Once Krishna-Vishnu as Lord Nara-Hari / KALAH / TIME was worshiped as the Supreme Lord World-wide

This illustration is from an important Meroe illustration of Apademak and the King and Queen of Meroe.

This illustration is from an important Meroe illustration of Apademak and the King and Queen of Meroe.


 Once Krishna-Vishnu as Lord Nara-Hari / KALAH / TIME was worshiped as the Supreme Lord World-wide! He was the Deliverer of the Jews and Mixed-Multitude in their Biblical Exodus from slavery in Egypt! When Arjuna sees Krishna-Vishnu/Shiva as Kalah, Kalah has unlimited heads, arms bellies etc. He is the Cosmic Kalah Purusha. He is both Nara-Hari and as the Cosmic Purusha He is Jagannatha. Minimally 4 heads represents the 4 dimensions or 3 dimensions and time. Or three heads or three eyes is because He is Tri-Lok-Atma or Tri-Aksha. He is the Self / Atma of the Three Worlds, Past Present and Future. He may also be Tri-purari, the destroyer of the Tri-Pura / Tri-Poli three cities or realms. As Tri-Aksha Lord Narahari often has Three Eyes like Shiva! Thus He was called Helios Tri-Occulos (TRI-AKSHA) or Jupiter-Zeus-Amun Tri-Opes! Vishnu, Shiva and Lokeshvara often have multiple heads and arms. This is part of the Tradition of their Universal Form.


This is the relief (carving) that the used illustration has been made from. There are other depictions of Apademak still extant from the Era of Meroe.

This is the relief (carving) that the used illustration has been made from. There are other depictions of Apademak still extant from the Era of Meroe.

KRISHNA- VISHNU NARA-HARI Leontocephalos Lion-Headed TIME / KALAH of the Bhagavad-Gita, as the Biblical YAHU-TZABAOTH and Zeus-Jupiter Chronos-Saturus, Egyptian HERU-AUSU-Ammon-RA, Kushite Apademak, Shaivite and Buddhist Kalah-Bairab, Mithraic Zervan, etc. HE, ARYEH / HARYAH is the “Lion of Judah”, NARA-HARI, the Biblical Exodus Deliverer and Protector of the Jews!

Did you know that Saturn’s-Day Sabbath-Keeping is widely associated with the worship of Krishna-Vishnu as Nara-Hari Kalah, the all-devouring Supreme Lord as Lion-Headed TIME? From Tamil Nadu to Nepal, I, Bhakti Ananda Goswami, have seen Vaishnava Calendars with Saturday Sabbaths marked-off and decorated with Sri Yantras, the ‘Megan David’ ‘Star’ of Israel and Judah / the Jews. 

Even in late corrupted astrologically-related mythology ‘Saturn’ or Shani-deva is closely associated with the worship of Lord Nara-Hari! Please, everyone, I am begging you with a ‘straw between my teeth’ to understand that the Yahu-Tzabaoth of the Jews IS Krishna-Vishnu-Siva Kalah of the GITA! 

The central relief of Apademak is from Meroe, which is South of Egypt. In Egypt the Lion-Headed Form of the Supreme Lord Heru-Ausu was called Ammon-Ra or Amun, Amon etc. He may be seen in His Universal Form on the top of the famous Metternich Stela, where He is clearly depicted as the Origin of all of the Heliopolitan and Theban ‘gods’. 

The Murti mis-identified above as “Mithra of Persia” is actually Zervan, the Supreme Lord of the Persian pre-Zoroastrian Religion of Zervanism. In Zoroaster’s Religion (Zoroastrianism) and later related Mithraism, Zervan was retained as the Sourse of both the Good God Ahura Mazda and the Personified Evil, Ahriman. Thus Zervan or Lion-Headed-Time was the real historically and theologically Supreme God of the Persian and later wide-spread Tradiions of Zervanism, Zoroastrianism and Mithraism. 

King Tanyidamani and Lord Apademak

King Tanyidamani and Lord Apademak

In Greece, Zervan was identified as Zeus-Chronus / TIME. In Rome, Zervan was identified as Jupiter Saturnus / TIME. In Egypt, Zervan was identified as Zeus-Jupiter-Ammon TIME. In Israel and Judah He was identified as ARI-EL and ARI-YAHU the LION Form of ELI-YAHU the God of the Hebrews, Israelites and Judahites (the Jews). This Lion-Headed Time Form of the Jewish Deity can be seen on amulets that were worn by ancient Jewish soldiers and even on official seals and coins of the Jews. As YAHU-TZABAOTH the “Lord of Hosts”, He was the wrathful Form of the Lord, Who delivered the Jews and the Mixed Multitude out of chattle slavery in Egypt. 

In the Bibilcal Tradition, the setting of the confrontation between the related but adversarial Pandavas and Kurus occurs when the Hebrews, Israelites and Mixed Multitude are preparing to cross the Red Sea to the Sinai Peninsula, and the Pharaoh’s Army is being miraculously restrained from attacking them BY THE LORD YAHU-TZABAOTH IN THE FORM OF A PILLAR OF FLAME AND SMOKE! This is the Form of Siva, Who as KALAH-Bhairava is worshiped by the Shaivites and Mahayana Buddhists! Krishna-Vishnu’s Wrathful Universe-devouring Form in His Bhagavad-Gita is KALAH / LION-HEADED TIME. Kalah is a Name of Lord Nrisimhadeva, the Nara-Hari or Man-Lion Form of the Vaishnava’s Lord, Krishna-Vishnu. When Sri Krishna-Vishnu bring’s Arjuna’s chariot up between the two hostile Forces in the setting of the Bhagavad-Gita, TIME STANDS STILL while Sri Krishna sings His Gita to Arjuna. The opposing Armies of the Pandavas and the Kurus are in suspended animation while they hear Sri Krishna’s Self-Revelatory GREAT-I-AM Song! According to some Shaivite and other Indic Traditions, while this was occuring Shiva-Kalah appeared as a PILLAR OF FLAME between the two Armies. 

de-mann-jean-pierre-temple-of-apademak-old-temple-of-naga-the-kingdom-of-meroe-sudan_i-G-38-3837-Z9ZYF00ZThus in both the Egyptian Version and the Indic Version of Sri Krishna-Vishnu-Siva’s Great-I-Am Revelation Lila Story, the armed conflict between the Devotee Personalists and the God-rejecting Im-Personalists is miraculously held-off while the Personal Self-Revelation of Godhead is taking place! In the Indic Tradition, this TIME-OUT during which the GITA Revelation occurs is associated with the Pillar of Flame Form of Siva, Who is Kalah, and Who is the Lion-headed Wrathful Form of Sri Krishna-Vishnu, Nara-Hari. Nara-Hari is Sanskrit HARYEH and Hebrew ARYEH is the Lion-Headed God of the JEWS. He is the Lord of the Exodus Story, YAHU-TZABAOTH, the Lord of Hosts (both Heavenly Hosts / Sun, Moon and Asterims, and Earthly Armies), Who the ancients identified with the Protector of Israel and Judah, the Lion-Headed Form of God as SATURNUS-CHRONUS-AMMON / UNIVERSAL TIME. LION-HEADED TIME is the Lord of the 7 DAY WEEK, and His Wrathful Protective Form is worshiped especially on SATURDAY, Lord Nara-Hari’s Special Sabbath Day!


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