Balarama, Khonsu and the Moon


10644806_10152403302972858_1937590574603549027_nTo begin to understand this complicated subject, we can start with what is mentioned in this wiki article.

“Khonsu (alternately Chonsu, Khensu, Khons, Chons or Khonshu) is an Ancient Egyptian god whose main role was associated with the moon. His name means “traveller” and this may relate to the nightly travel of the moon across the sky. Along with Thoth he marked the passage of time. Khonsu was instrumental in the creation of new life in all living creatures. At Thebes he formed part of a family triad with Mut as his mother and Amun his father. At Kom Ombo he was worshipped as son of Sobek and Hathor.[1]”

The Lunar-related regional CHN or KHN Name of the Supreme Lord YAHU-SM/N YAHU-SOMA (Egyptian IAH, Sumerian EA, Vedic-Vaishnava YA, AH, AS, VAS, VISH, USH etc.) was cognate with the CHANdra of the East. The words CANDLE and CHANDRA are linguistically related or ‘cognates’. As the Golden SUN HARI lights up the external world of the DAY, the White or Silver MOON lights up the otherwise dark Night and the INTERNAL WORLD of the MIND. Thus BL-YAHU-SM/N (Baladeva Vasudeva as SOMA) is both the Lord Who Lights up the Dark Night of the external World, and He is also the Lord Who ENLIGHTENS THE INTERNAL MIND AND SOUL-SELF OF HUMANITY. In this capacity HE is the Original and only Internal Enlightener and Spiritual Master of Humanity. It is HE Who gives us INTERNAL VISION and WISDOM, behind our eyelids, inside of our minds where the light of the SUN cannot shine! He is thus the Lord of memory and imagination, of reason and of all mental processes.

For some of His other attributes, let us consider His Icon above…

He is FIRST the Eternally KOUROS ‘HUMAN’ YOUTH. Thus He has His Youthful Form with His long KOUROS sidelock of hair. See my Tonsure Album here on facebook for more on this ‘Side lock of Youth’. The tied-on symbolic Beard that He is wearing identifies Him with the ‘Ancient of Days’ and Prajapati FATHER of Creation. The Lunar Determinative ‘crown’ on His Head is the Bouvine ‘Horns of the Moon’ that identifies Him with YAHU-BL as the BL-SOMA Lunar Lord of Jericho, and the Egyptian HAP-AUSAR-PTAH APIS BULL of Heliopolis and Memphis. This Lunar Crown also identifies Him with His Lunar-related Shakti (HEXAD / Hekate / Sekhet / SHEKINAH) as HET-HERU (HAT-HOR / Hathor) as BETH-EL (Mary as the ‘House of God’). His Green, Blue or Blackish etc. Bodily Colors variously identify Him with His Water, Day and Night Sky, Vegetal and Earth Manifestations. His decorated HERU Eyes often invoke His EKA / ECHAD ‘Uchat’ Eye Symbols of Oneness and Emanation. To understand these Symbols, see how the Symbol for EKA is incorporated into the IMMANENT OMNIPRESENT ALL-SEEING EYES of HARI as AVALOKITESHVARA in Pure Land and related Tantric Buddhism in Nepal and Tibet (See my photos of the famous Swyambhunatha and Bodhinatha Stupas in Nepal).

As the Lord of the Dead (see the Self-Sacrificed Purusha of the Rig Vedic Purusha Sukta), Shiva as Shava and Corpus Christi, He wears His Mummy’s Shroud, which covers the Hidden Mysteries of His Death and Resurrection. Like His Moon Cow-Horns Crown, His Menat Chest plate or necklace also connected Him to His Shakti as the Lunar ‘HATHOR’. He Holds the WAS Septre of the Supreme WASU DIOS of Thebes. His Southern Egyptian CapitaL City of Thebes was called WST / VASTU in Egyptian and DIOS-POLIS-MAGNUS by the Greeks. DIOS-POLIS-MAGNUS is DEVA-PURUSHA-MAHA or the City of MAHA-DEVA-PURUSHA. The great Religious Schism that sometimes divided Unified Egypt between the Devotees of the Theban Alliances and the Devotees of the Heliopolitan Alliances was between the pantheism-related impersonalism that developed among the Ethiopian Shiva and Rama related Traditions of the South (the Theban Schools of Vaishnavism) and the Krishna-Balarama-Vishnu related Traditions of the North, in the Rhodian Schools of Vaishnavism. The closer Rhodian-related Schools, like those of the Kouros Helios worshiping Greeks, the Biblical Semites and the Heliopolitan (and later Alexandrian) Northern Egyptians tended to retain their Monotheistic Personalism longer than those Schools of the South. When AkhenAten did his best to revive the original HERU-AUSU-ATUM Monotheism of much earlier Heliopolis AND Thebes, the Mayavadi Priesthood of Thebes at that time strongly opposed him. After they possibly murdered his son, Akhenaten responded with repressive measures against the Mayavadis who were so arrogant as to oppose their own Anointed Pharaoh and to try to murder him and his family. To escape this revolt in Thebes, he built a new Capital City at Amarna, reviving PERSONALIST HERU-AUSU-ATEN / ATUM (ATUM / ATON-RA / ATEN = PARAM-ATM/N) WORSHIP THERE. As the Dynastic Ruler of Thebes, AkhenAten never renounced the important Worship of Khonsu there, but sought to restore the understanding that ALL of the original Egyptian ‘Gods’ of the North and South Helios-related Alliances were FORMS of the SAME GOD, HERU-AUSU-ATUM / ATEN.

In this Icon of Khon-SHU, He is missing His White Plume Hieroglyph of the Universal SAVior SHU, (Compare Greek SOter with Hebrew and Sanskrit SHUA and SHUD). But He is holding other Universal Savior Septres besides His WASU-dios Vasudeva Septre. These are His AUSU / AUSAR (Osiris) ANKH CROSS Septre, His Djed ‘Pillar’ Form, His Shepard’s Herding crook of Ausar, and His Chariot-driver’s Flail (a noise maker) of Helios Quadrigos, KRISHNA PARTHA SARATHI. See the ‘Loop’ on the top of His DJED ‘Pillar’-topped long WAS Septre. The Egyptian DJED ‘Pillar’ or Tree (Brahmman Daru Jagannatha) of Egypt and the Biblical Levant is definitely Lord Jagannath, Who was worshiped in that Region with His ‘Brother’ BL DIOS (Dionysos) and His Shakti as His Sister Sekmet or Artemis (Subhadra). Together He, His Brother and Sister (Kouros Helios, Dionysos and Artemis) were worshiped as the Djed Pillars just the same as Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra.

The bottom of this WAS septre has a similar symbol on it to the bottom of the Egyptian SMA (Sym, Syn, Con, Com, Sanskrit SAM/N) Symbol for Unity.

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