Palm Sunday: The Day they Worshiped Jesus with the Emblems of Balarama

Jesus Christ being worshiped with His sacred Palm Fronds as SOMA the 'Moon God' (Nectar of Immortality) Lord of Jericho. His KALASH is His CHALICE of His Elixir of Eternal Life!

Jesus Christ being worshiped with His sacred Palm Fronds as SOMA the ‘Moon God’ (Nectar of Immortality) Lord of Jericho. His KALASH is His CHALICE of His Elixir of Eternal Life!

Today is Palm Sunday when YAHU-SHUA JESUS / IASAS / YASHAS as the ancient BAL YAHU Lord of JERICHO the City of Palms was worshiped with palm fronds as He entered JERU-SALEM / HIERO-SOLYM (Greek) HARYA-ASHALLUM the ASYLA of HARI / ELI. One of BALA-DEVA’s most important ‘symbols’ is the PALM or PALM FROND. Thus HE has many Holy Names and symbols with words or designs for the PALM in them, like TALA DHVAJA or TALA KETU etc. During the years of His ministry in the Region, Jesus encamped with His disciples in JERICHO, one of the most ancient Cities and continuously inhabited places on Earth.

Throughout thousands of years Jericho was dedicated to the masculine so-called ‘moon god’ SN/M. He was the Patron Protector POLIEUS / PER-AUSU / PUR-USHA of the City. Modern scholars have prejudicially rendered this ‘moon god’ name as SIN, ignoring the actual identity of SM/N as a Form or local Manifestation of BL-YAHU Himslef, the Alter-Form, Brother or Son of the Supreme Lord ELI / HERU / HELI / HARI of JERU-SALEM. Since the N and M are completely interchangable, reading SM instead of SN reveals the SN/M Vedic Name of SOMA as the proper identification of the Supreme Lord of the City of Palms. Indologists have long identified BALA-DEVA with the Moon and SOMA. When I was doing my Master’s Degree research, I had discussions about this persistent identification with my Field Faculty Mentor and Advisor, Dr. J. Stilson Judah.

Some scholars, purely due to a blind prejudice, have been assuming that the BAAL or BL ‘lord’ of Jericho was a false god competitor / adversary against the one true God, ELi-Yahu. However the hard evidence from hundreds of Hebrew and Jewish artifacts (usually ‘miniatures’ and inscriptions) shows that YAHU was Himself called BL or B’L, BA AL ‘Lord’ in His many Temples and Shrines before this important Name / Title was ‘put away’ due to Its desecration by the tamasic and rajarshic Basshant / Maenad-related apa-sampradaya apostates of BL-Dionysos.

Jesus the TRUE BL THEOS / BALADEVA stepped into History and took-back His City and Names. The people of His Time recognized Him as the Supreme Lord BL-YAHU and worshiped Him accordingly on Palm Sunday ! All Glories to the Savior of ALL WORLDS, Lord Jesus Christ the BL LORD of Jericho, the City of Palms! May He be triumphant over all sin, disease and death, and enter our hearts, filling them with His Divine Love this Palm Sunday! BL Yahu-Shua ki jaya! Asclepios IASAS ki jaya! Vishnu YASHAS ki jaya!

A blessed and joyous Palm Sunday to Everyone!


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