Hebrew Rosh & Razan compared to Sanskrit Raj & Rajan, Greek Rex & Roman Regent


King Solomon Greets the Queen of Sheba Painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Some Jewish Hebrew Students have been criticizing me for doing comparative linguistic studies of the Hebrew and Hebrew related Semitic Names of God.  Their own Hebrew teachers have not taught these devotees anything about these Holy Names outside of their Biblical Context.  That is ok as these Hebrew Teachers are specialists in their own Traditions.  But if they have no expertise in the comparative Linguistics disciplines that I use, they are really unqualified to criticize my work.  I use only respected Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian, Sanskrit etc. Sources in my work, so if they want to challenge the veracity of my findings, let them argue with their own Hebrew experts.

RAZAN, RAZON and ROSH is listed in Young’s “Old Testament” Hebrew Lexicon. (page 40 Hebrew Lexicon)

rosh1 Translated captain 10 times, chief man 4 times, ruler 2 times, CHIEF 90 TIMES [head 349 times, top 75 times]

razan Translated prince 5 times, ruler 1 time

I have just read these passages substituting Raj or Rajan for Rosh or Razan and these Sanskrit and Hebrew Words for Ruler or Chief are obviously related.

Since there are several forms of Sanskrit Raja for Ruler, including RAJ and RAJAN, why is it so important to deny that Hebrew ROSH and Sanskrit RAJ, or Hebrew RAZAN and Sanskrit RAJAN could be cognate?  Please also consider Greek REX and Laten REG as in regent or regal.

I am not criticizing any Hebrew Teachers, but they are clearly not doing comparative linguistic etymologies, which is fine, but unless you are trained in etymology, none should just dismiss what I am doing as baseless. I use bonafide academic references.  Anyone can look up these Hebrew words that I have given above in any Hebrew Scriptural Lexicon.

The Deity Names ELI, YAHU and ADON are not just found in their particular versions in the Jewish Hebrew Scriptures.  My interest is in how the Biblical Deity Names, other names and religious terms may be related to names and words in other languages, or may have been used by other peoples, who were not identified in the Bible as Hebrews, Israelites, Judahites or Jews.  To do such etymological research, I have to look at the smallest elements of names and words, and what the meanings of these elements were accross various cultures, languages, and religious traditions at various times.   In this work I also have to consider the means of recording these names and words in pictographs or scripts.  For all of my research I use only well respected scholar’s textbooks.

Balarama the Hierophant High Priest – Original Guru

The evidence reveals that the Heliopolitan Egyptian RE / RAY kings are related to the Roman REG, Greek REX, Semitic RAZ and Indic RAJ / RAY Purusha-Kings. The Egyptian RE/ RAY King (Pharaoh) Name was his ‘Vedic’ related Sacram…ental Social-Order ‘HORUS’ HERU-AUSU-ATUM Anointed Raja-Suya NAME. He ruled a PER / POL / VILLE / BURY / IR / UUR / PUR / PORE etc. All over the ancient World, such PR / PL related THEO-CENTRIC cities can been found! AND, recognizing their common worship of their ONE PURUSHA GODHEAD, these PR / PL cities from age-to-age formed religio-POLitical MONOTHEISTIC Federations, Leagues or Alliances with eachother!

There are so many examples that could be cited. In earliest Egypt, ACTIS or a ‘RAY’ Son of Helios Kouros and Kore Rhode of Rhodes (KRISHNA and RADHA) founded Helio-Polis, the Sacred City of HERU-AUSU-ATUM-RE/RA. Thus the Tradition of the powerful Rayed-O CORONAted (Crowned) Discus Wielding HERU-RAY Kings of Egypt arose. In India we also find RA as a Holy Bija or Seed Mantra Name for Surya Narayana as RAVI the Sun, and RA as RAM, the Name of the other most worshiped Form of HARI in India. In India we find both RAY and RAYA for RAJ and RAJA. Compare this to the Latin-origin English words like ROYAL and REIGN. Compare RULE AND RULER and consider also ARRAY, RAIMENT and REGIME.

