Discover One Godhead – East & West – The Holy Trinity & Atenism Explained


Bhakti Ananda Goswami aka David M. Sherman Speaks on the Holy Trinity as the Vaishnava Krishna – Baladeva – Paramatma, Akhnaten’s Origin – Manifested – Omnipresent and Pure Land Buddhism’s Tri-Kaya. These are the Three aspects of the One Supreme Godhead at the foundation of all God Centered forms of Religion. Thus this Holy Trinity is found in ancient Judaism, Mediterranean Heliopolitanism and Zorarastrianism among many others.

He also identifies the Holy Cross and the Ankh with the Vedic Yupa Dhwaj or Sacrificial Stake and the Self Sacrifice of Purusha or God

The True Identity of the original Sattvic Dionysus as both Lord Shiva and Lord Balarama, the Common Theme of the Great Flood and God’s Greek Dolphinus or Vedic Matsya Avatar, Amunism, Atenism, Ancient Judaic Religion, Heliopolis as the City of On or Aun – OM, Ancient Mediterranean Vaishnavism centered upon Rhoda-Kouros or Radha Krishna and the ongoing struggle between the doctrines of Voidist – Godless Impersonalism and Fully Personalized Devotional Traditions combined with Paramatma Worship are also discussed.

Bhakti Ananda Goswami also reveals that there is more evidence for Ancient Radha Krishna and Balarama Worship outside of India then there is to be found in India. The earliest examples of such Indian Vaishnavism are dated to approx 300 BC. Whereas the ancient Levant, Mediterranean and African regions have preserved thousands of Vaishnava artifacts dating back to prehistory.

Thus though lacking archaeological evidence India has preserved the tradition whereas the non-Indic evidences of Vaishnavism, though profuse, remain virtually unidentifiable. Thus by comparing the Indic Vaishnava Template with the non-Indic archaeological evidence, Bhakti Ananda Goswami has provided the missing link in our understanding of the history of religion and civilization.

The Divine Goddess, the Eternal Companion of God is ever present. Be it Radha, Lakshmi, Durga the Shakti or Shekinah was once at the Center of all religion. Even today her presence can be found in Christianity in the form of Mother Mary and in the ‘Rose Window’ found in every Catholic Church.

The Shaiva Tradition is also discussed and the authentic origins of both Buddhism and Shaivism rooted in Balarama worship are revealed.

Also revealed are the many misrepresentations of the original religion in their devolved states. Ironically the devolved and negative forms of God-centered Religion allow for the verification of the positive truths confirming the single devotional foundation of all God centered Religion. Ketu, Setu and Satan Worship are also discussed.

The artificial development of the flawed Aryan Racial theory has created a major gap in our ability to understand the once multi-racial God centered religious traditions. Long held views that separated the Semitic, Kemetic and African traditions from the Sanskrit Aryan so-called Indo-European cultures have now been exposed as false. Aryans were the people of Hari and all the people of the world were at one time worshipers of Hari/Eli/Helios,HR,Heru/Hara.

Despite his immense physical health challenges, Bhakti Ananda Goswami has dedicated his life to revealing these truths. There is only One religion and One Divine God and Goddess. The various forms of religion simply represent different moods of worship of the same Divinities.

The evidence is really there proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Also ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization

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