Sacred Basil/Tulasi was given to Jesus Christ on His Cross!

Dear Friends, Please suspend your disbelief and any party-spirit sectarian prejudices to consider the evidence in this Album. The great living ancient-most Bhakti Traditions of the World are ALL historically and therefore theologically related as expressions-of the SAME PRIMAL DEVOTIONAL TRADITION to HARI, the Lord of the HRID / Heart, the Lord of Divine Grace / Mercy and Love!
From Bhakti Ananda Goswami: Sacred Basil / Tulasi was given to Jesus Christ on His Cross. It was dipped in HalaHala, the Sins of the Universe! When He had taken it, He said “It is Finished” and He ‘became sin for us’. Then a Martial Roman Soldier pierced His Side with the Vel of Skanda (Mars) that destroys sin ! Jesus accepted the Vel just as Krishna had in a previous Lila. Siva (or Vishnu) Nila-Kantha did NOT swallow the Hala Hala, but Jesus DID, and thus He descended to the Dead.

Some Traditions say Sacred Basil / Tulasi sprang-up where Jesus Christ’s Blood dropped on the ground. Other Traditions say that Sacred Basil sprang-up from Mary’s Tears. Still others relate that Holy Basil grew directly out of Jesus Christ’s Cross.1555579_10152166664389828_2029702924_nTULAsi’s Name is from the same root as Mary’s Name, Mother Most TOLERANT. She ALONE can forgive the Murder of Her Son, or a Priest! TULAsi ALONE can forgive the Murder of a Brahmin Priest!

I once had 5 volumes worth of research on the World’s Sacred Basil Traditions. According to Apostolic cCatholic Tradition, the cCatholic Jesus Christ IS Vishnu Tattva, not just an empowered jiva soul! So many heretical Traditions have developed, but the Apostles proclaimed that THEIR JESUS CHRIST was and IS GOD!


First, to understand the theology you must have the foundation of the primal revelation of Purusha Sukta. In Jewish Kabbalistic Mysticism this is the revelation of the COSMIC BODY of God as Adam Kadmon or the Universal Form. It is His Universal Body in which we ‘live and move and have our being’, and which was and is sacrificed for our ‘material’ existence AND our ultimate salvation and return to Godhead.

The feminine (Receiver) EVE / HEVA / JIVA Soul-Selves, or ‘Sparks of the Shekinah’ (Shakti) that have ‘fallen’ into their present perceptual and affective separation from Godhead are rescued by their Lover, the Supreme ‘Self ‘ the Param-Atman Lord, Who has not abandoned them in their ‘fallen’ wandering in the Saha Worlds of Birth, Death, Disease and Old Age. The Second Person of the Godhead is Lord Sam-Karshana. He is ALSO-KRISHNA. KARSHANA=KRISHNA. He saves us from being RELATIONALLY separated from God in Eternity. Please understand that this separation is a separation of relationship NOT a separation of identity. We are already separate in personal IDENTITY but we are meant to be UNITED RELATIONALLY in OTHER-CENTERED LOVING!

Sacrifice As Atonement For Our Mortal Sins…..

The ancients had a much more intimate relationship with food, and observed that we ‘are what we eat’. All of the Theophagos God-Eating Mystery Religions of the ancients were thus Purusha-Sukta Sacrifice based. Depending on the ‘mode’ of material nature people were in, they practiced rajarshic animal and/or tamasic human Sin, Guilt and Trespass Offering Sacrifices. OR they were civilized ascetics who only practised peaceful Sattvic non-bloody vegetarian Praise and Thanks Offerings, like the Nazarites, the Theraputae and the Essenes. These might be called Praise and Thanks Offerings in the Biblical Tradition. Such non-bloody offerings were like those of the Heliopolitan Ascetics, the Orphics, Pythagoreans, Platonists, Asclepiadae, the Vaishnavas, Pure Land Buddhists, Sattvic Theistic Shaivites and other ancient Ascetical Groups.

