Djed Pillar Trio of Amun-Ra, Khon-Shu and Mut & Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra

Theban Amun-Ra, Khon-Shu and Mut (Mata)

Theban Amun-Ra, Khon-Shu and Mut (Mata)

Amun’s Blue color reveals that He is a Form of the Supreme Transcendental ‘Sky God’. The non-human colors distinguish mere humans from the Supreme Lord and His Expansions or Theophanies. Thus the Lord may be depicted as Blue, Black  Green, Red, Gold/Yellow or Snow-white. The Supreme ‘Sky Father’ God is Blue in the daytime and Black, covered with stars as Kalah Purusha Time-Man at Night.

Amun, Mut and KhonShu at Thebes were equated with the Deities of Heliopolis and Greater Africa in various ways. Thus to the North AMUN would be equated with the Heliopolitan Cultus of Kouros Helios / Krishna. MUT would be equated with Rhoda/Radha and KhonShu equated with BAL-Yahu, Baladeva-Vasudeva. At Heliopolis and throughout the Levant the HERU-AUSU-ATUM HARI-VASU-ATMAN Tradition was associated with the DJED PILLAR TRIO of HERU-AUSAR (Osiris) and Their Feminine Asherah. These ‘Pillar’ Forms of Krishna HERU/HARI/ELI, His Brother and Alter-Form BAL-Yahu and Their Shekinah Shakti ASHERA / SUBHADRA (HALIA as Sister of Helios) are definitely Jagannatha, Subhadra and Baladeva! 

These Forms of the Lord and His Shakti were surely equated with Amun, Mut and KhonShu at Thebes, and the MANY Heliopolitan BARQUE/Float/Boat-PULLING FESTIVALS of Their devotees, conducted along the canals of the Nile thousands of years ago! 

To the South and East in Greater Africa Amun Mut and KhonShu were equated with the Ethiopian and South Indian / South Asian Tradition of Rama, Sita and Lakshman. Thus we can observe a Southern diffusion of the Sita-Rama-Lakshman Tradition and a Northern diffusion of the Radha-Krishna-Balarama Tradition, with a Global equation of Radha with Sita, Krishna with Rama and Baladeva with Lakshman. 

The public Murti Darshan RathaYatra Barque Boat or Murti-Carrying or Cart/Float-pulling Festival of Jagannatha Subhadra and Baladeva is a world-wide feature of Their worship, still going on today in a very grand way in ‘Hindu’, Buddhist and Catholic Lands. 

All Glories to Jagannatha Subhadra and Baladeva!

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