIOS / HERU-AUSU in Egypt.

The by name of the Sacred Isle of Rhodes is NYMPHIA, meaning Lotus (and Virgin). A Lotus, Rose or Star was the symbol of this Isle Sacred to HELIOS, so this Lotus symbol ties the cultus of HELIOS PHANES to the Isle of NYMPHAEA or Lotus.


Forms of the Ram-Headed Creator God HERU-AUSU as KHNUM, KRITA-KRITA, KARTRI or VISHVA KARMAN and as HARPOCRATES were also common.

Further regarding HELIOS PHANES on the Triple Lotus Throne

Note the common Egyptian water symbol (NOT ‘IN A COFFIN!’) that the primordial Lotus arises out of. This wavy or zigzag water symbol represents HAP (HAPI or APA) the Supreme (NHL) Nile Deity. The Primordial Lotus grows from the Navel of the sometimes Androgynous standing HAP NHR KE figure.

The Triple Lotus is very important and represents the Supreme Lord NYMPHOS as Time by depicting His Nymphia Triple Lotus as yesterday, today and tomorrow. His Sacred Lotus blossomed one day. Then it was closed the next. The Triple Lotus depicts the closed blossom of yesterday, the open blossom of today, and the tight bud of tomorrow. The Lord seated on or above this Triple Lotus throne was HERU-AUSU / HELIOS / ELIYAHU as the Lord of All Time / the Triple World of Past, Present and Future.

He, like TRI-OPES ZEUS or TRI-OCULOS HELIOS or TRI-AKSHA SHIVA KALAH, LORD NARA HARI KALAH, is the Lord and Viewer of the Three Worlds of Time; Past, Present and Future. These are also the realms of the Dead / Hells, the Living (Earths) and the Future Heavens. Because TRI-OCCULOS / TRI-AKSHA Sees and ‘Judges’ the ‘Dead’ or their ‘Hells’, He is sometimes called the ‘Infernal’ ZEUS-JUPITER or HADES.

The Lotus-Sitting form of HERU-AUSU / HELIOS / ELIYAHU wears His specific crowns and holds His scepters, revealing the details of His worshiper’s cultus. His shepher’s crook is an Osirian symbol of the Orphic APOLLO-HELIOS the Good (Compassionate) Cowherd and Shepherd. His flail is a chariot driver’s noise making, loud snapping ‘whip’ that identifies Him with HELIOS QUADRIGOS, who is Krishna as PARTHA SARATHI, Arjuna’s 4 horse chariot driver, in His Bhagavad Gita Self-Revelation.

His shaved head with a sidelock of childhood and His finger to His mouth identifies Him as HARPOCRATES (HERU-AUSU the Butter Thief).

His HERU-AUSU NAGA ‘Crown’ determinative identifies Him as HERU-AUSU, and as HERU revealed or ‘supported’ by His Serpent of Infinity, OCEANOS / ANANTA ASHAYANA. ASHAYANA is ANANTA DEVA as the resting place or couch of VISHNU that holds-up the world. In the Mediterranean region, He was depicted two ways, either as the raised-up Egyptian Cobra URAEUS holding the circle glyph or the Globe (Sanskrit GOLA) for HERU, and all of the planets and stars on His head(s), or as the serpentine tail-biting OKEANOS / OCEAN surrounding and thus holding-up the world / Earth planet.

Notably the rearing URAEUS Cobra with HERU and the globular / GOLA planets on His head, is also His pre-atlas form of the many headed serpent, holding up the Earth, in Mar’s Grove.

The beauty of Lunar New Year celebrations around the world, in photos
Lastly see HARPOCRATES on the Primordial Lotus holding the noise-making chariot ‘whip’ of HELIOS QUADRIGOS, and wearing the OSIRIAN compound crown. This distinctive crown can also be seen in Paragard Persia, on the Murti of Cyrus the Great’s divine Fravashi! I have traced this VISHNU ‘Crown of many Crowns’ to Meroe / Kush in Africa and all of the way to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Of course, He is also seen as un-ending AN-ANTA SESHA NAGA in His various OUROBOROS and infinity symbols. See the rearing cobra ‘S’ character and the end of Greek words. And He is the serpent throne NAGASANA of MUCHALINDA BUDDHA. He is also seen coiling around the body of ZURVAN or KRONOS-SATURNUS and as the legs of HEKA in Egypt. In icons of Lord NARA HARI, He can be seen as His NAGASANA throne or coiling about His lion-headed alter-form. Thus He is the inseparable ‘Serpent of Infinity‘ or eternal alter-form of HERU-AUSU / HELI-OS / ELI-YAHU / HARI VASUDEVA as NARA HARI, Lion-Headed Time / KALAH.

As made obvious by my previous FB montage regarding this subject, the OUROBOROS un-ending form of ‘S’ is used before the end of Greek words and the Sesha ‘end’ or ‘remainder’ rearing cobra form is used at the end of Greek words. This kind of scribe’s letter symbol sound or word-play is a leftover from the times when scribes used pictorial puns in their hieroglyphic or picture writing.

The 2 forms of the Naga (Hebrew Nachash) sepent’s (sarpana’s) SSSSSS Sesha (Hissssing) sound letter ‘S’ identify Him as first AN-ANTA Un-Ending and then as the End or Sesha ‘remainder’. The rearing cobra form of the letter ‘S’ at the end of Greek words, has come-through into English as our familiar ‘S’.

What is the letter S in ancient Greek? Sigma (σ, ς):There are two forms for the letter Sigma. When written at the end of a word, it is written like this: ς. This is the rearing cobra or uraeus form of the letter.

Why does Greek have two S’s?
Why are there two lower case sigmas in the Greek alphabet? – Quora.

Originally the Greek language had only Upper case letters. Lower case letters are a later invention for convenience in writing.

Sigma σ S the lower case Ouroboros related AN-ANTA Un-Ending form of Sigma S that used before the end of a Greek word.

SEE Why are there two lower case sigmas in the Greek alphabet

During the Chinese and other Asian new year’s festival procession dances. Lord ANANTA DEVA is the Serpentine ‘Dragon’ that accompanies the ‘Man-Lion‘ of Time, who eats the sins of the crowd, especially the naughty children, and blesses them to have another year of life.

This is the opposite of the Tamasic late ‘myth’ of Father Time (KRONOS) devouring ZEUS of His children! This whole ‘Lion Headed Time devouring His children’ tradition, realized both as a Sattvic blessing, as in the Chinese Buddhist new year’s festival, and grossly misunderstood as a Tamasic horror, is derived from the Bhagavad Gita revelation of SRI KRISHNA-VISHNU as Lion-Headed KALAH PURUSHA, Universal Time, devouring His creation.

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