WHO IS BACCHUS? Applying Sri Krishna’s Bhagavad-Gita for Spiritual Discernment Between the True Baladeva-Christ and Anti-Christ

Dionysus-StatueBacchus was the common Roman Name for the original  Greek Dionysos-Bacchus, Who was the primary ALTER-FORM or Second  Person of Kouros Helios-Apollo.  The original Dionysos was identified by  the pious ancient Helios worshipers as the Greeks’ OSIRIS, the Semites’  BAAL-YAHU, the Egyptians’ AUSAR, and in the East, as the Vaishnavas’ BALADEVA,  and the Shaivites’ Youthful SHIVA-YAUVANA or MARUGAN.  In late antiquity,  the separated non-Heliopolitan tamasic worship of Bacchus in the Roman Empire  was very corrupt.  Sometimes the Greeks and the Roman Senate even had  to outlaw the orgiastic ‘Rites of Dionysos’ or Bacchus because of their horrific  human sacrifices and cannibalism. Read the play The Bacchae by the AthenianplaywrightEuripides.

The  ancient City of BAAL-BEK (Jewish Name) was also called Heliopolis!  It was  a Holy Place long before the Romans re-built it.  It was one of the ancient  World’s most important places where Krishna and Baladeva were worshiped together  as Helios Kouros and Dionysos.  Like Heliopolis in Egypt, it was a center  of the devotional Cultus of Krishna-Baladeva and Their Shakti (Jewish Shekinah).  Bacchus is the common Roman Name of Dionysos, which is a Name of  Baladeva  as DEVA-NYSAS, the GOD of Initiation, MARKING / ANOINTING!  He is thus the  Jewish MESSIAS / MESSIAH!  NYSAS = MESSIAS meanig ANOINTED and ANOINTING  ONE! A SAM-NYASSIN is one with marks, the tilaka of their cultus of initiation  as a SADHAKA (SADHU).  A SADHAKA is a Greek ASCETIC or Jewish  TZADDIK!  


Like the worship of Lord Baladeva as Dionysos, the  Roman worship of Bacchus was plagued with apa-sampradaya heretical false-avatara  pseudo-dionysian ‘gods’ who ran the covert underground (or overt) illicit sex,  drugs / alcohol, flesh and gambling trades of the ancient World.  These  self-appointed false gods / dionysoses are not as common in the West today, but  there are still plenty of them in India, where false orgiastic stoned ‘avataras’  are a dime-a-dozen.  These tamasic Vama Marga ‘avataras’ traffic in the 5Ms  and their devotees are both the consumers and the lower level pushers of illicit  sex, drugs and alcohol, flesh eating and gambling and all kinds of other  contraband and illegal sinful activity.  They run the organized crime of  the East, and in the West, their religious relatives are the ‘mafia’ of the  Greeks, Romans, Jews, Arabs, Gypsies, Irish and the Spanish-related Lady Death  cults of the Americas. This ancient and constant association of the heretical  ‘worship’ of the false dionysos with the worst tamasic impersonal doctrines and  practices is why the sattvic devotees kept having to distinguish / qualify and  distance their  own YAHU-BAAL / BAL / BEL / BALA -DEVA Dionysos worship  from that of the false-god dionysoses.


Presently neo-gnostics are trying to destroy faith  in the original sattvic Holy God Bal-Dionysos-Christ by claiming that He never  existed and was just a mythic composit of all of the other false gods of the  ancient World. Being atheists, such puffed-up fools deride the Lord when He  descends in Human Form!  They say that having ilicit (selfish   exploitative) sex, intoxication and other such mundane self-destructive  orgiastic activity is the goal of life. They think that there is no higher  ‘ecstacy’ than drunkeness and orgasm.  Such tragic delusional and degraded  thinking is why the Holy Name of BAAL and then YAHU was put-away by the ancient  Jews.  These Holy Names of Ausar / Osiris Dionysos (Baal-Yahu) were being  de-secrated by the horrific Roman Bacchant and Greek Maenad and Jewish  Pseudo-Dionysian false Baal cults. 


In Egypt the great trauma of the rise of this  impersonal tamasic corruption of the Original Balarama’s sattvic worship was the  separate anti-Helios anti-Heru religion of SETU-RAAH, the ‘Hindu’ arch-enemy of  Krishna-Vishnu and the Devas, RAHU-KETU!  The tamasic pushers of all of the  impersonal and anti-social evils of the region were corrupt BAAL-SETU  worshipers.  Instead of understanding BAAL-YAHU (VASU = Jewish YAHU,  VASU-DEVA is YAHU-TOBA TOBA-YAHU is VASU-DEVA) as Sattva Deva the Lord of Sattva  Guna, they made an evil A-SAT parody of Him as SETU the Enemy of HERU and the  THEOS / DEVAS.  In the East this Cosmic and Earthly Enemy of the Supreme  Lord Hari and the Devas became known as Rahu- KETU.  In the West he became  known as SATAN. 


