Misconstruing Constantine, Christianity, Mithraism, & Osiris

NILUS / NARAYANA / Jupiter Marinus with His Cornucopia, His TYCHE-FORTUNA / LAKSHMI at His Feet and Triptolemus 'Plow Wielder' Form etc. (The Farnese Cup) consider that the Sacred River Baptism, Seas and Oceans (Ashayana / Oceanus) 'Father God' Traditions of the NHL / NHR / MAR / NARA-NARAYANA Deity are all obviously related in both doctrines and practices. These Baptism related Religious Traditions have countless connections.

NILUS / NARAYANA / Jupiter Marinus with His Cornucopia, His TYCHE-FORTUNA / LAKSHMI at His Feet and Triptolemus ‘Plow Wielder’ Form etc. (The Farnese Cup) consider that the Sacred River Baptism, Seas and Oceans (Ashayana / Oceanus) ‘Father God’ Traditions of the NHL / NHR / MAR / NARA-NARAYANA Deity are all obviously related in both doctrines and practices. These Baptism related Religious Traditions have countless connections.

I have just watched this documentary “Constantine, Christianity, Mithraism, & Osiris”, and while it does cite some of the same evidence that I use, it is just like a meal laced with poison. There may be some taste and some nourishment in it, but its real purpose and effect will be to make its consumer sick. There is an ‘editorial perspective’ to it that is very obvious from its beginning to end.

This Simcha fellow is just like all of the rest of his ilk. He has no clue what the relationship was between the so-called gods and religions of the ancient Mediterranean Region. He is just parroting all of the other History (etc.) Channel talking heads who completely misunderstand the connections between these ‘gods’ and the groups that worshiped them. He cannot read the scenes on Constantine’s Arch of Triumph, and does not understand what he is looking at. For example, I have saved two important images from the video. These are of Jupiter Marimus as ‘Father Tiber’ the NARAYANA of Rome. Jupiter MARIMUS and Juno MARINA were NARAYANA and NARAYANI as worshiped at ROME. In Egypt the 4 Headed and Armed Form of Helios Phanes appeared on the Primordial Lotus from the prone Form of NHL NILUS / NILE (NARA), MZRYM / NHRYM/N. Without understanding the identity and importance of NILUS / MARIMUS / NHRYM (Hebrew, Bible = NHRYM = NAHARAIM = NARAYANA) this Simcha ‘researcher’ is just another one of the blind leading the blind.

I am so tired of these History (Discovery or National Geographic etc.) Channel talking heads who are simply pseudo-expert New Age panderers exploiting the popular Anti-Catholic sentiments of the historically and religiously mal-educated masses. They all want name, fame and adoration in the New Age ‘spiritual, not religious’ milleau for some sensational anti-Catholic or anti-Christian expose. Does anyone who watches this kind of garbage ever consider the bias of these ‘scholars’ ? This video asks if the image of the leader Maxentius as an evil pagan tyrant was “fabricated”! It is clearly biased against Constantine and the Holy Tradition regarding him that was shared by both the histories of the Eastern and Western Rites of the Apostolic Church.

While attacking Constantine, it makes some broad speculations about Maxentius as a good Ruler who was more favored by the Christians than Constantine. Such supposedly objective ‘researchers’ who are really trying to destroy Catholicism and faith in the Jesus of the Apostles, often attack Constantine as if his influence was all that mattered in the history of the One Holy cCatholic and Apostolic Church! This tactic only works with people who are so badly educated about the history of Christianity, that they are vulnerable to such rot. Consequently in this Age when people in general ARE uneducated or are very badly mal-educated, they are very vulnerable to being mis-led about the important realities of the past. 1901679_10152230946329828_752539394_nThe events, people and things that most influence us in our World today are important for us to understand. However, without proper discrimination and objectivity, the masses who view videos like this one, cannot make any critically accurate assessment of it. Instead, just because some supposedly respectable ‘experts’ say something in a History (etc.) Channel program, the mal-educated viewer will buy the entire thesis of the video. Even if the extreme bias of the ‘editorial perspective’ of the video is blatantly extreme, and the video’s featured ‘scholars’ clearly want to demonize, or to at least to dis-credit Constantine and/or Catholicism, the viewers will STILL uncritically accept whatever the Video is feeding them, no matter how poisonous it is!

