The Red Rose of Rhoda

Rhodos, Islands off Caria, c. 350 - 300 B.C. Rhodos was the goddess of the island of Rhodes, the wife of Helios, and the daughter of Aphrodite and Poseidon, Just as Lakshmi is the daughter of Ocean as well.

Rhodos, Islands off Caria, c. 350 – 300 B.C. Rhoda was the goddess of the island of Rhodes, the wife of Helios, and the daughter of Aphrodite and Poseidon, Just as Lakshmi is the daughter of Ocean as well.

On Their Sacred Isle of Rhodes They were called RHODA and RHOD-OS, HALIA and HELI-OS, KORE and KOUR-OS, ASTERIA and ASTER-OS , NYMPHIA and NYMPHOS. These ‘gendered’ Name elements are very important in many languages. The -A masculine or -I feminine (Gopa or Gopi) endings in Sankrit Names have equivalents in Greek and Latin. All Greek MASCULINE NAMES like HELI-OS, KOUR-OS, RHOD-OS etc. should end in OS, meaning God Who IS the Primal Pur-Usha / POLIEUS / Egyptian PER-AUSU. Most of the Male Greek and Roman ‘gods’ Names end in -OS or -US identifying Them ALL as FORMS of AUSAR / OSiris!

MASCULINE ‘BEING-WHO-IS’ SUFFIXES on the ends of compound Deity and Theophoric Names identify YAHU / VASU-DEVA AS THE (masculine) BEING-WHO-IS. Thus the HERU-AUSU Holy Name compounds God’s Primal LOVE / HR Name, with His Revelatory BEING NAME to give us the Holy Names of GOD-WHO-IS_ LOVE …ELI-YAHU, ELOAH, ALLAH, HARIH, HAREYAH, HELIOS, KOUR-OS, HERU-AUSU / HORUS etc. “Rhodos, Islands off Caria, c. 350 – 300 B.C. Rhoda was the goddess of the island of Rhodes, the wife of Helios, and the daughter of Aphrodite and Poseidon, Just as Lakshmi is the wife of Hari (Helios) and daughter of the Ocean God (Poseidon) as well.

The word Rose comes from Rhodos and the red rose or lotus or lily all carry the same iconic and symbolic significance in every ancient tradition of the world.” RHODES was called Rhodes from the prehistoric time of its ‘creation myth’ and was inhabited as THE SACRED ISLE OF HELIOS KOUROS since prehistory CONTINUALLY to the Present. It remained SACRED to the Supreme Lord even under the Catholic Knights Templar, who held-off the M*slim invaders for a long time. After the Templars were driven out, the M*slims destroyed the THOUSANDS of years of Religious History and Culture of Rhodes, almost completely obliterating the primary evidence of our COMMON Afro-Helleno-Semitic Bhakti Yoga Inheritence! Rhod-OS Krishna and Radha were called KOUR-OS and KORE meaning virginal YOUTHS, RHODOS and RHODE (Rhoda) meaning ROSE and RED (ROHITA) , NYMPH-OS and NYMPHIA ( meaning BOTH lotus AND virgin) and ASTEROS and ASTERIA (meaning STAR’).
When the Rose or Lotus was used as the RHODON Emblem on Rhodian Coins, it usually represented RHODA, because the other side of the Coins etc., had the Radiant Head of Helios ON them. HE was depicted in FULL ICONOGRAPHIC FORM much more often than She was! She was symbolized by Her Flower or Sri Yantra HEXAD (HEKATE / SHEKINAH / SHAKTI PUN) Star Yantra.
Rhodos is/was never a goddess. RhodOS is masculine KourOS. The singular ISLE of Rhodes was never a group of plural islands etc. “Rhodes, the Island off Caria, has been continuously inhabited from prehistory to the present, and at times has been the dominant religio-political and trading Maritime Power in the Mediterranean Region. Rhoda was the Original Goddess of the Sacred Island of Rhodes, the Wife of Helios, and by some accounts the Daughter of Aphrodite and Poseidon. In this regard it should be noted that the tradition that Venus or Aphrodite arose out of the Primoridial Ocean is another version of how Rhoda arose from beneath the Mediterranean Sea, and how Laxmi, Padme or Sri arose from the Ocean of Milk in the Indian Puranic Tradition. In fact, the remnant of the story of Rhoda arising from the Milk Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea can be seen in the poetic hymns to Srimati Radharani in which it is sung that She has ‘…arisen from the ocean of Vrishbhanu”, Her Father. “

Lakshmi is the Wife of Hari (Helios) and the Daughter of an ‘Ocean God’ as well, but one should not confuse the late Greek Classical Era comparative speculations about the Vedic Devas with ideas about the late Greek and Roman ‘Gods’, as BOTH Traditions were corrupted by mundane polytheism by that time.  Thus the late mythological ideas about POSEIDON are not correct, because, as noted by Adrian Room in his CLassical Dictionary, the Name Poseidon, like the Name Oceanus, both earlier refered-to the Great Serpent that surrounded the World.  Thus Poseidon (Pati-Bearer) and ASHAYANA / Oceanus were by-Names of Lord Ananta-Baladeva as ASHAYANA the Resting Place of HARI.  As Ananta Deva was the bearer Vahana (WAGON / VEHicle) and the Resting Place ASANA of Hari, Oceanus was NOT the Father of Srimati Radharani.  Thus the ‘Ocean’ Father of Radharani, Vrishbhanu, and the Milk Ocean that Laxmi (Aphrodite, Venus, Rhoda) arose from, is not the same ‘Ocean’ (OKEANUS / OCEANUS) as Lord Baladeva as ASHAYANA.

The words for the flower or color Rose, Red or Rouge come from the Name of RHODA / RADHA.  In the East RED is the pictorial-pun Color of SHAKTI and Radha’s Dress.  Her Ideogram or hieroglyphic Name Flower is a Red (Rouge or Pink) Rose or Lotus.  We can see the RHODA root RHT / RHD cognate in the Sanskrit word for RED, which is the root of the Name ROHITA.  The RED (or pink) Rose,  Lotus or lily all seem to carry the same ‘Helios’ related iconic and symbolic significance in every ancient Bhakti Tradition of the World.

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