Please see the Jewish Scripture Torah (Christian Old Testament) Bible Book of Exodus 6.14 “These be the heads [ROSH} of their father’s houses…”

18.25 “Moses…made them heads (ROSH) over the people”

6.23 “…these (are)the the heads of the fathers of the …”

See Numbers 1.16 “…princes…heads of thousands in Israel” see 10.4, 13.31, 7.3, 25.4, 25.15, 30.1

See Deuteronomy 1.15, 28.13, 33.5, 33.21,

See Joshua 22.21, 23.2

(Look up HEAD or ROSH in any good Biblical Concordance)

See also the prefix HIER- (inverted R-Y), and the prefix ARCH- (R-J) as part of Biblical Greek Words for ‘Ruler of the Priests (or Chiefs)’ . Remember that in the ancient Purusha-worship based societies, the King was often a Raja-Rishi or a King-Prophet. Thus the King could be both the civic and religious HEAD of the people, a Hier-Archos.

The RAJ / RAY root of such Royal Ruler words in Sanskrit is not a late borrowing from the Europeans, nor from the Arab Muslim nor Persian Muslim presense in India. To prove this, and the ancient connections accross the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Traditions, there are many surviving ancient examples of the Greek REX, HIER-, ARCHOS-, Biblical Hebrew ROSH and Sanskrit RAJ. Compare Sanskrit RAJ with Hebrew ROSH as ‘HEAD’ or RULER and Hebrew RAZAN / RAZON (ROZEN, ROSEN). The entire Varnashram Dharma concept of the Mystical Social Body of Purusha can be seen in the ancient and persistent Hebrew and Jewish use of the word for the body’s physical HEAD (ROSH), as the God-anointed social order’s word for RULER or CHIEF of GOD’s people! The Bible frequently uses the Jew’s Hebrew word ROSH for Ruler of the Isrealites, Judahites or Jews. Such Rulers were both the religious and military governors of God’s People, OR there could be a DUO-KINGSHIP as in Sparta, with one Ruler as the High Priest and the Other as the Military Leader. This system of Duo-Kingship, famous in the Mediterranean from the pre-history of the Spartans, was derived from the worship of Krishna and Balarama as the Duo-Kings of Dvarka, because during the Mahabharata War, Balarama went on pilgrimage as the Hierophant High Priest, and Krishna ‘Led’ the Battle at Kurukshetra. Thus as the RAJA-Kings of Mathura and/or Dwarka (Compare URUK, ERECH, WARKA) Krishna and Balarama were respectively the Military-King and the Priest-King. When a Purusha City had only one king, he was both the secular military civic ruler and the ceremonial religious ruler. As such he would have to be conversant with both the civil law and the religious law of the land, because as the HEAD man of both law-systems, he would have to sit in judgement on cases of both civil and religious significance to the city-state under his responsibility.

Even today ROZEN or ROSEN remains the common Hebrew name for a boy, meaning RULER!

How obvious does it have to be for humanity to wake-up and realize that a Biblical Jewish ROZEN RULER is a Vaishnava Vedic RAJAN RULER? The Jewish ROSH was even anointed in a clearly VEDIC king-anointing ceremony! He ruled a devoted people of ELI-YAHU-ADON, the Egyptian Supreme Godhead HERU-AUSU-ATUM, HARI-VASU-ATMAN. The Indic HARI (Krishna) and HARA (Balarama as Shiva) was the Afro-Egyptian HERU-HOR and the Jewish ELI-EL. The Head-anointed Ruler of God’s ARYAN People ruled them as a Sacramental Social Body, like a HEAD / ROSH rules the physical body. Any person of any TRIBE / KIN / ETHNOS who worshiped the SATTVIC GOD of the VEDAS was considered an ARYA (Aryan). Thus being an ‘Aryan’ was NOT restricted to any single race or class/caste of people.

