Jesus Christ as Asklepios Serapis and Ananta Charaka


God in His form as Dionysus with His Shakti Ariadne from a Water Jar 4th century BC Found near Rhodes

After the technology for Monumental Stone Carving In-the-Round had been perfected ‘Cult Images’ were installed in Greco-Roman and Egyptian Shrines throughout the region. They were installed by the Murti Makers of the Heliopolitan Asyla Federations of Rhodes. The Heliopolitan School of Sculpture of the Murti Makers of Rhodes is credited by Classical Art Historians with the innovation and diffusion of the techniques that finally made the amazing naturalism and realism of this kind of life-size and greater than life- size, monumental statuary possible. Many of these sacred images were severely damaged by the Muslims who later invaded these Mediterranean lands. However, because the Romans and others often made their own copies of very popular Murtis, for their own local temples and shrines, there are enough ‘surviving’ images for the recovered damaged ones to be restored. Thus today we have some original temple and shrine ‘cult images’ that were not destroyed, many thousands of pieces of the ones that were destroyed by the iconoclasts, some that were damaged, but that were restored at some early time, many that were copied in similar or different materials by the Romans and others, and other originals that have been restored in modern times. There are also many modern copies of the most important and famous of these ancient ‘cult images’ or Murtis. Museums often are the actual patrons and/or producers of these replica Murtis, because the Originals or their pieces are in the Museum’s collections.


Then and now: A gap in a cliff is all that remains of the Bamiyan Buddhas–shown here in a 1997 file photo–and than after the Taliban, in accordance with Wahabbi/Salafi doctrine, demolished the celebrated statues in March 2001

A last but very significant point is that in India, when the Muslims invaded, and people could no longer protect their temples and shrines, in compliance with Sacred Law, they would bury their beloved Murtis, or throw Them into a deep body of water. This was their last desperate measure to save their Murti Incarnations of the Lord, Shakti and their Saints from desecration and destruction by the ‘Idol smashing’ iconoclastic barbarian hoards. Thus to this day, such ‘cult images’ can be found buried or submerged all over Greater India, where there were ‘Idol’- smashing invasions. THIS IS THE SAME AS IN THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION WHERE SOME AREAS EXPERIENCED AN ALMOST TOTAL LOSS OF THEIR ANCIENT AND INTER-TESTAMENTAL SACRED ART AND ART TREASURES, DUE TO LATER MUSLIM INVASIONS AND DOMINATION. So one amazing thing that has come to light with the modern technology of Marine Archeological Exploration, is that the floor of the Mediterranean is the resting place of thousands of stone statues and pieces of temples and shrines with the Holy Name and various sacred images on them! I have not read of any of these explorations focusing on the discovery of these ‘artifacts’ and ‘Art Objects’ as part of the religious practise of submersion to prevent the desecration or destruction of a sacred ‘object’. Probably because these explorers, scientists and scholars cannot imagine the ‘objects’ in question being actually worshiped or venerated by anyone, they are unable to appreciate the desperation of the peoples who went to the extreme effort to remove them from their holy places and carry them out to sea for a submersion ‘burial’.

Wiki: “The term Caraka is a label said to apply to ‘wandering scholars’ or ‘wandering physicians.’ see Charaka Samhita.”
The Asclepiadae were named for their Master and Spiritual Father Asclepios. In the same way, in India the devotees of the various orthodox Vaishnava and Shaivite schools will often have their master’s teaching lineage name. Thus the patronymic name CARAKA was used for wandering ascetic healers of Ayur Vedic lineage of Ananta Caraka.

This is important to understand when researching the difference between the famous court Physician Caraka and the Deity Ananta-Balarama as Caraka.

“Charak, sometimes spelled Caraka, born c. 300 BC was one of the principal contributors to the ancient art and science of Ayurveda, a system of medicine and lifestyle developed in Ancient India. He is sometimes referred to as the Father of Indian Medicine.”

This was the famous court Physician Caraka. He was an historical figure and the probable Author of the Charaka Samhita. However, the Ayur Vedic Medical Tradition that he revived, was much older, and associated with the Vedas, and the Seraphic Ananta Deva, Who is also the Vahana and alter-Form of Baladeva (Vasudeva) Vishnu.

