Multiple Reflections of the Same Divine Light


Question: “If Krishna and Amitabha are one and the same then we have two names of God . But who is Dharmakara who, according to mahayana scriptures, once lived as a man(just like Krishna) who became a Buddha . Did God descendent on earth then as Dharmakara who has to reach enlightment, or mayby the story of Dharmakara is not important at all and is mayby not correct.”

Answer from Bhakti Ananda Goswami: I am concerned with World History and Theology, Metaphysics and Philosophy, the Sacred Arts and Sciences and the Revelation, Name and Form of Godhead and Shakti. If one carefully studies what I have written about these Subjects, one should come to understand that the ORIGINAL KRISHNA / KOUROS NEVER CHANGES HIS ORIGINAL FORM and NEVER ‘LEAVES’ GO-LOKA VRINDAVAN. Thus, ALL OF SRI KRISHNA’s VARIEGATED FORMS FOR PASTIMES / LILAS are through, with, in and by Sri Krishna’s Second Person, LORD BALADEVA! In the earliest evidence of HARI-VASUdeva-ATMAN (Krishna-Baladeva-Paramatman) worship, These Three irreducible Forms or KAS / KAYAS / BODIES / PERSONS of the Triune Godhead may be confounded with One-Another. Thus in Pure Land Buddhism the Three Persons of the TRI-KAYA may be telescoped-into Eachother, or their distinct Theological Attributes may be merged. The Persons and Attributes of the Tri-Kaya’s Feminine (Receiving) Shaktis may even be confused and/or merged into the Purusha Persons of the Tri Kaya. So, over thousands of years and miles, and hundreds of cultures and languages, Pure Land Buddhism has flourished leaving a legacy of countless variations in its regional and local Lila Stories, Doctrines and Practices.

What I am concerned with is the original and unchanging core Revelation, the Theology and Metaphysics, the actual THIS WORLD HISTORY, the Philosophy, Sacred Arts and Sciences of the TOTALITY of Bhakti ‘Other Power’ Devotional Pure Land Buddhism.

>”Did God descendent on earth then as Dharmakara who has to reach enlightment,…”

If people will just study what I have recommended, all of this kind of question will be answered. Please compare the parallel verses of Sri Krishna’s Great I AM Self-Revelation in His Bhagavad-Gita AS IT IS, with the Saddharmapundarika Revelatory verses of the Buddha DESCRIBING HOW Avalokiteshvara descends into the Saha Worlds to save ALL of the beings therein! Then compare these two related Self-Revelations of the HRIH GODHEAD to those of the Great I AM Revelation of GOD / ELI in the Bible and the Revelation of HERU in Egypt.

Just as there are countless versions of the familiar Lila stories of the Vaishnavas and Shaivites throughout Greater India, in the same way there are different versions of the stories of Ausar (Osiris), Charaka-Serapis-Asclepios (Iasas / Jesus / Yashas) and Dionysos. There is enormous variety in the previous-lives Buddha’s Birth Stories throughout the vast geographical range and thousands of years of Buddhism. The diffusion of the worship of the HARIH TRI-KAYA of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan, Korea, China, Tibet, and everywhere else, can be traced back to the worship of HERU-AUSU-ATUM / Krishna-Balarama-Paramatman in Gandhara and Mathura. Earlier this Trinitarian HERU-AUSU-ATUM worship can be proven in the Mediterranean Region. The fact that Adi Purusha and Prakriti or Father and Mother became utterly confused in China, is reflected in the separated worship of MA Quan Yin without The Supreme Father. This confusion of characteristics can be seen in the worship of Asakusa Kannon in Japan, where many of the Devotees do not know or care whether Asakusa Kannon is Father, Mother, Both or Neither.

The Pure Land Buddhist Story of Dharmakara is about Lila. It does not describe the development and diffusion of Pure Land Buddhism out of Greater India into the Orient and Westward to the Mediterranean. The Lila of the Lord is certainly revelatory, but one should not confuse what is historical and theological with something else.

Every school or sampradaya of Vaishnavism or Shaivism, Devi Worship or Other ‘Hindu’-related tradition in India usually has its own oral traditions, ‘canon’ of scriptures, moral theology, aesthetics, and ‘Lila’ pastimes stories that are considered sacred to its adherants. For Vaishnavism to exist as an incarnational monotheism that includes the worship of the diverse Nama-Rupa Name-Form of a single Godhead, the various devotees must recognise and respect eachothers’ own variegated traditions, at least to some extent. Thus the devotees of Rama and Krishna must accept each other as worshipers of the SAME GOD, appearing in a different LILA with a different NAMA-RUPA. Think for a moment how vastly different the Forms and Lila Stories of Sri Krishna, Ramachandra, Narahari and Matsya are! Yet a Vaishnava can recognise Them All as the Forms and Lila of HARI, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

But, the Vaishnava usually does not look outside of what is generally considered Vaishnavism (VISHNU WORSHIP) for any other Traditions that may be worshiping HARI, or VISHNU. Tragically the modern Vaishnava often does not even read and understand the Cosmic Purusha Revelation of the Purusha Sukta Hymn of the Rig Veda or Sri Krishna’s Great I AM Self-Revelation in His Bhagavad-Gita As It Is. Thus the average Vaishnava does NOT really recognise and understand that the so-called ‘gods’ of the Vedas, which are also enumerated by Sri Krishna in His Gita, are all Forms of Sri-Krishna-Vishnu HARI as the Adi Purusha of the Universe. The Vedic Hymns describe the ADI PURUSHA / PRAJAPATI WHO IS THE ONE SOUL of the Universe, Whose Self-Sacrifice has ‘given birth’ to ALL of the Vedic Gods/gods. And in His Gita, Sri Krishna-Vishnu, HARI, has declared Himself to be that Same ADI PURUSHA Who is also BEYOND and WITHIN any finite material world / LOKA (LOCA-TION) or realm!