One of the two matching sides for King Tutankhamen’s gold- plated throne featuring a Blue Cobra wearing a Double Crown. Also built into the obvious design of the Serpent is a Vulture with its face towards the back of the throne and its wings spread back. This is the Divine Cobra Ananta combined with the Sacred Eagle/Vulture Garuda/Jatayu (1400-1300 B.C) “Taking a moment of deep concentration at the same figure leads to uncover another unification symbol for ancient Egypt as you can see below the double crown two heads are integrated with each other. A very obvious head for a cobra snake while facing the left side and another head in the shape of a vulture faces the other direction! Here we can imagine how genius the artist was in order to create such head that can refer to different creatures at once.” http://www.museumegypt.blogspot.com/

The Jewish rulers were ROSH / ROZEN. In Egypt such a King was at least a Temple-City-State PER-AUSU / POLIEUS / PURUSHA NOME-ARCH / MONARCH, but as the King of Kings BASILEUS BASILEUS / VASUDEVA of the VASUDEVAS he was ARRAYED in the VESTiture of the PHARAOH of the TWO LANDS, and wore the COMPOUND CROWN-OF-MANY-CROWNS, the ATEF or HEMHEMET CROWN / CORONA of the CHAKRA-VARTIN, Heru-Per-Ausu as the Time-CYCLE-WARDEN! As the Pharaoh of the Two Lands of Upper (Theban) and Lower (Heliopolitan) Egypt, the Disc-Wielding King-of-Kings was considered the ceremonial ‘incarnation’ or empowered representative of HERU-AUSU-ATUM in Egypt. The religio-political power invested in him was that of the NOME-ARCHS in his Federation, League or Alliance of PER-AUSU worshiping Sacred POLIEUS / POLIS City-States. From Age to Age, over thousands of years, the ‘mixed-race’ / multi-tribal Biblical Hebrews, Israelites, Judahites and/or JEWS participated in these inter-tribal Heliopolitan-related Federations of Asyla City-States. They were never excluded due to any such nonsense concept as an ‘Aryan Race’. No such concept as the Modern Occult Doctrine of a superior Aryan ‘White’ Blood-Race existed in the world of the ancient Source Works, like the Jewish Bible, or the Sanskrit literatures of the Vedas. In such ancient Sources ARYA or ELOAH is a referant to the Deity ELI / EL. Thus a ‘God’ or Person could be called ‘of, from or related-to’ the Deity ELI or EL (Hari or Har) by calling them an ARYA or ELOHIM / ARYAN / HELENE / HURRIAN etc. The Jews WERE the ARYANS of Biblical History! Just like the words HARYANA, HARI-JANA and SURA-GANA in Sanskrit refered to worshipers of HARI, ARYAN is another form of this kind of Theophoric referent term. The ELOHIM plural of the Bible are the ARYAN ‘GODS’, the Vedic Purusha’s plural ‘Expansions’, ‘Incarnations’ and Theophanies, which were ‘born’ from the Cosmic Body of HARI as the Self-Sacrificed Cosmic Purusha. Africans, Indo-Europeans and Semites all worshiped this ONE GOD. the myth of a superior ‘White Race’ had nothing to do with it!

