Deciphering God’s Holy Name Is Not Word Jugglery & How Racist Aryanism In Linguistics Obscured The Truth

Lord Ramachandra liberates  Ahalya from the curse of Sage Gautama

Lord Ramachandra liberates Ahalya from the curse of Sage Gautama

As I investigate and reveal the historical prominence of the name of God I have NO use or interest in grammatical word jugglery! I am not a Paninian Grammarian or any other kind of grammarian. I realize that many have interest in their own and in other’s inner personal spirituality. My mission also concerns human inter-personal spirituality and relationality. Humans are internally traumatized by the divisive lies and fear-mongering of racism, sexism, and all of the other isms of the enslaving ‘false gods of the World’. This internal condition of heart-broken fearful alienation from other human beings works-out into the World as things like pogroms, ‘communal rioting’, political and militarily organized genocidal campaigns and World Wars. These horrors are NOT due to the positive will of GOD! 


God Who Is LOVE comes here ‘or sends His Representative’ from Age to Age (Yuga to Yuga) to defeat the enslaving cruel false gods of the World and to remind us that we are all His jivatmas, who exist to LOVE and BE LOVED by Him and each other! 

So, how is it possible that people are so confused that they are oppressing and even killing each other in the Name of this Same God? The Biblical Story of the Tower of Babel has one explanation, called the Confusion of Tongues. The premise of the Story is that all of humankind once spoke the Language of Eden, which was the Language of God and His Angels.

Then at some point humans became so arrogant that in their hubris they sought to use the language of God for the un-godly purpose of building a kind of astrological observatory, or siege tower for actually storming the Celestial Planets (Planetary Heavens) to ‘be like the gods’. To prevent a worse outcome, the Story narrates how God decided to ‘confuse their tongues’ (language, speech), like a parent who separates their naughty chidren to keep them out of trouble. 

building_the_tower_of_babel.jpg.w560h371Thus God separated the Tongues (languages) and Tribes of Humanity to keep them, in their arrogance, from a great harm. All of a sudden groups of the conspirators could not understand each other. Those who could, went off to form their own societies. This was the beginning of the separated tribes and tongues of humanity. 

Were there any peoples who were faithful to God and who were allowed to keep a remnant of the Edenic Tongue? Did anyone remember the Name or Names of the One True God? Many Sacred Traditions claim to have a Sacred Language and a revealed Name of God. Do any Traditions or Tribes have prophecies of a time when humanity will become humble before God, and the tongues or ‘hoops’ of the separated Tribes will come together in understanding again? Yes.

Such ideas are common among indigenous peoples the World over. Many peoples have an idea of a future time of happiness when a hidden Holy Name of God will be restored to all of humankind, and Peace will reign again on Earth.

In my study of World Religions, I found that many peoples World-wide believe in God and think that THEIR LANGUAGE is The Original Language of humanity, of ‘God and the Angels’. Prominent among these peoples are the ‘Hindus’ possessing Sanskrit, the Jews possessing Hebrew and the Arabs possessing Arabic.

Then there are the Persian Parsees, Sikhs and many other living Traditions, including those of scattered Indigenous Peoples who have a Sacred Language. My own studies focused on the ancient origins of words, especially Deity Names and terms of religious significance, all with the purpose of seeing if there was a common Litany of Deity Names and religious vocabulary that might be a remnant of humanity’s Primal Tongue.

Could the Sanskritists and Hebraists BOTH be correct? Was it possible that both Hebrew and Sanskrit shared a common inheritance of ‘Edenic’ or Primal Names of God and other words of religious significance? 

White Racist and Anti-Semitic Aryanism dominating in Western Academia forbid the comparison of Sanskrit and Hebrew. Everything Jewish or Semitic (not Arab or Muslim, but specifically Jewish) was hated by the White Racist Euro-Aryanists that ruled the Western Humanities Disciplines in the development of the Modern Era. As a linguist my interested has been in comparative linguistics, lexicography and etymology, especially focusing on Deity Names and terms of religious, socio-political, biological, ethnological and geographical (place name) importance.

In the 1960s my first ‘discovery’ was that the MANY By-Names of the One True God of the ancient Hebrews, Israelites and Judha-ites (Jews) were also Names of the Supreme God of the peoples surrounding the Jews. How could this be? Was the God of the Jews also worshiped by other peoples? Who were these other peoples worshiping the One True God, and what was their relationship-to or with the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews? Was it possible that the God of the Bible was also the God of the Vedas? Who would that One True God of the Vedas be? 

Acropolis of ancient Rhodes. Temple of Apollo Pythios.

Acropolis of ancient Rhodes. Temple of Apollo Pythios.

Quickly following the golden thread of the Holy Name(s), I understood that the faithful Devotees of the Bible were part of wide-reaching religio-political Asyla Federations, Religious Leagues or Alliances with other peoples worshiping God by the same Holy Names. These Rhodian-centered Heliopolitan Monotheistic Religious Alliances formed and re-formed over thousands of years, with Indo-Europeans, Semites and Africans all participating in them!

This truth of our Indo-European, African and Semitic (and by extension GLOBAL) ability to cooperate with each other as ONE PEOPLE OF THE ONE TRUE GOD, thrilled me to the core of my being, and has compelled me ever since to fight the divisive-ness of the lies of White Racist Aryanism with the truth of our common cause as One People of the One True GOD WHO IS LOVE.

