NARA-HARI, Exodus & the Jewish PERAZON, HAREDIM & DOSSIM People of God, Part 4


In between the paws of the Sphinx is the “Dream Stella”. In the 18th Dynasty Thutmosis IV fell asleep under the Sphinx which was covered to the neck in sand. Thutmosis had a dream that the Sphinx came to him in the form of Ra-HARakhty (Hari) and spoke to him promising him that if he would free the Sphinx from the sand, Thutmosis would be destined to become king of Egypt. Photo: Andrew Bayuk

The Religious Jews or HAREDIM

Confronted with the wrathful Universal Form of Krishna as Nara-Hari Kalah-Purusha (Yahu Tzabaoth Ari-YAHU or Ari-EL, the Lion of Judah), Arjuna’s hair stood on end.  Did Arjuna tremble in awe and ecstacy before the LORD HARI / ARI-EL / ARI-YAHU, like the Quakers or HAREDIM (Religious Jews)?  HERU / HELI / ELI (HARI, HARA) was the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Supreme ‘Father’ God of the Mixed Multitude and Israelites (Jews), who fled from their chattel slavery in Egypt, during the Exodus described in the Jewish Scripture and the Christian Bible.  Did the ancient Jews ever depict their Savior-God of the Exodus as a Lion or a Lion-Headed Man or Sphinx ?  YES!  Numerous ancient Israelite and Jewish artifacts have been found depicting the Jewish God as a Lion or a Man-Lion!  The compound Deity Name ARE-YAHU means LION-YAHU and the compound Deity Name ARI-EL means LION-EL or LION-ELI.  So LEONTOCEPHALOS TIME as NARA-HARI KALAH-PURUSHA is the NAMA and RUPA, the NAME-FORM of the Jewish Deity as YAHU-TZABAOTH the Great “I AM” and “Lord of Hosts” of the Exodus Revelation and the Bhagavad-Gita!  The RELIGOUS Jewish People today, the ones that still shave their heads, wear the sidelock SIKHAS and keep the Commandments of the Mosaic Law, are called the HEREDIM. The HAREDIM are also called DOSSIM

Why are the Religious Jews, the HAREDIM called (plural) Dossim?  Does this practise really come from a derogatory play on the “…Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation of the word “datim” – meaning religious.[23]”? 

Or does it derive from the ancient Heleno-Semitic (Greco-Jewish) practise of appending -tes, -tas, -des, or -das to the end of Helios-worshipers’ theophoric intiation names, meaning ‘son’ or ‘servant-of’?  This ancient Greek-Jewish practise should be compared to the Eastern Vaishnava practise of appending dasa (masculine) or -dasi (feminine) to the ends of Vaishnava theophoric initiation names, meaning ‘servant-of’.  Making this comparison, to call the Religious Jews, the HAREDIM, the DOSSIM (plural) is perfectly consistent.

A Jewish TZADDIK (Sadhu) Contemplates the Mercy of God

What about calling such Religious Jews the plural PERUSHIM?  Again we should compare this word to related words in the ancient Afro-Heleno-Semitic complex of Helios worshipers. and

Of course my interest in the (plural) words Perushim, Dossim and Haredim as designations for Religious Jews, is NOT due to the modern analysis and speculation about the use of these words. I am interested in their possible etymology from ancient terms of reference to the same or a similar class of people.

In the same way, we should compare the Vaishnava Sanskrit RISHI and the Hebrew Biblical ROEH, which are both SEERS. A Biblical Jewish TZADDIK or a Vaishnava or Shaivite or Shakta SADHAKA (a SADHU) are all ASCETICS or sattvic, pious, righteous. A Vaishnava Vedic Fire Priest is a PUROHITA, and the Greeks called the Fire Priests of the Jews PROPHETAS. A Messenger of HARI in the Brahma-Surya Sampradaya Lineage of Krishna-Centric Vaishnavaism is an ANGIRAS, and linguists have found the Greco-Roman Tradition ANGEL to be cognate with Sanskrit ANGIRA.

In the same way as these and many more HARI ‘cult’ terms are cognate between Vaishnava and Biblical Hebrew and Greek Sources, so are HUNDREDS OF NAMES OF THE BIBLICAL and VAISHNAVA GOD ESS!

Lord Vishnu in His Tortoise Avatar with Ananta Shesha Overhead

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  1. Above the Tortoise Form of Hari or Vishnu is called KURMA. HeliOS DelphinOS was clearly the Dolphin or NAR-WHAL Form of HeliOS, Who saved the Greek ‘Noah’ named Ducalion, and landed him safely on the Isle of Crete. I have seen obscure references to a Tortoise Form of Helios. When I tried to study into this, all I could discover was that the Greek word for tortoise was…KELEMOS! KRM / KURMA is obviously cognate with KLM -OS / KELEM-OS is the KLM Tortoise Form of OS / OSIRIS!

  2. I really needed to present this blog, “NARA-HARI, Exodus & the Jewish PERAZON, HAREDIM & DOSSIM People of God,
    Part 4 Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami” along with my close friends on fb.
    I personallysimply just desired to distributed ur terrific posting!

    Many thanks, Chassidy

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