The Hidden Glory of Srimati Radharani is Eternally Visible

Srimati Radharani, the Queen of Devotion and the Queen of Vrindavan

Srimati Radharani, the Queen of Devotion and the Queen of Vrindavan

It is a fact that many Vaishnava scholars say that Srimati Radharani is ‘Hidden’ even in the Srimad Bhagavatam, and that Her Holy Name is only revealed in the word Aradhanam for Her superlative embodiment of Service to Hari as Love-Of-God in Person. However if we know where and how to ‘see’ Her throughout the historical record, She is ALWAYS there with Krishna and Balarama! She is the Adi Shakti / Shekinah of the Supreme Lord. Just as He has hundreds and millions of Holy Names, She does too. Just as He as the Adi Purusha manifests in countless Forms, She as the Adi Prakriti does too! Wherever He is, She is too. However, Her Highest Original Name-Form ‘never leaves’ Her BUCOLIC BOUKOLION BOUSAALA Supreme Abode PARADISE of BRENDA’s VANA on Rhodes. 

Everywhere else, She is worshiped in Awe and Reverence in One of Her Sacred Queen Forms. Thus every OTHER sacred place has its Presiding Queen TYCHE or FORTUNA, LUCRETIA-MONETA, ‘LADY LUCK’, MINTHE or LAKSHMI. Coins were first ‘minted’ at Her Laxmi Shrines. Money is Named for Her MONETA. LUCRE (MONEY) and LUCK (FORTUNE) are named for Her. As FORTUNA She is the ‘Consort’ of God as Providence. Throughout the entire ancient World She is the merciful Sacred Queen, Who is the Mother of all of Her Peoples. So, internally and on Rhodes, She is RHODA-KORE etc. but everywhere else She is worshiped in one of Her other Forms. Thus She is identified by Her Rhodes-related an-iconic Forms, pictorial puns, hieroglyphs or symbols. For example the HEXAD says Her Name, HXD=SKT SHAKTI. The ROSE or a RED FLOWER says Her Name RHODA. The NYMPHIA / LOTUS says Her Name Sri or Padma. The STAR says Her Name ASTERIA, STELLA or ASTRAYA, TARA. Sacred BASIL says Her Name BASILEA, the Queen of Heaven! 

To my friend Brannon; your Christian/European Holy Name BRANNON is a masculine variant of BRANDON, or Feminine BRENDA / VRINDA which is a Holy By-Name of Srimati Tulasi Devi. Srimati Tulasi Devi is one of the most primary ‘expansions’ of Srimati Radharani. She is the RANI or Rajani ‘Queen’ REGINA Aspect or Personality of Radhadevi Who Tulsi-Plantpresides over the Supreme Abode of Goloka VRINDA-vana. In the Rhodian Tradition She would be Rhoda’s Form as the supreme Wood Nymph BASILEA, the Ocimum Sanctum Sacred Basil of the Greek Anointed Kings and Queens, the Basileos and Basilea.

Jesus took the last few drops of the sins of the Universe on some Tulasi Leaves when He was on the Cross! Then he said “It is FINISHED!” and ‘becoming sin for us’ He was pierced by the VEL of Skanda, which destroys sin, and as the Cosmic Purusha He was Slain for the Sins of the entire Cosmic Manifestation! Then He descended to the Dead and Harrowed Shoel / Hell and the Grave. In Pure Land Buddhism Lokesvara descends to the Hellish planets to save all of the souls there! This descent to the Dead is connected to Friday-Saturday and Mary’s Sabbatine Priviliage and Tulasi Worship!

When you understand that Rhoda-Kore of Rhodes was the Origin of all of the Feminine Receivers of Godhead (MEGHISTOS KOUROS / KRISHNA), the Korae Milk Maids/Gopis, the Floral Herb and Forest Nymphs, Spring and River Nayads / Naiads, Muses, Hours, Horae Seasons, Moons/Months, Feminine Asterim, Wind and Air-Spirits, Mer-Maids, Sacred Queens, Goddesses and Women etc. of the Sacred Greek World, then you will start to recognize Her everywhere! Then You will see Her everywhere in ancient India where She is as REVEALED through Her Sacred NAMA-RUPA Forms and Symbols just as much as She is ‘hidden’ by Them!


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