Satan is not Saturn or Shiva nor Bhairav or the All-Devouring Form of God As Time

Zoroastrian Zervan or Jupiter Saturnus found in Italy.

Zoroastrian Zervan or Jupiter Saturnus found in Italy.

NARA-HARI as KALAH / TIME in His Cosmic Lion-Headed Bhagavad-Gita Theophany was worshiped by all of civilized humanity in the ‘Golden’ HARI Age. The Persians called Him ZERVAN. Greeks called Him Chronus. Romans called Him Saturnus. Egyptians called Him Heru-Ausu Amun-Ra. He was the Jew’s Yahu-Tzaboath and AREYAH, ARIEL their LION of JUDAH! In Meroe Africa He was called APADEMAK. Shaivites called Him, HARA, Kalah Bairava. Buddhists called Him, HARI, Kalah Bairab. He was the Lion-Headed JAG-WERE God of the Americas / Western Hemisphere. His Feathered-Serpent was His Seraphic Alter-Form. Please, Dear Friends, view these Icons / Murtis and ponder deeply Their import for the future unity of humanity!

This deserves a detailed explanation. God-willing I will be able to find the one that I did years ago, to post here. To start, please note the ‘Caduceus’ which is really a NAGAKAL, and the Cock of Asclepios that Identifies the Lion Headed Lord of Time (Krishna-Vishnu KALAH in the Gita). Remember the Cock that crowed 3 times, when Peter denied Knowing Jesus! The last religious act of Socrates was to ask his disciple to make a offering of a Cock to Asclepios!

Satan is NOT Saturn. The Gnostics and their followers made the terrible error of equating Satan and Saturn, and their Neo-Gnostic descendents are still doing it today! This is the profound confusion that comes from following the puffed-up u…nrealized know-nothing jnanis / gnostics of the past and present. 

Do you want to see the Original SATURNUS? The Romans called Him Saturnus and He was the Lord of Time (Krishna-Kalah) Whose Incarnation Ruled the Earth in the previous Golden Age! In His Lion-Headed Wrathful Form as Kalah Nara Hari Purusha, He saved the Mixed Multitude fleeing slavery in Egypt. His Day was Saturday. From India to Nepal the Vaishnava Worshipers of NaraHari STILL KEEP SATURDAY SABBATH AS SACRED TO THE LION HEADED FORM OF KRISHNA-VISHNU!!!

The Greeks called Him Chronus. He was AREYAH, ARIEL and YahuTzabaoth to the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews. In Egypt He was Heru-Ausar as AMUN-RA. In the NAGA Kingdom of Kush south of Egypt He was called Amun-Ra Apademak. The Zoroastrians and pre-Zoroastrians called Him ZERVAN. He was the Ancient Protector of the Tibetan BON as ZA. To the Vaishnavas He was HAREYAH as NARA HARI KALAH in His Bhagavad-Gita. To the Shaivites He was HARA KALAH BAIRAVA. To the Pure Land Buddhist He was the Kalah Bairab Wrathful Form of Avalokiteshvara. 

Satan / SETU rahu-KETU was the Adversary of Saturnus / Yahu Tzabaoth !!

The ancient Gnostics were totally wrong and misidentified the Lion Headed Wrathful Form of the Lord Vishnu-Siva Kalah of His Gita and Exodus and Saddharmapudarika Revelation with the pure-evil Satan (KETU=SETU) ‘Father of Lies’! Thus they confused Zervan with Arihman, and Saturnus with Setu etc. From that point on everything that has come from this Anti-Kalah ‘Gnostic’ Tradition has been hopelessly corrupted and confused. Thus the Gnostics have remained the actual adversaries of the Biblical Vishnu and Siva ever since! The Bible is NOT “a plagiarized book”! It is the authentic testimony of a specific Sampradaya or Tradition of HARI-HARA / HERU-HOR / ELI-EL worship. 

Please All of my Dear Friends, purge yourselves from the lies that you have been poisoned with by your consumption of so much Neo-Gnostic rot. Face your GOD SATURNUS and ask Him to forgive you for calling Him ‘Satan’. Satan is the very antithesis of Lord Hari-Hara, and the enemy of all of the Devas. God Frees Souls and Satan enslaves souls! 

The Story of the casting-down of Satan from the company of the devas is found in the Srimad Bhagavatam in the story of Rahu-Ketu. Master Bom Zen has just posted about a meteor shower. Such were identified with CATA-STROPHE and CATA-CLYSM. CATA-BOLISM etc. and CHAT ‘SIN’ in Hebrew are all linguistically related to KETU / SETU / SATAN. When Meteors pummeled the Earth throwing-up massive amounts of particulate, toxins and pathogens into the air, often massive die-offs and plagues occurred. Thus the Rahus of Rahu-Ketu Satan, when cast down into the Earth caused disease, madness / possession and death. 

The satanists and neo-gnostics are WRONG when they teach that Satan is Saturn. Their Gnostic and Satanist Sources are WRONG. They were WRONG to confuse Satan with Siva and the Wrathful Forms of Vishnu! All of their late nonsense has caused endless misery in the World, dividing-up the whole human family! They told people that the God of the Old Testament was a malevolent demiurgos. They equated Saturn and SET / KETU / SATAN. 