Such Sattvic Theistic Groups worshiped the COSMIC Purusha, Who they believed could and DID take ‘material’ Form, to rescue His Beloved. They believed in and experienced the reality of a metaphysical realm. They were mystics, philosophers, mathematicians and theologians whose ‘VEDIC’ (Biblical YEDA, Greek OIDA) vision of the Cosmic Purusha saw Him embodied in His Sacramental Social Order of Daiva Varnashram Dharma. (NOT A RACE-BASED SYSTEM!). Peoples in the Material Mode of Goodness worshiped the simultaneously Incarnate and Omnipresent Personal and Transcendent Godhead of Hari-Vasu-Atman. They did not interpret the PURUSHA of the Vedic Sacrificial System Tradition to mean an animal or mere man. To the Mode of Goodness Devotees, Purusha was not just a mortal man or beast to be slain and eaten, He was the simultaneously Immanent, Incarnate and Supra-Cosmic Transcendental Deity, Who was, as the Food of All Beings, also the Creator and Savior of all ‘spiritual and material Worlds’.

1524635_10152166659364828_1552952290_nHowever, peoples In the material modes of Passion and Ignorance did not understand His Supra-Cosmic and Cosmic Existence and thus being non-theists and a-theists, they worshiped the Material Nature with bloody animal (Mode of Passion) and human ‘purusha=man” Mode of Ignorance Sacrifices.

If you EAT, you sacrifice. Life feeds on life, and ‘you are what you eat’. If you do not yet ‘get this’ you have not yet faced your own reality. Your body is made-up of the ‘creatures’ that have been sacrificed to it, with it, by it and for it. By accepting a ‘material’ body, we become complicit in the sacrifice of other being’s bodies. Sacrifice is inescapable in this world. So for the Sattvic Devotees of the Lord, He Alone can forgive us, for all of the sins that we have become complicit in, through our “Original Sin” by ‘falling’ here into matter and accepting a material body. Thus the Tradition of the Purusha Sukta acknowledges that GOD HIMSELF ultimately takes responsibility for the existence and predicament of the ‘fallen’ jiva souls, and He offers Himself for the COSMIC forgiveness of all their repented sins. If you do not ‘see’ (realize) your own suffering in Jesus Christ’s Passion, then you do not understand Who He Is! He in fact is that Person of the Godhead Who “Takes” bears or “Carries-away” (HARI meaning to CARRY away) the Sins of the World!

In the Vaishnava Tradition, there is a cosmic battle between the followers of Krishna and Shiva, in which Krishna ACCEPTS WOUNDING BY THE VEL OF SKANDA. In various ‘Hindu’ Traditions, the Sri Vatsa Mark or Scar, the TIGMA (TIKA) or STIGMATA on KRISHNA or VISHNU’s Chest is due to His receipt (acceptance) of Skanda’s Lance / Vel. Skanda IS MARS. The Vel / Lance of Skanda DESTROYS SIN in the Tradition of Shaivism and Marugan Worship. In Krishna-Vishnu-Shiva’s Incarnations They often accept wounding for their Devotees! Thus Kurma’s Back is scarred from bearing the twisting of the Mandara Mountain. Vishnu bears the footprint of His Devotee’s kick. Krishna’s Foot was pierced by the arrow-tip of the metal ball that slew the Yadus. Nila-Kantha Siva’s or Vishnu’s Neck has three blue lines from drinking the HalaHala Poison to save the Universe from the collective Sins of both the Godly and the Un-Godly! Krishna’s Chest is marked by the Vel of Skanda, and Jesus Christ’s Wounds are associated with ALL His Previous ‘Lilas’ of World-Salvation. Thus the Lance of the Roman Soldier, which was consecrated to MARS / Marugan / Skanda, was the Vel of Skanda that destroys sin!