In His Gita Sri Krishna-Vishnu HARI explains to Arjuna how HE, HARI, is to be recognised and respected (or worshiped) in His Vedic and Puranic NAMA-RUPA Multi-Form in the peaceful Mode of Goodness. Thus Sri Krishna gives His Own Universal Peace Formula for the mutual respect and cooperation of ALL of His variegated Devotees, who worship Him, HARI, in His infinite multiplicity of Nama-Rupa Name-Forms. Thus in His Gita, HARI prescribes the peaceful MODE OF GOODNESS for the MORAL THEOLOGY of ALL HIS DEVOTEES. He wants all humans to rise up out of the ultimately self-destructive modes of passion and ignorance to the self-realizing, healthful and enobling mode of goodness, because He, HARI is only properly worshiped from the benevolent mode of GOODNESS / SATTVA GUNA. Thus to please GOD / HARI, we must ultimately strive to come up to the benevolent mode of goodness, and we must learn to recognise and respect each other as devotees of HARI, so that we can live in mutual appreciation and cooperation with each other for the common good of all.

Now consider that in Pure Land Buddhism, which is the historical and theological Core/HEART of Mahayana Buddhism, the Supreme Lord is Adi Purusha, Bhagavan, Purusottama HARI. Historically and theologically the entire vast multiplicity of Pure Land Buddhist Traditions of this TRIUNE DEITY, the TRI-KAYA of HARI, is derived from well-known ancient Centers of Krishna-Vishnu (Baladeva) and Paramatman worship (HARI-VASU-ATMAN worship) ! Thus, for example, Buddhist Tradition asserts and modern scholarship confirms that Asoka the Great’s own Buddhist Master had an Ashram in the KRISHNA-VAISHNAVA CAPITAL OF MATHURA with 10,000 monks in it!

An entire major School of Pure Land Mahayana Buddhist Sacred Art derives from the Pure Land Buddhism of ancient Mathura! As far away as Japan the Sanskrit Names and Forms of the Krishna-centric Vaishnavism of the Region of Vrindavan-Mathura can still be recognised in Japanese Pure Land Buddhism! ALL renowned Japanese Scholars of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism recognise that their Tradition has its Origin in India and ‘Hinduism’, but they simply do not understand that it is specifically Krishna-Centric Vaishnavism that they need to study to understand the SPECIFIC historical and theological Origin of their own Tradition.

On the Banks of the Yamuna River, Mathura, India

WE Krishna-Centric Vaishnavas of the Tradition of Vrindavan-Mathura need to reach-out to the Pure Land Buddhists of the World and show them the parallel Verses of Sri Krishna’s, HARI’s, Bhagavad Gita As It Is and their own essential Pure Land Buddhist Sanskrit Scripture the Saddharmapundarika! ANY honest person comparing these Scriptural Verses of HARI, BHAGAVAN, the ADI PURUSHA (all NAMES of PERSONS of the Pure Land Buddhist TRIKAYA Godhead) must come to the conclusion that Pure Land Buddhism and Vaishnavism are historically and theologically closely-related Traditions of the SAME GODHEAD.

Bhagavan HARI’s Gita and Saddharmapundarika both explain THEOLOGICALLY how these variegated Bhakti Traditions of Divine Grace should be recognised and harmonised for the mutual benefit of all beings. Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai’s NON-SECTARIAN HARI-NAMA SANKIRTAN MOVEMENT provides the practical foundation on which to build the needed alliances of mutual recognition, appreciation and cooperation between ALL of the variagated Devotees of the Trinity / Trikaya of HARI! I am explaining the historical and theological connections between the ancient World’s Great Bhakti Traditions of Divine Love and Grace. But, no amount of Divine Revelation in the Shastras, or in-common Theology, or a shared Sanskrit-cognate Language of Devotion, or even the Revealed Names and Forms of Godhead will suffice to bring the Devotees of the World together, if they are exclusivistic and do not want to recognise and value each other! The PARTY SPIRIT IS THE ENEMY OF TRUTH. This was said by our great Vaishnava Acharya Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur. To effectively prosecute the NON-SECTARIAN HARI NAMA SANKIRTAN MOVEMENT of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda-Balarama, we must first ALL overcome the exclusivism of the truth-destroying PARTY SPIRIT, to be able to recognise and cooperate with eachother, and to help each other to rise up out of the modes of passion and ignorance.

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  1. Tonight I was watching tv and suddenly thinking of Krishna felt a special relax feeling. On the other hand the name Amitabha was in my mind. Mostly when this happen I go to visit your site and to my surprise you wrote an article with my question above.
    I feel very honoured and thank you very much for your reply!

    I admire your studies very much

    Best wishes

    Fred Smeenk

  2. I have a question about Maitreya . There is so much do to about this name . Some say He is the ‘new Christ/Buddha’ for our period. Some say He is living in London and others say it’s impossible that He will ‘return’ in some sort of fysical body (Mayavirupa) Can you expain more about Maitreya.
    Thank you

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