The Sacred Peacock was the Symbol of the One True God

Krishna Peacock Montage 5
Please study the Sacred Peacock and its closest relatives, the Phoenix, Quetzal, Golden Pheasant, Mediterranean or Persian Cockerel etc., which were sacred and propagated around the World by the Devotees of the Supreme Lord.  Some of them Heralded the Dawn, and were thus widely revered for their sensitivity to the first light of the day. The Peacock and Persian or Domestic Cock (Rooster, see Wiki) were both important in Judaism, and in the Schools devoted to Asclepios Iasas (Jesus, Ananta-Charaka) the Great Physician.     
The most familiar Peacock itself was imported from India by the Bible’s King Solomon (Jewish Scriptures [Christian Old Testament], Kings 10:22, 2 Chron. 9:21), and was the Symbol of the Royal Messianic Lineage of David.  Scholars have long recognized that the ancient Biblical word for Peacock comes from Tamil Nadu South India. 
The Sacred Peacock was the Symbol of the One True God and the True God’s Sacred Cities of Jewish Jerusalem (Greek Hiero-Solym), and Heliopolis in Egypt.  Some Traditions say that Peacocks adorned the entry before the Holy of Holies.  Peacocks are traditionally used to decorate the spice containers used in the Jewish welcoming of Queen Sabbath. Peacocks decorate the Sacred Plates used in Jewish Services and the Royal Vows (Ketubah) that the Jewish Groom makes to his betrothed wife.
In the earliest Catholic Christian Art, the Peacock represented Jesus and Eternal Life through Him in Christian Tomb Art.  Later the Peacock was frequently depicted in Catholic scenes of the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  There are many other Peacock connections that can be found in the related Bhakti Traditions World-wide. 

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