The Rasa Lila Chorus of Helios Kouros & Rhoda/Radha & Krishna

The Circle / Cycle / Chakra Dance was originally & universally SACRED to Helios KOUROS & His Beloved RHODA, the Eternally Beautiful & Ever New Youthful KRISHNA & RADHA Nava Yauvana & Nava Yauva…ni!  Their Kouroi & Korae Expansions, the Boys & Girls of Paradise, always dance Their Sacred CHORUS / KOUROS Round Dance with Them in the Garden of Paradise.  All over the Earth, various Peoples still continue some Form of this Primal Divine Love Tradition of the Rasa Lila Dance today!  Please see my Album & Video Links on this subject of the various Forms of the Rasa Lila Dance in World Cultures & Religions.  The Dance was called CHORUS after KOUROS / KRISHNA.  Sometimes it was called a CAROL from KOURU-AULOS, because the Supreme Meghistos Kouros Youth would lead His Circle Dance with His AULOS / FLUTE!  (See also  history of Ballet.) In ancient Greece the Chorus or Sacred Circle Cycle / Chakra Dance was devoted to Helios Meghistos Kouros and Rhoda, Krishna and Radha.  The Rasa Lila Dance is the Divine Love ‘Chorus’ of Helios Kouros & Rhoda / Radha & Krishna and Their Expansions the Gopas and Gopis, the Kouroi and Korae of Their Bucolic Gokula Lotus Isle of Rhoda-Nymphia-Asteria / Radha-Padme-Tara in the Prehistoric Mediterranean (Middle Earth) Sea. The Bridal Mysticism Hierogamos Tradition of Rhoda and Kouros on Their Sacred Lotus Isle of Rhodes is the pre-historic Tradition of Radha and Krishna that is at the Heart of the Judeo-cCatholic Tradition in the Biblical Song of Songs!  In Judaism the Hora is their Sacred Cycle / Chakra Dance, the cCatholic Chorus or Carol, the Angel Round of the Blessed in Paradise!

Apollo and the Muses …the Nine Muses are derived from Rhoda/Radha Kore and Her 8 principal Korae Expansions

‘Caroling’ or dancing the Angel Round of Paradise, was done after Mass in the courtyard of the Catholic Churches or town squaresand at Catholic Relic Fair Melas for centuries!  This wide-spread Catholic practise was only stopped due to 2 m…ain reasons.  It deteriorated into ‘sahajiya’ like sex-charged displays harkening back to the Maenads/Bacchants and it was completely suppressed at the punishment of death by the anti-Catholic Protestants, who out-lawed Caroling and publicly executed people for doing any form of it. However to this day,  Jews STILL dance the Sacred HORA Rasa Dance in Celebration of God’s Love for them and the Orthodox Church still speaks about the “Periochoresis” or Sacred Round Dance, where the souls are partaking in the Holy Love Affair of the Trinity. The HORA is the National Dance of Israel, and the Romanians’ Gypsy-Jewish Music was traditionally associated with it in Romania. Egyptian, Arab and Persian pre-Muslim and Muslim Raqs Dance (Rasa Dance) ‘Virgins of Paradise’ are Houris / Korae or Horae (Seasons) or even Hours of the Day (Sun) or Night (Moon) related to the Greek Tradition of the Korae or Horae Seasons etc. Expansions of Rhoda-Kore.

Nitai-Balarama traditionally has 12 Gopas, Expansions or Devotees as Lord Jesus has 12 Disciples

 On Their Sacred Lotus Isle Dvipa of Rhoda-Asteria-Nymphia in the pre-historic Mediterranean (“Middle Earth”) Sea, the Supreme Lord Helios Kouros (Krishna) and His Adi Shekinah / Shakti Rhoda-Kore (Radha) eternally play with Their Expansions the Kouroi Cowherd Boys and Korae Milk Maid Girls!  Their favorite thing to do is dancing by the light of the Sarat Moon, that is always shining for the benefit of any soul who wants to participate with God in His Divine Rasa Lila!
Baladeva Bal-Yahu Dionysos, the Supreme Hierophant and alter-Form of Helios Kouros / Krishna, also dances with the Korae / Gopis. The PALM represents Jesus or Bal-YAHU the God of Israel and ancient Jericho BALADEVA, Who is called TALA-Dhvaja, because His Emblem is the Tala Palm.  The possible Rose Tree or Rhoda-Dendron might represents Rhoda-Shekinah as the Correspo…nding Shakti to Bal-Yahu Baladeva as Jesus the Hierophant and Original Spiritual Master.  Unseen but probably symbolized by the apparent hole between the two Divine Trees, is ELI or HARI the Original Kouros / Krishna as ‘God the Father’.
Outside of the Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem, where God is worshiped in awe and reverence as King, the Consecrated Virgins and other Blessed Souls devoted to God as their Friend and Lover, join in caroling the ‘Angel Round’ with God and His Beloved Shekinah, Who are represented by the Symbols inside the Circle. In ancient Greece the Chorus or Sacred Circle Cycle / Chakra Dance was devoted to Helios Meghistos Kouros and Rhoda, Krishna and Radha.
When will the Devotees of the World finally grasp the profound truth of what is being offered here for free, and spread it all-over the World?  When will one of these posts finally ‘go viral’ and the truth finally be known, that we have always been ONE PEOPLE of the ONE GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE, the Lord of All Hearts!

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  1. In the above post I was describing the tryptic of The Last Judgement, painted on 3 panels by the Catholic Monk Fra Angelico. In the central panel the Cosmic Christ as Risen Judge Presides over the Last Judgement in HIs Mandorla (Purusha Mandala) Form. On His Left are those souls who reject His Mercy, and seek only the transient and perverse pleasures of the World of Disease, Decay and Death. They are descending into various hellish conditions. On His right those who accept His mercy are entering the Heavens! There the Saved and the Blessed are greeted by their loved-ones and some go off the the Hevenly Jerusalem (Hiero-Solym / Haryashallum, the Asyla of Hari), which is a self-effulgent Hevenly City. And, some souls go to the Garden of Paradise to dance in the Sacred Carol Dance with the Lord, who leads the Chorus with His Flute!

  2. This was an amazing and informative piece!!!! please Guru Maharaj kindly have mercy upon me and give your association. please email me back so we can talk. Hare Krsna

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