‘When’ Siva drank the Ocean of Poison (Hala Hala VINAGER) that was the collective sins of the Universe, He did not swallow it, but held it in His Throat, becoming Nila Kantha ‘Blue Necked’. A few drops escaped Him becoming all envious poisonous beings, HIS ADVERSARIES in this World. However, Krishna-Vishnu accepts no offering without Tulasi, but WITH THE PURE LOVE OF TULASI, HE WILL ACCEPT WHATEVER HIS PURE DEVOTEE OFFERS. Thus on His Cross, Lord Jesus Christ accepted those last few drops of Hala Hala / Vine-Agar on TULASI LEAVES, and with this astonishing offering of Tulasi, He swallowed the sins of the entire Cosmic manifestation, ‘Becoming Sin’ for us!

On the YUPA CROSS, Jesus took these last poisonous drops, which were offered on some Tulasi Leaves, AND HE SWALLOWED THEM. Thus He said “IT IS FINISHED”, and having consumed the sins of the entire Cosmic Manifestation, He became ‘Papa Purusha’ or the repository of all of the MORTAL and Venial sins of the COSMOS, and accepting the Vel of Skanda, allowed Himself to be slain for the MORTAL SINS OF THE UNIVERSE. Because unrepented MORTAL SIN SEPARATES US FROM GODHEAD, the voluntary Self-Sacrifice of Jesus Christ / God Himself is the only karmic remedy for our mortal sinfulness. As long as we are eating and taking-up space, air and water and sustaining our lives on the lives of others, we cannot escape the FACT that we are killing others and living in these bodies at other beings’ expence. But, since we are ALL living within the Vishva Rupa Cosmic Body of the Adi Purusha, Adam Kadmon or the Vedic Prajapati Purusha, (Greek Polieus, Egyptian PER-AUSU), then if HE FORGIVES US, we are forgiven. If He liberates us, we are really free of our karmic burden WHICH would otherwise ‘separate us from God in Eternity’. He alone can forgive us and set us free of our karmic deabt to all beings!

In cCatholic Apostolic Revelation, the Sacrifice of Christ is not about ENDING the World immediately by instantly resolving all of Universal Karma at the Cross, because the Sacrifice of the Cross occurred at the beginning of Material Time and continues until the End of a Material Universe. Looking ahead, the ‘work of our salvation’ has already been completed BY GOD IN CHRIST. Thus the Sattvic Sacrifices of the Adi Purusha are acknowledgements as Praise and Thanks Offerings that commemorate His once-and-all-sufficient Self Sacrifice for the salvation of All Beings. Still while we are living WITHIN the flow of Material TIME, we must enjoy and/or suffer according to ‘our karma’. While we are ‘here’ we are still working-off and working-through our vi-karma and su-karma, within the Universal Form of Purusha. But we are not condemned to stay in some endless impersonal cycle of samsara, because God Himself has given us an ‘out’. We have a Divine Escape Clause!

What Jesus Christ has ‘Done For Us’ is to garuntee our ultimate MOKSHA manu-MISSION liberation, our ability to get free of the cycle of samsara, and to go back to Home, Back to Godhead!

All Glories to Lord Baladeva as Jesus Christ, Yagna Purusha Yupa Dhvaja, the Lord Who Is Our Once-and -All-Sufficient Redeemer! He Alone “Takes away the sins of the World” “Happy are we who are called to His Supper” !

Perspective on the Rg Vedic Purusa Sukta Hymn
by Bhakti Ananda Goswami
Posted March 26, 2003

Hare Krishna ! Jesu ki jaya !

Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga ki jaya !

