Dionysos is Christ and He is Baladeva Deva

Dionysus on the Cross Tablet.

Dionysus on the Cross Tablet. The tablet at the top of this article depicts the crucifixion of Dionysus, but bares a remarkable resemblance to the crucifixion of Christ. However, this carving is dated long before Christ was born. There are many parallels that have been drawn between the life of Christ and Dionysus, especially of their conception and death. Source: http://christine-b.hubpages.com/hub/Who-Was-Dionysus

Dionysos is Baladeva Deva-Nyasa of the Sam-Nyasins, the Nyasa Anointed (Marked) Initiates of the Rasa Lila Dance Divine Love Tradition of Radha-Krishna, Rhoda-Kouros Helios of Rhodes. His mature bearded Form was the Great Physician known in the Mediterranean Region as the Greek Asclepios (IASAS YAHU-SHUA) Roman Aesculapius, Semitic Eshmun and Egyptian Serapis.

In the East, Among the Vaishnavas, He was known as Baladeva in His Form as Ananta Sesha Naga, the Serpentine Seraphic Form of Asclepios (see Biblical Nahustan), Who revealed the Ayur (Medical) Veda. As Dhanvantari the Anointed One, He arose from the primal Milk Ocean to deliver the Nectar of Immortality to the Godly in His KALASH / CHALICE! Then He performed many miracles in His various Theophanies that have astounding parallels in the Life of Jesus Christ, His Incarnation as a wandering mendicant Healer called Charaka.

An in-depth study of Dionysos shows that He is an alter-Form of Apollo or Helios Kouros. Asclepios as the ‘Son’ of Helios (and Rhoda-Kore) is an INCARNATION of Dionysos (AUSAR / OSIRIS-SERAPIS). BALADEVA the Alter-Form of Krishna-GOPALA Incarnates as CHARAKA the Great Physician and Savior of the World. BAL-THEOS (Osiris) Dionysos the Alter-Form of Helios Kouros APOLLO Incarnates as Asclepios the Great Physician and Savior of the World. 

The Supreme Semitic Deity Eli or El is  Hari (Krishna)  &  Hara (Dionysos-Bal as Shiva).  Yahu is Vasu-deva or Vishnu  (YISHMA-YAHU in Hebrew means Vishnu –Yasu or Vishnu is Yahu,  YESHI-YAHU means Vasu is Yahu, and is related to the Heliopolitan and Theban  Egyptian Deity Names ASU and WASU.)  Again, if we study the ancient Names, doctrines and practices associated with ELI-YAHU, we cannot honestly avoid the conclusion that the Biblical Deity is Krishna-Vishnu / Shiva, the God of Vedic and Puranic Bhakti  Traditions. In the ancient Mediterranean region, there was not the separation between Vaishnavism and Shaivism that we see today, as all Vishnu and Shiva Manifestations were considered forms of BALU-YAHU-DIONYSOS (MESSIAS), BALADEVA, the Salvific Descending Savior of all universes. Yahu, also called BALU is the Emanating and Incarnating Savior of all worlds, the Servitor Lord, the NAMA-RUPA of Godhead for salvific pastimes. He is the Second Person of the Judeo-Catholic Trinity. In the Mediterranean, He is the Source of all  ‘SHIVA’ Forms as well as Vishnu Forms of GOD.  All sacrificial systems and sacramental social orders derive from His primal once-and-all-sufficient Self-sacrifice at the beginning of every cosmic manifestation as YUPA DHVAJA, the virata-rupa Purusha of the Rig Vedic Hymn, the Purusha Sukta.

Ancient Urn depicting the crucifixion of Dionysus.

Ancient Urn depicting the crucifixion of Dionysus.The vase shown at the end of this article is an ancient depiction of Dionysus Hung On Tree showing sacraments of loaves of bread and jars of wine, It was also created hundreds of years before the birth of Christ.


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  1. From Bhakti Ananda Goswami: Regarding the above “Cross Tablet” please read the scholarly article at this link:


    I never use an image unless I am sure of its authenticity and proper identification. So, please read this linked Paper on the Seal that has been posted above, as there are various views on its proper identification.

    Because Dionysus is also associated with a ship and sea story, the ‘cross’ in this image may actually be an anchor. Also, please be very careful not to use any New Age websites, books or other sources for pictures or other proof with my writings, as these may be inauthentic, mis-identified and may actually cause people to visit such misleading sites. Always look-up the evidence in a reputable source and validate it before using it to illustrate anything that I have written. If it cannot be found in a real academic or other reputable source, do not use it. That has always been my standard. If I cannot find something in a verifiable source, or I have not previously verified it in some way, I will not use it.

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