The Bhavishya Purana Hoax and the Claim on Kashmir


The Ancient Vedic Temple at Anantanag, Kashmir, India has been dated to the 700s AD. However the megalithic nature of the massive stonework suggests a much earlier date of at least 3 to 4 thousand years ago. Regardless of the early or late date the the Martand ‘Sun’ Temple predates any other historical claims made upon Kashmir. The nearby town of Anantanag has been identified as the site of one of the world’s earliest human settlements. The evidence reveals that the Hindu traditions of today have roots going back to the very beginnings of recorded history. Thus Kashmir, with its ancient Vedic Temples and settlements, has always been at the epicenter of India’s Vedic/Hindu civilization.

There are fraudulent sections which were added to this ancient Purana during the reign of the last Kings of Kashmir, when they were allied to the British. These sections were written by expert Sanskritists in the great Royal Library Project employment of the King, for his geo-political purposes. The whole project was historically related to the development of the Ahmadiyya Muslim religion and the Ahmadiyya Founder’s claim that Jesus Christ was buried in a Tomb in Srinagar, the Capital of Kashmir. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Founder and the King’s right-hand-man wanted Srinagar to become the Capital of the new Ahmadiyya Muslim Religion that they thought would unite all of humanity in their syncretistic version of Islam.However, the Sanskritist who wrote and inserted the fraudulent sections into the ancient Bhavishya Purana tricked them all, by writing that Mohammed was the prophet of a debased people. He also described a Muslim-like Jesus character that would never appeal to the mass of actual Christians. Still, the clever Sanskrit insertions into the Bhavishya Purana have been confusing and misleading Vaishnavas and Hindus ever since. With the help of the British, which they served with loyalty, the Ahmadiyyas became internationally famous and powerful. Their rise to global prominance was unprecedented.The Mainstream Muslims fought back against them, saying that the Ahmadiyyas were NOT Muslims. But, the Ahmadiyyas still wanted to be considered Muslims. To this day the Ahmadiyyas have been severely hated and persecuted by other Muslims as kafirs, apostates and blasphemers who offend the ‘Prophet’ of Islam. In the meantime the Ahmadiyyas have never stopped trying to make Srinagar the world Capital of the their new syncretistic non-sense religion. Thus the Ahmadiyyas and their New Age Occult Allies have been behind the whole global campaign to convince everyone that Jesus Christ is buried in their Founder’s claimed Jesus Tomb in Srinagar Kashmir. This is because their Founder claimed that Jesus was buried there, and he ‘prophesied’ that this Jesus Tomb in Kashmir would be the heart of his new World Religion’s Capital, and that his new Religion’s Capital would ultimately be a greater place of pilgrimage than Mecca, Medina or Jerusalem, Jagannatha Puri or Varanasi!

So, Please, Dear Vaishnavas and other Hindus, do not encourage people to believe in such nonsense. Do not accept the inserted fraudulent passages of the corrupted Bhavishya Purana as Holy Scripture. Do not accept the mad Mohammed of the Jihadis, or the Founder of the Ahmadiyyas as avataras or prophets. Their actual teachings cannot be reconciled or harmonized with those of the authentic Guru, Shastra and Sadhu of Mother India. The Ahmadiyya Founder even claimed to be Kalki Avatara! Do not believe his nonsense that Jesus Christ is buried in Kashmir. The Ahmadiyya Muslims and other New Age Occultists who are today using such things to fool well-meaning Hindus, are NOT helping the cause of Hinduism. They are in the business of their own self-promotion and promoting their own self-serving geo-political and religious agendas.It has been a great error for the Government of India to approve or support the Ahmadiyya Muslims’ campaign to make Srinagar their World Capital by convincing people that their Founder was right about Jesus Christ being buried there. The Government of India should not have helped to make and distribute the New Age film about Jesus in Kashmir. It will only ultimatey promote the Ahmadiyya Muslim cause to make Srinagar their Muslim World Capital, and HURT the cause of the Hindu Kashmiri Pandit re-location back to Kashmir. So, by promoting this New Age Occult and Ahmadiyya Muslim Film about the so-called Jesus Tomb in Srinagar, Hindus are working against their own interests! Just as there was NO mention of Mohammed or Jesus (‘Isa’) in the real uncorrupted Maha Bhavishya Purana, Jesus Christ was never buried in Srinagar Kashmir!  (Left: Mīrzā Ghulām Aḥmad, 1835-1908, founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.)
Dear Vaishnavas and other Hindus, Please wake up and understand that FRAUDULENT things like this have been done, especially over the last two centuries, for the geo-political and religious motives of madmen and cheaters, who had and have no respect for God (Kalki Avatara), the Scriptures like the Bible or the Bhavishya Purana, or the Savior, Jesus, of Christianity. These New Age Religion Makers just take what and/or who they want from other people’s ancient religions and ab-use it and/or them to shamelessly promote themselves, and their own concocted hodge-podge New Age Religions or New Religious Movements (NRM). This is what the Ahmadiyya Founder did, and now countless more New Age Occult ‘spiritualists’ and religionists are using the Ahmadiyya’s ‘Jesus Tomb’ for their own purposes too. Do not be cheated by these people!Tibet should be returned to the control of the Tibetan People and Kashmir should be returned to the control of the Kashmiri Pandits. Srinagar should NOT be promoted as the burial place of the Muslim’s Jesus Christ, to rival Mecca as a future place of pilgrimage for Muslims!!! Please do NOT believe-in and promote this truthless Ahmadiyya MUSLIM campaign to convince people that Mohammed and Jesus are in the Bhavishya Purana, and that Jesus Christ is buried in Srinagar Kashmir!

Another View of the Vedic Martand ‘Sun’ Temple of Anantnag, Kashmir, India


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