My contributions are intended to remove learned obstacles to our optimally loving relationship with God Ess and other Beings. From our birth we are taught, with language and in other ways, a way of relating, or not, to God Ess and other Beings. When this way of relating, or not, contains untruth that fills us with the irrational, unnecessary fear and hatred of God Ess and other beings, it makes us soul-sickened beings, distorts and destroys our relationships with God Ess and Others. 

To teach people something very new, sometimes they need to un-learn pathological ways of thinking that they have previously learned. Thus I have to dis-illusion people a lot, by exposing the lies and distortions that they have been taught. Thus I seek both to provide the documentable, provable FACTS which can UNITE HUMANITY, and to expose the previous lies and distortions that have divided us.

Some of the comparative linguistics fields that have developed since I began my own word-origins and comparative linguistic studies in the 1960s are of particular interest to me, as evidence from these important emerging fields of study has supported my own general thesis in many various ways. 

Among the emerging linguistic fields that have challenged the old White Racist Aryanist paradigm of language development and human civilization are (after Cyrus Gordon) Afro-Hellenosemitica, Afro-centrism, the Nostratic Linguistic Superfamily, Edenics, and Monogenesis .

Here is a useful little summary of Monogenesis with some links: 


“…recently finished reading The Origin of Speeches: Intelligent Design in Language, a fascinating book by Edenics scholar Isaac E. Mozeson. 
Edenics is a linguistics project undertaken to study the original human mother tongue called Edenic, the language given to Adam in the garden of Eden. Mozeson is the leader of a group of scholars working on Edenics.

Wikipedia entries related to this idea include “Adamic Language‘” “Proto-World Language,” and “Monogenesis.”

Whereas Mozeson is an independent scholar, Merritt Ruhlen is a more credentialed linguist, a Stanford professor who advocates a monogenetic view of human language. I previously reviewed his book The Origin of Languages: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue – also a fascinating book — see my previous entry, “Ruhlen’s ‘The Origin of Language’ Points to Common Source for All Tongues.”

I was hopeful to collaborate with Isaac Mozeson, but then he told me that he specifically did NOT want me to send him any Sanskrit-Hebrew cognate Deity Names or religious terms, and since my work focuses on these, I found that his restrictions were more than impractical for me. 

Cyrus Gordon’s great break-through work establishing the counter-Aryanism field of Hellenosemitica was very important to me, as it was the first academic work to break-through the domination of comparative linguistics by the foundational Eurocentric school of White Racist Aryanism. 

The Aryanists of course tried to destroy Gordon, but scholars like Astour and later Bernal took up his challenge to White Racist Aryanism in the linguistics of Western Academia, and they really mounted a strong campaign. 

Here are some references that will show you how important this challenge to Racist Aryanism has become in the field of comparative linguistics.

Hellenosemitica. An ethnic and cultural study in West Semitic impact on Mycenaean Greece [Hardcover] 
M. C. ASTOUR (Author) 

Black Athena Writes Back
This item: Black Athena Writes Back: Martin Bernal Responds to His Critics by Martin Bernal Paperback $25.04

Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985, Volume 1) by Martin Bernal Paperback $31.37 
Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (Volume 2: The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence) by Martin Bernal Paperback $30.47

Heresy In The University: The Black Athena Controversy and the Responsibilities of American Intellectuals [Paperback] 
Jacques Berlinerblau

By Steven H. Propp

Paninian Grammar through its Examples .:: Institut Français de … › Research › Objectives. In Sanskrit culture, Grammar (vyakarana) is given a central place. It is even considered as the first science (sastra). The Astadhyayi of Panini ( 4th …

Nostratic languages – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nostratic is a hypothetical language family (sometimes called a macrofamily or a superfamily) that includes many of the indigenous language families of Eurasia, …

History of research – Constituent language families – Urheimat and differentiation


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  1. ‘The Truth Offends.’

    This has naught to do with racism, but the truth is that the original Aryans were radiant semi-ethereal, semi-physical humans of great purity, who gradually lost their ethereality and descended into materiality over a lengthy period of time. When fully materialized their flesh-and-blood form was that of the Nordic Aryan, of a constitutional purity and vitality that no longer exists, regrettably. These pure Nordics then dispersed in an east-west-south trajectory, encountering ‘others’ along the way with whom they interbred to produce the types with which we are familiar, namely, Nordic, Dinaric, etc. They eventually spread out over an even vaster area, leaving their unmistakable imprimatur on nearly every cultural zone from China to India, Central Asia to the Middle East, North Africa to Southern Europe, and even the circum-Caribbean. This is attested to in the following quotes from these reputable, unbiased researchers, among others:

    “The myths and legends of Greece, India, and South America describe their [the ‘god-kings’] rule. They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, marble-like white skin, and remarkable powers which enabled them to perform miracles.” – The late John A. Keel, one of the world’s leading authorities on the so-called ‘Extraterrestrial Phenomenon’, in his book ‘Our Haunted Planet.’ –

    ‘It is surely pertinent that almost all traditions which refer to culture-heroes…describe them as white, tall, bearded, and invariably superior to the aboriginal peoples among whom they appeared — often suddenly — to impart laws, crafts and useful information – D. S. Allan and J. B. Delair in their book ‘When the Earth Nearly Died.’ –

    I confidently assert that all academia will one day have to openly acknowledge and admit that the main elements of high culture and civilization spread from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and India, and that White Aryan people are truly the purest living descendants of the ‘gods’–both genotypically and phenotypically.

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