How long will humanity continue to be torn-apart by the obscurations of history and the divisive delusions of Anti-Semitic Racist Aryanism? Because of this Racist Aryanism the Jewish People of Godhead have been demonised, cut-off and isolated from the rest of humanity! They have been nearly wiped-off of the face of the Earth. Their true character as a religious people and their history has been profoundly mis-represented to the rest of humanity. Fanatical racists, militants and religionists on both the religio-political global far-right AND the far-left have contributed to the sacape-goating of the Jewish People. Thus global thought-leaders on both the far-left and far-right have equally identified the Jews or ‘Semites’ (or now ‘Zionists’ or ‘Illuminate’ or even ‘Shape-Shifting Reptilian Aliens’) as their primary foe. Consequently today both Aryanist White Racists and Black Muslim Racists target the Jews or mixed-race ‘Mud-People’ Semites as their historical enemy. Such Racists have contributed to the modern global mythology that the Hebrews and Jews were a physical mixed-blood separate RACE of people. BUT, the evidence does not support any physical-race separation between the Heliopolitan Federation Religionists of the so-called Indo-European ARYANS, the Afro-Egyptians and the Near Eastern Semitic Devotees of the Primal HERU-AUSU-ATUM GODHEAD.

Even the linguistic evidence related-to the Greek Cadmus-Danae-Europa Mythic Round of foundation-stories centers the diffusion of writing and the arts and sciences from the pre-historic legendary- time Civilization of RHODES. There the Phonician, Greek, Sanskrit and Hebrew Systems of writing have all been linked. In fact, throughout the Medi-Terra-nean (‘Middle-Earth’) Region, the massive PROOF of the complete identity of the ancient Hebrews and Jews with the VEDIC Indo-European and Afro-Egyptian ARYANS is all there for anyone to see. An ARYA / ARYAN (From the Root Name of God HR / HL) was any noble-character SATTVIC worshiper of the Supreme Deity HR / HL. But the racist anti-Semitic so-called ‘Aryans’ continue to deny any connection between their hated imaginary “RACE” of Biblical ‘Semites’ and ‘Abrahamic Religions’ and their imagined “RACE” of “WHITE ARYANS”!


Rozen – Meaning of the boy name Rozen at Baby Names Pedia

Rozen – Meaning of the name (HEBREW) A RULER

[ 2 syll. ro-zen, roz-en ] The baby boy name Rozen is pronounced as Row-Zeh-N †. Rozen is mainly used in English and Hebrew, and its language of origin is Hebrew. Rozen’s meaning is a ruler. The English Rosen, the name Rozin, the name Rozon, the name Rozun, and the name Rozyn are variant forms of Rozen.
Rozen is a seldom used baby name for boys. It is not in the top 1000 names.

Baby names that sound like Rozen include the name Rachaam, the name Rachan, the name Rachem, the Hebrew Rachim, the name Rachym, the Polish Radzim, the name Raegan, the name Raejin, the English Raekwon, the name Raekwonn, the English Raeshaun, the English Raeshawn, the name Raijin, the name Raikwon, the name Raikwonn, the name Raishawn, the Indian Rajam, the Indian Rajan, the name Rajin, and the Indian Rajni.

† Pronunciation for Rozen: R as in “race (R.EY.S)” ; OW as in “oak (OW.K)” ; Z as in “zoo (Z.UW)” ; EH as in “ebb (EH.B)” ; N as in “knee (N.IY)”

Array – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

transitive verb. 1. : to dress or decorate especially in splendid or impressive attire : adorn …

arrayed adj : in ceremonial attire and paraphernalia; … Definition: arrayed … arrayed adj : in ceremonial attire and paraphernalia; “professors arrayed in robes ” …

Array | Define Array at Dictionary.com
2. to clothe with garments, especially of an ornamental kind; dress up; deck …

The ancient anointed leaders of the Jews were ROSH (ROZEN) Rajas, as these and MANY more Biblical references prove. Greek REX kings and the Biblical Jewish Rajas were the Raja-Rishi King-Prophet HEADS of their Vedic Purusha-Sukta-Based Sacramental Social Bodies. As representative Anointed ‘Empowered Incarnations’ of God, they were allied to eachother throughout the ancient World in religio-political Federations of Asyla leagues or alliances. They ruled Purusha-based POLIEUS / POLIS Temple-Cities and City-States. They were the Veic Anointed Kings of the religious (NOT RACIAL) Aryas, and were also called BASILEUS / VASUDEVAS!


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