The Apostolic Traditions Identify Jesus Christ as God


All Glories to Lord Bala-Yahu Who descends as the Cosmic Purusha and takes away the sins of the World! Happy are we who are called to His Supper! Lord we are not worthy to receive You, but only say the Word and we shall be healed! Jesus Maha Purusha Yupa Dhvaja ki jaya!

Question: “I can read on your photo that Lord Jesus Christ would have appeared in Bethlehem fulfilling a Vedic prophecy. In what way does this fulfillment of a Vedic prophecy in the case of Jesus has any importance to you? I appreciate Jesus as a charismatic holy personality and for the way he acted and revealed spiritual knowledge to his compatriots as described by some of his disciples and other evangelists in the Bible.”

Answer by Bhakti Ananda Goswami: From your comment it appears that you have the same appreciation of Jesus Christ as that of many other ISKCON-related Vaishnavas and Hindus, who in our time have been heavily influenced by the neo-Gnosticism of the Western Esoteric (Occult) Tradition. Possibly convinced by anti-cCatholic sources that the cCatholic Apostolic Tradition from Jesus Christ is invalid, as a result you can only appreciate Him as “…a charismatic holy personality and for the way he acted and revealed spiritual knowledge to his compatriots as described by some of his disciples and other evangelists in the Bible.” 

People, including Neo-Gnostics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others, who have been taught to reject the historical reality and theological validity of all of the ancient and Apostolic cCatholic Rites of the 5 Main Sampradayas from Jesus Christ, are only left with the kind of ‘Jesus’ that you appreciate. Such a merely human ‘finite jiva tattva’ ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ can easily be re-presented as just a Vaishnava Missionary to the meat eaters, a Muslim Prophet, a mere Jewish Reformer, a Theravadin Buddhist, a Mayavadi Hindu, a Theosophical Society Ascended Master of the Great White Aryan Brotherhood, a Rudolf Steiner-like or New Age Maitreya, or even a UFO contactee. 

But, what has ‘importance’ to me is the actual revelatory history and theology of the GOD Jesus Christ of those 5 ancient and Apostolic cCatholic Mass Rite (Moksha Rtya) Lineages. I want to know why the Apostles of the cCatholic Church thought and taught that THEIR Jesus Christ was the Second Person of the ancient Heliopolitan Trinitarian Godhead of ELI-YAHU-ADON / HERU-AUSU-ATUM / HARI-VASU-ATMAN. Why, if the Jesus Christ of the Apostles was just an ’empowered’ finite soul, did His Disciples leave behind 5 great cCatholic Apostolic Lineages, which ALL taught that He was GOD? The 5 main cCatholic Apostolic Rites of Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, Byzantium and Rome ALL taught the same things, even though they taught these same Apostolic Doctrines and Practices, including their core Sacraments and Mass Rites in different languages and cultural forms! How astonishing is that! Thus from the beginning the cCatholic Apostolic Communion of the GOD JESUS CHRIST mystically embodied His UNIQUELY catholic / universal ‘Unity in Diversity’ as a continuation of all of the previous Heliopolitan Asyla Federations of the ancient World!

BalaramaThus the Early cCatholic Apostolic Church had its Sacred Traditions of the GOD JESUS and from the GOD JESUS in Serapean Alexandrian Egyptian Coptic, the Hebrew and Aramaic-related Semitic Language Dialect of Jerusalem and Lebanon, the Biblical Greek of Byzantium and in the Latin Language of Rome. Today there are more than 20 ancient and Apostolic Catholic Rites in the Asyla Federation that is now known as the Roman Communion. The ancient and Apostolic Eastern Orthodox Churches are still of-course small ‘c’ catholic / universal in their Apostolic Doctrines and Practices too, and they also 100% teach the Divinity of Jesus Christ as the Second Person of the Godhead. So, factually there is no legitimate Parampara or Sampradaya Lineage from the Jesus Christ of any of His known Disciples, which does NOT teach that Jesus was and is both FULLY GOD and FULLY MAN. All of these MASS RITES / MOKSHA RTYAS of the DIKSHA / DISCIPLIC Lineages from Jesus Christ also teach that He is the historical and theological ‘cognate’ of Lord Balarama, as I have been describing and documenting for more than 40 years. This is why the countless amazing connections between the ‘prophecies’ and ‘fulfillment’s’ across these anciently related Bhakti Traditions are so important to me. 

The Jesus Christ of the cCatholic Apostles is the Second Person of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the Universal Savior, not just some charismatic empowered finite jiva-soul, or missionary-guru to the meat-eaters. He is Lord Bala-Deva, Whose Mula Mantra is VASU-Deva. He is the Deity BAL-YAHU of the ancient Semites. He is the Jews’ YAHU and YISHMA, the Greeks’ and Egyptians’ AUSU / WASU, the Greeks’ Osiris, the Persians’ Ahura, and the Vaishnava’s VASU-deva, VISHNU. He is YAHU the Second Person of the Afro-Egyptians’ OLU / HERU, the Greeks’ HELI, the Romans’ SOLE, the Jews’ ELI / EL / ARI / URI / ORI etc. and the Vaishnavas’, Shaivites’ and Pure Land Buddhists’ HARI or HARA. 

When the Vaishnava Tradition asserts that the Supreme Lord ALWAYS incarnates in BHARATA, ISKCON and other Hindu Racist Aryanists abuse this doctrine to prove that their God has never favored the Semitic Jews or the ‘degraded’ peoples of the ‘Abrahamic Traditions’ by incarnating among them or outside of Hindu ‘India’. Thus it is very important to realize that in the cCatholic Apostolic New Testament of the Bible, it is clearly stated that Jesus was born in Bethlehem EPHRATA, which is absolutely without any doubt at all the same word as BHARATA!


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