NARA-HARI, Exodus & the Jewish PERAZON, HAREDIM & DOSSIM People of God, Part 3 (Love Requires Freedom)


A SHIRE is an ASYLA and a Dharma- ASHALA.  Here is a short, and very deficient introduction to the subject of Redemption, MOKSHA / MISSA MANU-MISSION and Religious Salvation as ASYLA.  I have studied MOKSHA / MANUMISSION, ASYLA and the ancient religio-political Alliances, Leagues and Federations of Asyla for over 40 years.  The history of the ancient World could be summed-up as a perpetual struggle between the lovers of freedom and the One True benevolent Sattva Guna God, HERU-VASU-ATUM / ELI-YAHU-ADON / HARI-VASU-ATMAN that they worshiped, and the cruel enslaving forces of the self-appointed False Gods of The World.  The below references completely miss the connections of the anti-slavery forces to Helios Worship, and do not understand the relationship between the Eastern and Western Bhakti Yoga ‘Free Will’ and Divine Love Traditions. LOVE requires self-possession and the physical freedom to serve the person or persons of one’s own desiring.  Thus FREEDOM of relationship is necessary in the religious, the divine, and in the merely human realm. LOVE necessitates FREEDOM.  Spiritual, intellectual and physical Freedom is fundamentally necessary to active LOVING.  LOVE as DEVOTIONAL SERVICE cannot be incarnated without the physical opportunity and ability or facility to do so.  Thus both freedom as opportunity and freedom as disciplined “skillful means” is necessary for the fullest and most perfect expression of Love.  

In a world of forced chattel slavery, the opportunity, facility and means for such free-will voluntary service is severely restricted.  When service is forced by a slave-master, it is bitter and painful to the very soul of the person so enslaved.  When people are prisoners of the False Gods of the World, they cannot thrive and become all that they were created to BE, by the One True God, the LORD OF THE HEART, GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE!   He is the AUSU / WASU / YAHU / VASU Deva situated in the CORE / HEART of All Beings as the Supreme ATUM (ATEN) / ATOMOS-AUTOS / ADON-YAHU, the Holy Spirit PARAM-ATMAN.

The ancient Name of a Shire, Ashala, Asyla, a Town, -Ton, -Dom, Dham, Domain, a Pura, Burgh, Bourough, Berg, Bury, Ville, Pol, Per, Yir, Ir, Uur, etc. expresses its Vedic Purusha-Sukta based Theocentric Culture, and connect it to a League of Devotees of the Supreme LORD-WHO-IS, PUR-USHA, VASU-DEVA / TOBA-YAHU / AUSU-DIOS/THEOS.

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