Explaining the Metternich Stela – Evidence Confirming Ancient Recognition of the One Supreme God


147436The Supreme Godhead Heru-Amun Ra is centered on top. He has a Leonid Head, four wing-arm limbs, two arm hands, one holds a WAS Septre of VASU-DEVA! All of the ‘gods’ on this stela holding these WS Yahu / Vasudeva Septres are Expansions or Incarnations of His. Those holding AUSU (Ausar / Osiris) and DJED etc. Septres are also His Expansions, Theophanies or Incarnations, but they are the ‘Gods’ of the other Heliopolitan Alliances or the Northern School of HERU-AUSU-ATUM rather than those of the Southern School of HERU-WASU-ATEN or VASU-DEVA at Thebes (WASET / VASTU or Dios-Polis-Magnus / Maha-Deva-Purusha). With Lord Nara-Hari Kalah on top, this stela cearly depicts Him as the Orgin of ALL of the Nome Arch / Monarchy (Pharonic) Patron ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’ of Egypt. This Stela therefore is an illustration of the Self-Revelation of Sri Krishna-Vishnu as the Supreme Lord Nara-Hari (Man-Lion) ) Kalah / Time in His Bhagavad-gita Theophany.

In the related Egyptian mis-labeled ‘HEKA’ Murti in this Album, He clearly has African facial features which identify Him as Amun-Ra Apademak, the Supreme Lord of KUSH / MEROE and the Lands South of Egypt. The ‘Crown’ determinative on top of His Head is a typical Compound Crown of HERU-AUSU-ATUM that combines the symbols of the specific religio-political alliance that worships this particular Form of the Lord, HERU-AUSU-ATUM. This Crown combines a large Uraeus with two levels of AMUN-KHNUM Ram Horns that are both separated and connected by eight smaller Uraeus Cobras. Ananta Sesha Naga holds up the Worlds. These are surmounted by a final single Uraeus Cobra, Who holds the Discus Chakra Hieroglyph for HERU / HARI and His Supreme Abode. Thus the entire Murti represents the Cosmology and Supra-Cosmological Metaphysics of HERU-AUSU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU-ADON / HARI-VASU-ATMAN. Below is the Material Universe VIRATA-RUPA or COSMIC FORM of PURUSHA, above Him the Vaikuntha Planets of the Spiritual Sky, and on top is Sri Hari and His Supreme Abode, all Manifest and ‘supported’ by Ananta Sesha Naga, the Seraphic Serpent of Infinity. 

50.85_06Behind Him is usually His hawk’s or eagle’s GARUDA tail, and He is usually trampling serpents and crocodiles and other envious and poisonous dangerous beasts and denizens of the ‘lower planets’ beneath His feet. He is the Lion-Headed wrathful TIME MAN KALAH PURUSHA that Arjuna sees, Who devours the Worlds at the end of each material universe. In late Indian Vaishnava Kalah Purusha Icons, the Cosmic Purusha is often depicted exactly in the Egyptian way, with the HIERarchical 3 Worlds of the Kalah Purusha shown as a lowest material Cosmos of Solar-Lunar and Siderial Time (Sun, Moon and Stars), the Vaikuntha Spiritual Sky above His Time-Man Kalah-Purusha Form, and the Original Supreme Abode of HARI / HERU, Goloka Vrindavan, as the ‘Highest Heaven’ above the Vaikuntha Spiritual Sky. This GOLOKA ( or Gokula) Highest Heaven is the BUKOLIC GOKURAKU Highest Heaven PARADESHA / PARADISE of the Pure Land Buddhist and Judeo-cCatholic Christian Traditions.

All of these spiritual and material worlds are manifest and sustained by Lord Baladeva, Who is the Second Self Alter-Form and the Seraphic Garuda-Ananta ‘Winged-Serpent’ Vahana and Asana etc. of HARI / HERU.

