NARA-HARI, Exodus & the Jewish PERAZON, HAREDIM & DOSSIM People of God, Part 2


The Rhodes Acropolis was not fortified like most ancient acropoleis. It featured monuments and Sanctuaries, large temples, public buildings and underground cult places. The buildings were built on stepped terraces with strong retaining walls and it was “full of fields and groves”, in the words of the 2nd c. AD orator Ailios Aristides.

NARA-HARI, Exodus, & the Jewish PERAZON, HAREDIM & DOSSIM People of God (Trembling and Quaking Before the Lord)  Part 2

As PUR-USHA, HE is the PRESIDING SOUL OF A PURA, like Jagannatha PURI.  A PURA is a BURGH, BURY, VILLE or POL.  In ancient Semitic Lands a PUR was an UUR, YIR, PR or IR.  In the Bible the YIR Cities of the Hebrews, Israelites, Judahites and Jews are from age-to-age members of Heliopolitan POLIS Religious Federations of Asyla with the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other AUSU/ YAHU / VASU religiously-related peoples!  In Egypt the Shrines / Temples and Temple-City-States of AUSU / WASU were called PER / PUR.  Thus the Presiding Form of Ausu / Wasu (Greek Osiris) in each of His Shrines was His PER-AUSU.  The Greeks called the Presiding Form of the Lord in each Heliopolitan Shrine or Temple its POLIEUS !  This is exactly the Greek Version of the Egyptian PER-AUSU.  As the Anointed Sacred King, the Egyptian PHARAOH was also an embodiment of the PER-AUSU / POLIEUS / PUR-USHA.  Very revealing are some other PUR / POL related words.  A country or village could be a Biblical Hebrew PERAZI.  An inhabitant of any Jewish city could be a PERAZON.  Unwalled Jewish cities could be PERAZOTH.  The Greek Form of God Presiding over any Temple, Shrine or Sacred POL City, was the POL’s POLIEUS.  By association this Presiding-Soul POLIEUS was called the CITY’s PROTECTOR.  The modern English word POLICE is derived from this meaning of POLIEUS, ‘City Protector’!  

In India the POLiEUS of a Vishnu Temple is its Vastu PURUSHA! Having compared the most ancient names for HARI worshiping temples, villages, towns, cities and city-states, such as Egyptian PR, Greek POL, Hebrew and other YIR, Various Northern European forms of BURY, Italian and French Ville, I have concluded that the extended forms of these ‘city’ words, such as POLIS, BURGH and BUROUGH are actually derived from the Holy Name PER-AUSU / POLIEUS / PURUSHA. Thus the Greek Deity Name Polieus is the origin of the Greek word POLIS for ‘city’.Not just any city was called a ‘polis’ by the Greeks. Originally to be called a POLIS, a City had to be honored with this Name by being recognised as a member of a Helios worshiping Asyla Federation or related Greek Religious Alliance. Thus for the Yir / Ir Cities of Refuge / Sanctuary, and other Cities of the Jews to be honored with Greek Federation Membership, as POLIS Cities by the Greeks, is proof positive that they were worshipers of the SAME GOD.

[An inhabitant of any Jewish city could be a PERAZON.]


Puʻuhonua O Hōnaunau – A Polynesian City of Refuge located in Kealakekua, Hawaii. It is a Holy Place in which the Asylum and Protection of the Gods was given to One and All. This same system was once widespread throughout the ancient world.


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