LOOK AT OUR GOD SIVA KALAH BAIRAVA!!!! WANT TO SEE HIM? LOOK AT THE GOD OF THE OLD TESTAMENT! I have pictures of Him in my facebook Albums. In my research I have seen scores of Jewish, Mediiterranean, Egyptian and African Murtis of Him. He is KALAH BAIRAVA SIVA and KALAH NARA HARI KRISHNA-VISHNU. HE IS the Buddhist KALAH BAIRAB LOKESHVAR too! God as the Finisher or Destroyer Vishnu-Siva Kalah as TIME is NOT the ‘Devil’ or Satan. 

Google Images Search Saturnus, Chronus, Kalah Bairava, Nara Hari, Nrisimhadeva, Zervan, Apademak, Amun-Ra Metternich Stela, Lion-headed Time etc. from my Notes. 

Dear Friends, please stop dividing the human family and assassinating the Character of God with Neo-Gnostic New Age Western Occult Tradition W.E.T. / New Age mal-education dis-information ‘knowledge’ ! Consider your Sources! Use Real World reliable Sources if you want to learn from the Ancients. Gnosticism is a general term for many different ancint groups, but these groups had certain things in common. This profound error mistaking the Lord HERU-WASU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU-ADON, HARI-VASU-ATMAN for His Own Adversary KETU/ SETU SATAN is only one of the commonly shared pathological mistakes of the ancient Gnostics and the Neo-Gnostics.

Jesus Christ is Lord of All! The very late polytheistic astrological and gnostic teachings about Saturn are wrong. The Original Saturnus was YAHU TZABAOTH the Biblical Jewish Savior-God of the Exodus. He was and IS the LION-Headed Form of ELI-YAHU/HARI-VASU as TIME/KALAH in the Bhagavad-Gita.

The Cock was sacred to IASAS/JESUS ASCLEPIUS the ONLY SON of ELI/HARI, and thus the Cock’s crowing was so important in the Biblical Story of Saint Peter’s Denial of Christ. Many have been badly educated and attack other Christians like myself, out of  proud and hateful fanaticism.

Is anyone looking at these Murtis? The entire Tradition of Lion-Headed Time is related to the Central Theophany of Krishna as Kalah in His Bhagavad-Gita!!! Dosen’t anyone understand the profound significance of this FACT? How many ways c…an I say it? What am I doing that is so wrong that the Vaishnavas will not even look at this evidence? This is Lord Narasimha-Kalah (TIME), also known as Siva Kalah Bairava, Who is the Wrathful Form of Krishna that Arjuna sees devouring the Worlds! All throughout the East, Sacred Vaishnava, Shaivite and Mahayana Buddhist Tradition affirms that This Theophany is Lion Headed TIME/Kalah.

When Gita-related Festival Plays are performed the constumes of the Universal Form of the Lord are multiple Lion-Headed! Masks of Krishna’s Wrathful Thophany of the Gita are Leonid. Leonid features characterize all of the various Forms of KALAH/TIME throughout the East. Siva Kalah Bairava (Buddhist KALAH BAIRAB) always has some kind of Leonid facial or head features. Please, Friends, do not ignore or doubt the importance of this! Once all of humanity worshiped HARI Krishna and VASUDEVA Balarama, and Their Holy Spirit Paramatman!

The Wrathful Yahu Tzabaoth Lord of Hosts/ TIME, the God and Deliverer of the Mixed Multitude of Devotees in the Exodus story, WAS and IS Krishna-Vishnu/Shiva KALAH of the Bhagavad-Gita! Romans, Greeks, Africans, Semites, Persians and Easterners ALL remembered HIM as the Supreme Lord of the Previous Earth Age! For God and Humanity’s sake, why do the Vaishnavas not grasp the importance of this? The late Myth of Time devouring His Children is a remnant of this universal revelation of Krishna Kalah’s Theophany in the Gita where Arjuna sees Kalah devouring the worlds!

Please, Dear Vaishnavas, I beg you to put aside any pre-concieved notions that you have and seriously consider these facts. Kalah TIME is an important Name of Lord Narasimha, that can be found with many other Names of SIVA in the various Litanies of the Names of Nara Hari / Narasimha in Vaishnavism. I have seen various collections of the 108 Names of Narahari and these have all contained the Names KALAH and Bairava. Krishna-Vishnu is Kalah/Time. Siva is Kalah/Time. Narahari is Kalah/Time. Eli-Yahu Tzabaoth the Biblical God of the Exodus is TIME (Lord of the Heavenly Hosts, sun moon and star-time). Jupiter-Zeus Amun-Ra is TIME. Roman Jupiter Saturnus is TIME. Zeus Chronus is TIME. Apademak is Amun Ra is TIME. Persian ZERVAN, Zoroastrian and Mithraic Zervan are all TIME. AND, this Deity is always LION HEADED or alternately He has a Man’s head and a Lion Body SPHINX Form as the NARA-HARI MAN-LION! 

“TIME I AM, DESTROYER OF THE WORLDS…..” Krishna-Vishnu (as Siva) Bhagavad-Gita


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