Together the Afro-Egyptian HERU-AUSU, HARI-VASU Krishna and Baladeva, are the ELI-YAHU of the Semites and the HORUS / KOUROS HELI-OS of the Greeks. In this context, one must think of the Holy Name of VASU-DEVA, the Biblical Supreme Deity Bal-YAHU, and the Afro-Egyptian Supreme Deity AUSU /WASU THEOS, as the Seed or mula mantra Name of Lord Balarama as the DEITY VASU / VISHNU of the Catur-VYUHA. Thus this Holy Name is not as ‘just’ a patronymic of Krishna and Balarama as the Earthly lila sons of Vyasadeva or Vasudeva. The 4 primary Nama-Rupa Name-Forms of Lord Baladeva’s Expansions as the Catur Vyuha are Vasu-Deva, San-Karshana, Pradumya and Aniruddha. These Catur (Quatros) 4 Vaikuntha Forms of the Lord are twice represented here, in this Egyptian Murti that I am describing, because of the symmetrical 3-divison schema of the ‘Crown’ with its identifying ‘determinatives’. The Manifestations of Lord Kalah / TIME are eternally the same, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Thus HE is the Knower of the Fields of the Three Realms. He often has three eyes, as the witness or ‘Seer’ of the Three Worlds. Thus He is Helios Tri-occulos, or Zeus-Jupiter-Amun Tri-opes. He is Tri-Lok-Atma, the Self (ATMAN / ATUM / ATEN / ADON / ATOMOS / AUTOS / ONTOS) ) of the Three Lokas / Locales / Locations, Worlds of the Past, Present and Future.

The 3 divisions schema of the past, present and future in such sacred ‘cult images’ representing Eternity / AION / Kalah as Infinite ‘Time’ is usually carried-through in such ‘crowns’ that are symmetrical. Thus in this Murti, we see the CATUR VYUHA represented as 4 NAGAS on both the left and the right sides of the Vaikuntha level of the Supra-cosmic hierarchy of Godhead’s Domains / Dhamas.

Khnum is the Egyptian Name of the Lord HARI / HERU derived from the root KARA or KRI as in both KRIMA / KARMA and CREATOR. Sri Krishna-Visnu is KARTRI the CREATOR and KRITA-KRITA the Creator of Creators. His JUDGEMENT is the Biblical Greek KRIMA, either as good su-KARMA or ‘bad’ vi-KARMA. As VISHVA KARMAN / KHNUM, He is the Material Creator Form of Vishnu. He is Universal KARMA as Divine JUDGEMENT. He is the Egyptian KHNUM Who creates the new bodies of all things and beings on His ‘Potters’ Wheel’. This identifies Him as Vishva-KARMAN or the Universal Architect or Artisen Who fashions all things with His Ray-Hands (KARA in Sanskrit means both RAY and Hand). Please note the ACTIS or RE / RAY shafts of Light terminating in Hands that emanate from the CIRCLE / GILGUL / CYCLE / CHAKRA discus HIERO-glyphs of HERU / HARI in Egyptian Heliopolitan Icons and Murtis. Sri HARI is effulgent and His AURA, HALO or CORONA is His CROWN. He is HARI and His Feminine Shakti is HARINI, which is why one of the Holy Names of the Shekinah / Shakti of Eli-Yahu / Heli-Os is CORONIS / HARINI.

The scene on this stela depicts HR (Hari) as a child standing on crocodiles (All Reptilian Representations are form of Ananta Shesha) and holding ferocious, little beasts in each hand. Other forms of HR and Shakti are seen Standing upon Coiled Serpents, another representative of Ananta Shesha. The Hawks, Vultures and Ibis headed beings are also representations of Ananta in his form of Garuda.

The scene on this stela depicts HR (Hari) as a child standing on crocodiles (A Representation of the envious Reptilian beings like Kaliya Naga) and holding ferocious, little beasts in each hand. Other forms of HR and Shakti are seen Standing upon Coiled Serpents, another representative of Ananta Shesha. The Hawks, Vultures and Ibis headed beings are also representations of Ananta in his form of Garuda.

KARA is a Sanskrit PUN for both RAY and HAND, thus RAY-HANDS emanate from HARI / HERU doing the creative and redemptive work of all of the spiritual and material worlds. These are the RE/RA RAY-HANDS of PR -RA- ATUM, Indic PARAM-ATMAN, the Aten, that hold the Ankh Crosses of Life in the Iconography of the Amarna Period. As Sri Krishna HARI or SURYA-NARAYANA is KARANA-MALIN ‘Garlanded with ray-hands’, His CORONA is His CROWN.