But, do ANY of these New Age ‘researchers’ EVER focus on the ancient catholic/universal worship of the GREAT PHYSICIAN ASCLEPIOS-IASAS (YAHU-SHUA ‘JESUS’) as prophetic of Jesus Christ? Do they explain the actual connections between WASU-THEOS (VASU-DEVA), Ausu (Ausar / Osiris) and Serapis as POLIEUS / PURUSHA? Do any of these puffed-up fools EVER make the connection between JESUS / IASAS and Lord Baladeva (see VISHNU YASHAS) as the Ayur Vedic Great Physician ANANTA CHARAKA? No, they never do. They will endlessly harp on Mithras and Jesus while ignoring Zervan and Yahu Tzabaoth (Sri KRISHNA KALAH of the Bhagavad-gita) of the Exodus.

Those who come the closest to understanding some PART of the Big Picture are the ones plagiarizing some PART of MY original research. Just recently I found another one of these frauds daring to copyright some of MY original research on their web page. How does anyone get the audacity to try to steal someone else’s life’s work and publish it as their own? What is the integrity of these people who take information from me, and then publish it under their own name, with little or no mention of me at all? What really is most disturbing about such people, is that they ABUSE the information OUT OF CONTEXT and often twist or ‘spin’ it to some ill purpose.

1656419_10152230947024828_1843444865_nIt is so full of misleading nonsense and poisonous prejudicial dis-information that I must say so. It is part of a whole genre of made-for-TV pseudo-scientific and popular ‘researcher’ so-called documentaries that are really info-mercials for some religio-political (often ATHEISTIC, MAYAVADI) agenda. These programs get produced because someone with an agenda foots the bill for them.

The same backers and same talking heads cast of characters often appears in these things. When I am at my Daughter’s house I watch these things on the History, Discovery and National Geographic Channels. They are ALL the same. Chewing the chewed, they are saturating the media with their relentless attacks on Judaism and Apostolic (cCatholic) Christianity. I know who the backers and players are in some of these productions. I have had experiences with some of them before.

Borg and Crossan et al of the Jesus Seminar group and Bauval and his allies are some of the major Contributors to the foundation of this pseudo-scholarly Genre. Holy Blood, Holy Grail was one of the first popular Books in this part of the New Age Movement’s neo-Gnostic and Occult W.E.T re-presentation of Jesus Christ. Most people today do not realize that making the HOLY GRAIL about THE BLOODLINE OF JESUS CHRIST is an old occult and NAZI ARYAN-CHRIST DOCTRINE. The Aryan Christ is an occult ‘WHITE’ RACE SAVIOR. Hatred of the God of the Jews and Catholics and their Apostolic Jesus Christ is at the core of this Neo Gnostic and Occult Western Esoteric Tradition (W.E.T.) assault on Catholicism and the Jesus of the Apostles.

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  1. HK Maharaj, please accept my humble obesiance. Maharaj my name is ashish. I have been reading your article posted in the internet from about 5 months or and i am really very astonished to see the kind of research which you have done maharaj. since from last many years(10) i had a strong desire to find out the truth of the world and i was planning for opening a research institute for that very purpose maharaj. i have completed my post graduation from Indian Institute of Technology in the field of Biotechnology. After reading your article i was very inspired to carry on my research in this very direction. I am planning for going for B.S/ M.S/Phd studies in inter religious sudies with the aim for bringing all religion together in the service of the Lord. I saw maharaj that your goodself is already doing a lot in this direction. Maharaj when i read your article i got some good understanding of the message which you were trying to convey. I know maharaj your health is not very good but i felt that i need your guidance very much. Maharaj i wanted that you can recommend 1. the field which should i take for doing these kind of studies which you done ….inter religious study..etc .. how should i proceed in the academia world … i wanted to enter this academia world so that once this get established in the academia world that we all worship the same God who has revealed Himself in many amazing diff ways to diff people all over the world then that would unite the whole world and would also glorify the supreme Lord.
    2. maharaj i also wanted if i can get proper guidence as to which all books i should read to develop a very thorough understanding of the whole subject matter… i know maharaj that your work is a result of hard struggle for 30 years and it can not be just written but i am also very serious maharaj to start my journey in this direction and am ready to spend as many years as required and further assist you in taking this mission a head.
    i just made my facebook account maharaj send you a request too
    eagerly waiting for your reply.
    yr servant
    ashish gupta

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