Die-hard Enthusiasts of Discredited Aryan Racial Theories


nazi-measuring-features1The scholars who insist on the concept presented in the article Before Babel? Ancient Mother Tongue Reconstructed are usually the most die-hard enthusiasts of the long-discredited Aryan Invasion Theory of Indo-European High Civilization. Such Racial Aryanists have been Locating a mother-tongue of the Indo-European Languages in the Caucuses or Anatolia for over 100 years. The problem is that the Racial Aryanists selectively sort the data sources to avoid the whole truth of human civilization. Thus they do not compare African, East Asian, Oceanic and Western Hemisphere, or other more isolated languages.

The fanatical Racial Aryanist Scholars, like those of the K* Kl*X KL*N, are violently opposed to the idea that there is ANY connection between Hebrew and the ‘Aryan’ languages of Sanskrit or Greek. Such Racist Aryanists abhor the idea that African and Semitic Languages are actually related to Sanskrit and Greek, because they see the so-called non-aryan ‘races’ as intellectually inferior. However, my own research, beginning in the 1960s, has shown me that the early research by the Helleno-Semiticists led by Cyrus Gordon supports my own findings.

The Russian and other theorists of the Nostratic Linguistic Super Family have also produced a lot of evidence in support of my own understanding. Some of these have included African and Semitic Languages in with their Indo-European comparative studies.

Since I have concentrated on the Holy Name and religious terms of significance, and others have focused on words for common objects and social relationships etc. my body of work has much that is unique to offer. Please take advantage of my decades of work, to see for yourself, here, FOR FREE, what I have learned about our COMMON INHERITANCE OF FAITH, and common Language of LOVE, as one human family!

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