Closer US-India Ties are Something to Celebrate


10929148_10152742087342858_1626107631959599264_nDivide and conquer has been the strategy that militant atheistic Communism as a global force has used to back Islamists in India and elsewhere to agitate and destabilize the free theistic and non-Islamic Nations that it wanted to overthrow. Communism and its hidden support for the Islamists and atheistic Sri Lankan Theravadin Buddhists in India has been disasterous for India. That this occult alliance between militantly atheistic Communism, militant Islam and Atheistic Theravadin Buddhism exists may amaze some, but the fact is that one of the first rules in warfare is that ‘My enemy’s enemy is my friend’. Both Communism and Sri Lankan Theravadin Buddhism are militantly atheistic. Militant Islam is violently iconoclastic and thus more compatible with atheism and extreme iconoclastic ‘Hindu’ Impersonalism than it is with any form of INCARNATIONAL or Icon-venerating Bhakti Tradition Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism or cCatholic Apostolic Christianity.

Thus Communism, Atheistic so-called ‘Hinduism’, Atheistic Buddhism and fanatical Iconoclastic Islam are natural allies against all of the Great Bhakti Traditions of Humanity that all “Love the Lord’s Appearing”. That these anti-Incarnation groups all historically have utter disdain and contempt for the Bhakti Traditions that all have various doctrines of INCARNATION and PRASADAM, should not surprise anyone. The 5th of these aggressive Global Hostile Forces attacking the Great Bhakti Incarnational Traditions is far-right ICONOCLASTIC ‘Idol-Smashing’ anti-cCatholic Protestantism. ALL of these groups, the ‘Idol’ hating Protestants and Muslims, the atheistic Communists and Buddhists and yes the Atheistic ‘idol hating’ ‘Hindus’ too, are the historical Global Adversaries of their hated ‘idol-worshiping’ Enemies which are the Incarnation-Loving Great Bhakti Traditions, including those of ‘Hindu’ India and elsewhere.

What Humanity has needed is a Global Revival of the Great Bhakti Traditions and a strong coalition of those Peoples representing the Great Bhakti Traditions. Historically Pure Land related Bhakti Buddhism was the dominant form of Buddhism, and this should be revived throughout its former range, and united by common history to the Great Bhakti Traditions of India, Oceana and the West, including Africa, Europe and the Western Hemisphere. Such an alliance will be needed to defeat the forces of atheism and iconoclastic impersonalism that are devastating Humanity and the Earth Herself. Globally the vast mass of humanity is made up of ‘people of color’ and these people tend to be “Lovers of the Lord’s Appearing”. However, historically the non-Hindus who have considered themselves to be RACIAL ARYANS have been iconoclasts (‘Idol-Smashers’) impersonalists and atheists. Thus for example, consider that the extremely Aryanist Racist ‘White’ Sinhalese Buddhists of Sri Lanka are among the most atheistic Buddhists in the World. Like the Nazi-Allied White Russians, Arabs and Persians, the Sinhalese Aryanists were avid fans of Hitler and Allies of the Third Reich.

A final note about the current overt and covert state of Global alliances is that such occult Racist Aryanism is STILL a pervasive force to be considered, which has its roots in the rise of pre-Communist Russian Imperialism and which is deeply rooted in Russian Orthodoxy and Arab-Iranian Aryanist Islam. As a result of the end of the Soviet Union, the Russian Orthodox Church, with its new CZAR Putin, has been reclaiming its former power, and with this it has been returning to its old pre-Soviet Racist Aryanism and Anti-Semitism. Along with the politically far-right Russian Orthodox Church, the far-right of Protestant Christianity also has ties to Racist Aryanism. People who simplistically identify Racist Aryanism with the Hindu Nationalism Movement in India, do not realize what Global Racist Aryanism actually IS. Such Racist Aryanism is a GLOBAL Phenomenon that acquired the ‘Aryan’ label in India, but was never exclusively a social pathology native to India. Instead if we objectively study Global History, we can see that ‘White’ Racism (lighter-skin elitism) has been a pox on much of humanity throughout time. The truth is that the Religion of Mohammed was profoundly racist from it beginning. We can study this in the Moorish civilization of Andalusia, which was NOT racially integrated as the Muslims like to claim today. The truth is that the Arab Royalty there in-bred to keep their Mohammedan ‘Blood’ pure. In their military culture, the Black Berbers and other Africans were used as foot soldiers and the Calvary and Officers were Arab as much as possible. Their whole Iberian Civilization was stratified according to race, and this Racial Caste System was what came to the Americas with the Conquistadors. The Muslim Invaders of India also promoted this same racial stratification of society EVERY PLACE that they conquered, and it is still persisting World-wide today. Again, most people do NOT understand that the Muslim Royalty World-Wide imagine themselves TO BE RACIAL ARYANS. Before World War One the Proto-Nazi White Russian and Anglo-Germanic Nobility were promoting their alliances with the Arab and Persian Racist Aryan Nobility. Around the World the Racist Aryanists were forming alliances with not only the Racist Aryanists in India and Sri Lanka, but those in the rest of the World too.

Where does such Racist Aryanism have an historical influence in Catholicism? It still exists in the ‘White’ Racism of Spanish and Portuguese Culture in the old ‘White’ Arab Slave-Trading Muslim Culture of the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas. Most people do not realize that the Arab, Persian and Iberian Royalty and the Sinhalese Theravadin Buddhists of Sri Lanka consider themselves to be Master Race Aryans. Now, one must face the historical fact that the Royalty of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Northern European (Anglo-Germanic) Protestants, the Arab and Persian Muslims, the formerly Arab Muslims of Spain and Portugal, and the ruling Class of Sri Lanka have ALL considered themselves to be Master Race Aryans. That these peoples have also been covert and overt historical allies in their Racist Aryanism must be factored-in to the Global understanding of who are actual enemies and who are natural allies. Atheists, God-denying Impersonalists and Iconoclasts are natural allies. ‘White’ Racists are natural allies. These consider themselves to be superior to the masses of the darker-skinned ‘idolatrous’ Devotees of the World, that they consider to be ignorant savages. Really the rest of Humanity needs to wake-up to the reality of the Global relationship between these anti-God and Racist Forces. Of course now there is a Global Reactionary Movement of Black Racism afflicting Humanity too!

Divide and Conquer

Preventing an alliance between the USA and India has been a top priority for both the Global Atheists and the Global Racist Aryanists for a long time. So, closer ties between the USA and India are something to celebrate. Jaya Mother India! May the East and West finally become WISE Allies for the benefit of all Humanity!

About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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