Rama’s wounding Crown of Arrows in relation to the Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ


10615376_10152588720438640_6257324977204245254_nRavana Gives Rama a ‘Crown of Thorns’

“Then Ravana, who caused people to cry, used his hands to shoot a wreath of steel arrows into Rama’s forehead. Rama bore on His head that wreath released from Ravana’s dreadful bow. It shone like a blue lotus flower and Rama was undisturbed by it.” Valmiki Ramayana Yuddha Kanda, Ch 99

Above Vrndavan Brannon Parker has made a Post about a Vaishnava Scriptural Source for HARI as Rama being depicted as having a crown of arrows. In light of the MANY Eastern Vaishnavism related Scriptural and Iconographic Traditions in the Mediterranean Bhakti Traditions, a connection between this description of RAMA with a wounding Crown of Arrows shot by His Adversary SHOULD be studied in relationship to the Crown of Thorns on Jesus Christ’s Head.

In fact there are several traditions regarding Jesus Christ’s Crown of Thorns that I have already researched (decades ago) and written about in depth (elsewhere). In one His Crown of Thorns is made of Acacias or pseudo-Acacius thorns and in another it is made of Bram-Bolos. Both of these plants are very sacred to Krishna-Vishnu! Elsewhere I have written a lot about the family of the SAL TREE being very sacred to Krishna-Vishnu and the Buddha of the Pure Land Buddhist Tradition, WHO IS HARI, BHAGAVAN, ADI PURUSHA, PUROSOTTAMA etc.

Helios / HERU-AUSU / HARI-VASU with His Radiant Crown, on the Rhodon coin of RHODA / RADHA of Rhodes.

Helios / HERU-AUSU / HARI-VASU with His Radiant Crown, on the Rhodon coin of RHODA / RADHA of Rhodes.

I have also written extensively about the family of the BRAM-BOLOS or ‘Brambles’, the BLACKBERRIES that were used to DYE THE SKIN OF THE CHOSEN YOUTH or ANOINTED KING REPRESENTING THE SUPREME LORD HELIOS KOUROS IN ANCIENT FESTIVALS. By some Ancients the Bramble BLACKBERRY BUSH was considered TABOO in Europe. By Jews it was thought to be the Burning Bush of EXODUS that the Supreme Lord chose for His OWN Revelation! In the East it has been called the KRISHNA berry, because it is the BLACK berry Bush sacred to HARI as KRISHNA.

A third ‘Crown of Thorns’ Tradition is due to HARI’s Icon or Murti wearing His RADIANT CROWN. This RADIANT Crown is uniquely HIS and was generally not seen on ANY OTHER ‘DEITY’ except HARI-VASU / HELI-OS / HERU-AUSU or ELI-YAHU. The ‘Solar’ SURYAS / SOLEUS is a Variant Form of HELIOS / HR-AUS ‘HORUS’. The RAYS of the Radiant Crown were drawn or actually molded or cast of golden metal and sometimes inserted into the Head of the Stone Murti of the Lord. Murti’s of HELIOS have been found with the holes where His Golden Rays projected from His Head. Whatever metal His Rays were made of in such Murtis, iconoclasts or just robbers have removed from these ancient Murtis. However because of His picture on coins, amulets and in stone reliefs and paintings, we know what His Radiant Crowns looked like. Perhaps to someone these might have even looked like a ring of arrows around His Head!

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This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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