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

Sri Baladeva Purusha as Yupa Dhvaja…Why the Cross is the Symbol of Christ

Understanding the Rig Vedic Purusha Sukta Hymn

According to the Sanskrit Language Vedic Hymns, at the beginning of every Cosmic manifestation, the Second Person of the Godhead, Lord Baladeva, the Servitor Lord, the Original Spiritual Master and Savior of all Devotees, sacrifices Himself as the cosmic Purusha, for the creation, maintenance and redemption of the entire Universe. The Rishis (Hebrew Roeh ‘Seers’) assist Him at His Self sacrifice. The remnants of His Sacrifice become the food of all beings. Commemoration of His Sacrifice becomes the central Rite / RTYA act of worship in the whole Universe. His consecrated Body-Remnants / Sesha or PURUSHA-IDA / Prasadam are the ‘remnants of His Sacrifice’ Sacramental food of the Twice Born, the initiates of the Theo-phagoes God-Eating Mystery Schools. All of the Devas are born from His sacrifice. From His head the brahmanas are manifest, from His arms the kshatriyas, from His belly the vaishas and from His legs the sudras are manifest. Thus the varnashrama dharma Sacramental ‘Mystical Social Body’ of Purusha is the primal cause of Theocentric human civilization and all Sacramental social life. He, Lord BalaDeva is SUKLA / SUKRA Bala, Who makes everything and everyone Pure and SACRED by His SACRIfice.

The Vedic Sacrifices all began with this cosmic Self-sacrifice of Purusha Yupa Dhavja, and ultimately commemorated His ‘once-and-all-sufficient’ Self-offering. Thus Purusha or Yagna Purusha as ‘Self Sacrifice Personified’ was called Yupa Dhvaja (‘Stake-flagged’) because the instrument of His cosmic Sacrifice was the sacred Axis Mundi Yupa Stake, Stambha, Stanu, Cross or Post to which He was fixed in the primal Purusha Sukta Hymn, for His Cosmic Sacrifice. Thus in the Vedic related Rajarshic and Tamasic sacrificial systems, sacrificial victims were fixed to a post, pole or cross called a Yupa, in memory of Purusha’s cosmic sacrifice. Since He was sacrificed on the cosmic Yupa Axis Mundi or ‘Cross of all Creation’, He was called Yupa Dhvaja….or the One Whose eternal emblem or symbol (or ‘heraldic devise’ for His Flag / Dhvaja ) was the instrument (Yupa Post) of His cosmic sacrifice.

All the Vedic sacrifices related to the Purusha Sukta were intercessory or ATONING in nature. Thus Vedic kings and brahmanas, JUST LIKE THE JEWS would perform great Vedic sacrifices to atone for the sins of the nation. This was still going on in India when Shakya Muni Buddha promoted His ahimsa doctrine to stop it. In fact a ‘SCAPE GOAT’ type of Vedic Rite was recently performed in Nepal, to cleanse the Nation of its bad karma for the assassination of its royal family.

The Apostolic Catholic and related Christian worship of Jesus Christ as the Second Person of the Godhead Self-offered for the salvation of the whole universe, is the worship of Baladeva, the original Spiritual Master as Yupa Dhvaja, Who “takes away the sins of the world”. Thus the sacramental social body of Christ in Catholicism is related to the mystical social body of Purusha Yupa Dhvaja or Yagna Purusha, and the Eucharist is Lord Jesus Purusha’s Maha Prasadam. As the Second Person of the Godhead, He is the Original Spiritual Master and the Savior of all universes. None come to the Father but through, with, in and by Him.

So, please don’t blaspheme Lord Baladeva as Purusha Yupa Dhvaja, and don’t ridicule His Christian devotees for worshiping Him in His Sign of the Yupa or Cross, according to the ancient Vedic Tradition…as Yupa Dhvaja. He is the cosmic Redeemer Form of the Original Spiritual Master, Who has taken away the sins of the entire cosmic manifestation ! To really behold His Cross / Yupa is to see the FINAL END of all the universe’s sins, as the central fact or Axis Mundi of all creation. In the Cross / Yupa of Lord Baladeva as Jesus Purusha, all things past and future, human and Divine, are finally reconciled IN HIS SELF-SACRIFICING LOVE.

From an aspiring servant of the servants of Lord Baladeva as Yupa Dhvaja,

Bhakti Ananda Goswami

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