When we study the ancient worship of Lord Baladeva,  we must always keep in mind the way that Sri Krishna explains religion and  activity in the Three Modes in His Instructions to Arjuna in His Bhagavad-gita  As It Is!  Following Sri Krishna’s advise, we must continually discriminate  between the true understanding and proper SATTVIC or Holy worship of  Krishna-Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti, the veneration of the Angels, devas and  saints, and the rajarshic worship of mundane selfish powerful people, and the  tamasic and demonic worship of malevolent entities, living or dead.   Following Sri Krishna’s instructions, we can easily sort-out all of the  influences and trends in history and finally make ‘sense’ of it all!   Impersonalism is ALWAYS the underlying corruption that undermines a progessive  Dharmic civilization.  Organized crime ALWAYS arises from the personal and  societal infection of impersonalism. 


If there is no God, or no PERSONAL GOD, then it  logically follows that there is no enduring personal SELF either!  Then  there is no reason to love, to be altruistic or unselfish, kind, non-violent or  holy, and ‘love’ is just a delusion or lie. Belief in an ultimate Void or  Nothingness (Eckhart’s Abyss of the Godhead) is the end-product of  impersonalism.  Nihilism is the final destination of the marga or path of  impersonalism.  Logically everything is ultimately meaningless and futile  if there is no self or Self.   


People tend to throw all virtues, sense-control and  responsibility out-the-window when they stop ‘believing in god’.  The  rapacious exploiters of such souls then cultivate them as customers in their  debauched consumer societies of sex, drugs, violent blood-sports/sacrifice,  flesh-consuming and gambling etc. orgies.  Thus world-wide there is a  ‘religious’ side to the organized crime that traffics in these and other sinful  things.  The religious side of organized crime World-wide is still today,  and always has been, the cultus of the anti-christ, the false ‘dionysos’ or baal  and his false shakti, who is decribed as the ‘Whore of Babylon’ in the  Bible. 


So, when we study history, we must always remember  to use Sri Krishna’s standards to screen the information.  Think of Sri  Krishna’s description and advise about the Three Modes of Goodness, Passion and  Ignorance as a screen or sieve used to sift or sort something fine from  something coarse.  In our living we are to strive to live a Dharmic  life.  To do this we must rise up to the Sattvic ‘Mode of Goodness’ as much  as possible.  Krishna-Vishnu can only be properly worshiped in the Sattvic  Mode of Goodness.  This means that ALL of the un-loving, impersonal  a-theistic, brutal, cruel and debauched doctrines and practices of the so-called  devotees of the East and West are heretical and apa-sampradaya  apostate.   Thus the peace-loving piety of the Pure Land Buddhists,  the sattvic Vaishnavas, Shaivites, Shakti worshipers, Jews, Sufi Muslims,  cCatholics, other Christians and other Devotees around the World unites them all  as people of common GOOD-WILL.  Such people have a well-formed conscience,  and realize that rajarshic and tamasic behavior is hurtful to themselves and  others.  And, of course they CARE about this, because they have some  self-realization and therefore do not want to sin-against either the finite  jiva-self or the Supreme Param-Atma Self, The Holy Spirit  within!   


May the All-Holy Savior of all Worlds keep us from  all evil and take us back to Home, back to Godhead! 
jaya Baladeva!  jaya Jesu Christi!  jaya  Nitai-Balarama! 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Bacchus  “The Temple of Bacchus was one of the three main temples at a large complex  in classical antiquity, at Baalbek in Lebanon. The temple was dedicated to  Bacchus (also known as Dionysus), the Roman god of wine, but was traditionally  referred to by Neoclassical visitors as the “Temple of the Sun”. It is  considered one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world. It is larger  than the Parthenon in Greece, though much less famous.


The temple was commissioned by Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius and designed by  an unknown architect c. 150 AD, and built close to the courtyard in front of the  larger temple of Jupiter-Baal. When the temple complex fell into disrepair, the  Temple of Bacchus was protected by the rubble of the rest of the site’s ruins.  The temple is 66m long, 35m wide, and 31m high. Its walls are adorned by  forty-two unfluted Corinthian columns, nineteen of which remain upright in  position standing 19 m high. The columns support a richly carved entablature.  Inside, the cella is decorated with Corinthian half-columns flanking two levels  of niches on each side, containing scenes from the birth and life of Bacchus.  The adyton (inner shrine) stands above a flight of  steps”.

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