Afro-Egyptian Apademak, Harmeti or HERU-Amun-Ra is NOT a ‘demon’ or a mere ‘solar god’! He is the Supreme Lord of the Semites and Jews as the Lion-Headed ARI-YAHU or ARI-EL. He is the Supreme God of the Persians as Zervan. He is the Lord of the great Greek and Roman Heliopolitan Monotheists. As Kalah-Bairava Time, He is the Wrathful Leonid Three-Eyed Lord of the Sattvic Shaivites and the Pure Land Buddhists. Thus it is obvious that the peoples of Africa, Europe and Asia once all worshiped Sri KRISHNA’s central Theophany or Self-Revelation as the Great I AM of all TIME / KALAH in His Bhagavad-gita AS IT IS and AS IT WAS. Please recite the Names of Lord NARA-HARI the Lion-Headed Form of Sri HARI or KRISHNA. In these Holy Names you will find the Names of KALAH and SHIVA! Krishna is also HAREYAH, SURYA, SUREH, SURIH, HAREH, HARIH etc. The Supreme Lord Adi Purusha of Pure Land Buddhism is HARIH or HRIH. The Hebrew Supreme Godhead Name ARI-YAHU / ARYEH is this same compound Holy Name. As a variation of the Jewish Hebrew Holy Name ELO-AH / ELI-YAHU (Egyptian HERU-AUSU [HOR-US], Greek HELI-OS, Roman SOLE-US, Sanskrit HARI-VASU etc.), occurs in Arabic as ALLAH.

Wikipedia mis-identifies this Form of the Supreme Egyptian God Heru-Amun-Ra on the Metternich Stela as Heka and “…a winged man who represents the demonic solar god Harmeti.”. HK HX as a Form of HERU should not be confused with a modern occult understanding of ‘magic’. Such confusion will lead to the kind of statement made in the wiki article on the Metternich Stela: “…There is a winged man who represents the demonic solar god Harmeti.” This erroneous wiki statement is referring to the same Bhagavad-gita Theophany Cosmic Time-Form of Hari-Vasu, Heru-Ausu (Hor-Us), Helios, Eli-Yahu, Zeus or Jupiter Amun-Ra as I have described in this Album.

Please see my 40+ years of other writings on the primal worship of HARI and related subjects, for additional evidence regarding the religious unity of humanity in the ancient World.

KaalBhairavApademak in Meroe is the same Deity as Heru-Amun-Ra at Thebes further North, and the Lion-Headed Heru-Amun (Man-Lion Sphinx) in the still further North earliest Heru-Asu Heliopolitan Religion, which had its prehistoric origin in the worship of Helios Kouros and Rhoda on Their Sacred Mediterranean (Middle Earth) Lotus-Island of Rhoda-Nymphia.

This is the Wrathful Form of Hari, Lord Nara-Hari as TIME / KALAH the Cosmic Devourer! Shaivites called Him Kalah Bairava. Mahayana Buddhists call Him Mahadeva and Kalah Bairab. He is WS-THEOS VASU-DEVA and He holds a WS Septre of His Capital City of WST ‘WASET’ VASTU, the Southerly Egyptian Capital of Thebes / Thebae Devas. WASET / VASTU was called in Greek, the ancient City of the THEOS, DIOS-POLIS-MAGNUS or Maha-Deva-Purusha. WASU-THEOS the Supreme All-God of THEBES / VASTU was identified with AUSAR / OSIRIS and so on this Stela, the Nome Gods and Goddesses hold both OSIRIAN and WASU-Theos Septres. 

In His multiple hands VASUDEVA holds the Septres of His various Domains / DHAMAS. 

The Nagas on His Legs identify Him as the ANGA-NAGA pun Anguiped Deity of the YADAVAS. Normally He is shown with an erect phallus, the HIEIROglyph for MN ‘MIN’ / MANU the Father of the Human Family. His all-seeing Eyes (right and left) Are the Sun and Moon, and have many other associations.

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