HARI, Krishna, is the Sourse of all spiritual and material worlds. Our local Sun Planet is just one of HARI’s infinite manifestations. When our Sun is considered a Form of Hari / God, our Sun is called Surya-Narayana. If we study the 1008 Holy Names of Surya Narayana, we can understand that Surya is a Form of HARI or Narayana, Krishna-Vishnu. However this Solar-Globe Planetary Form of His is NOT His ‘Original’ or ‘Supreme’ Form. Scholars have thus been mistaken in their identification of HARI (Krishna) as part of their imagined Global Class of Supreme Solar Gods.

HARI’s Discus (Chakra / Cycle Circle) says His H R (or HL) Holy Name throughout the ancient World, but it is NOT merely a mundane ‘sun symbol’! His HR / HALO-AURA or Corona / Crown identifies Him as the Source of the Brahma-Jyoti Light of the entire Cosmos. It is also His KALA TIME-WHEEL of the time-cycle HORO-SCOPE of all of the Cosmos, and the HOURS, and HORAE seasons of every CALendar.

His Discus also represents the eastern ORigin and HORizon, and the WHOLE of everything. But most importantly, as the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead, HARI is God-Who-Is-Love, the Lord of all HEARTS! Even the word ‘HEART’ is ultimately related-to Sanskrit HRID, a contraction of HRI-DAYA or HARI-DAYA, meaning the DIAS or Throne of HARI, Who as RASA-RAJA is the LORD of the HEART! (see Greek KARdia, English CARdio.) All Glories to Sri Hari, our God-Who-Is-Love, Who is the Lord of ALL Hearts, and Who is eager to drive our life’s chariot for us, if we will only ask Him to! His Love is the real Jyoti Joy-giving Sunshine of our lives! May the Supreme Truth of His Love conquer every human heart, bringing the Peace and Joy of His Heavenly Home, to our Earthly Homes at last! Amun Amen Amin Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti…

Surya Sahasranaam: 1008 Holy Names of Surya-Narayana, by Rishi Veda Vyas
[Dr. Shivkumar Angadi]


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