Wiki: “According to the Charaka tradition, there existed six schools of medicine, founded by the disciples of the sage Punarvasu Ātreya. Each of his disciples, Agnivesha, Bhela, Jatūkarna, Parāshara, Hārīta, and Kshārapāni, composed a Samhitā. Of these, the one composed by Agnivesha was considered the best. The Agnivesha Samhitā was later revised by Charaka and it came to be known as Charaka Samhitā. The Charaka Samhitā was revised by Dridhbala.Āyurveda is traditionally divided into eight branches which,they are:
1.kayachikitsa or ayurvedic internal medicine 2.balachikitsa or paediatrics 3.bhootavidya or treatment of demoniacal diseases 4.urdhwanga chikitsa or ENT with ophthalmology 5.salyatantra or ayurvedic surgery 6.agadatantra or toxicology 7.rasayanatantra or science of rejuvanation 8.vajeekarana tantra or aphrodisiac therapy Page text.
The Mason Manly P. Hall was another Great Master of the Western Esoteric Tradition, who, like Valentin Tomberg, eventually converted heart and soul to Apostolic Christianity at the end. His work on symbolism is valuable. My own Maternal Grandfather was a devout Protestant Christian and a Master Mason.In this essay of Hall’s we can see the inclination of his thought and spirituality towards the “metaphysical and ethical”.Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins
by Manly P. Hall
“The champions of philosophic Masonry, alas, are a weak, small voice which grows weaker and smaller as time goes by. In fact, there are actual blocs among the Brethren who would divorce Masonry from both philosophy and religion at any and all cost. If, however, we search the writings of eminent Masons ,we find a unanimity of viewpoint: namely, that Masonry is a religious and philosophic body. Every effort initiated to elevate Masonic thought to its true position has thus invariably emphasized the metaphysical and ethical aspects of the Craft.”

Ephesus – Staff of Asclepios
Seen here as NAGAKALS in India. They are votive offerings to Lord Baladeva as the Ayur Vedic Seraphic Ananta Sesha Naga and can be found all over South India!

My interest is in the specific Serpent Seraph, Winged Serpent, Dragon, Nachash or Behemah ‘Mount of God’ associated with the Supreme Afro-Heleno-Semitic Deity HERU / HELI / ELI/ HARI. This Serpent is the alter-Form of HERU’s Second Person. He is the Creator and Maintainer of all worlds and beings. He is the Lord of all time, WHO ALONE REMAINS (SESHA) AFTER THE ANNIHILATION OF ANY MATERIAL UNIVERSE! He is the Cosmic support of all of the Planets. In the sacred art of Egypt, Greece, India and the East etc. He held up the worlds on His infinite unending (Ananta) Heads. As the Serpent of infinity He was Seraphic Lord who always accompanied the Lord’s Form as TIME. He is the Vahana Vehical and Asana resting place of HERU/ELI/HELI.

Not every ‘trinity’ is the One that I am interested in. Not every group of snake worshipers is related to the Cultus of Ananta Sesha Naga the Serpent of Infinity, the World-Bearer, the Mount of God, the Ayur Vedic Revelator and Healer and the Seraphic Nachash Naga Form of the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Lord Bal-Yahu (Baladeva as Vasu-Deva).Let us therefore discipline ourselves so that we can focus on discovering what and WHO is most important for us to discover and come to understand in the human adventure.Originally Afro-Egyptian HERU-AUSU, Greek HELI-OS and West Semitic ELI-YAHU (Vaishnava HARI-VASU, BUDDHIST HRIH) was Kouros and Kouros (Krishna) was NEVER a mundane ‘sun god’! I am not discussing mundane ‘solar monotheism’! I am NOT discussing the Homeric-like ‘gods’ of mythology. The Greek HELIOS worshiper Plato thought that HOMER’s blasphemous myths should be OUTLAWED! But Homer and Greco-Roman Mythology is the source of our modern view of Greco-Roman Religion! WE have been mal-educated about the so-called mundane polytheism of many ancient peoples. We have been taught about their mythology, but NOT about their worship of the One True Godhead and their THEOLOGY!Mythology and THEOLOGY are not the same! Mythology is not physics or metaphysics! Mythology is not HISTORY, but it may contain historical references and elements of Theology and Metaphysics. Philosophy and Logic, Aesthetics and the Arts and Sciences are not mythology, but mythology may transmit or be transmitted by these arts and sciences.

REVELATION is NOT the same as Mythology! Properly understood, a Greek ‘MYTH’ was an imaginative narrative made-up to explain SOMETHING UNKNOWN. Any natural phnomenon or old relic or ruin could have any number of myths associated with it. A real person could also be mythologized, and there were (and are today) completely fictional or myhological persons.

Is the GODHEAD of the Great Bhakti Traditions a fictional or mythological Person(s)? NO! Is this God a mythologized human? NO!

Stylized winged serpent pictograph
Dated 1000 AD Arkansas, USA

From the earliest times in Heliopolitan Civilization HE is associated with REVELATION, with Metaphysics, Theology, Philosophy and Logic, with simultaneous Transcendence, Emanation, Incarnation and Immanence! His Cultus gave us language and the language of intellect and the rational sciences like mathematics, geometry, biology and medicine. He can be known by the influence that HE had on the tending-towards sattvic, ascetic peoples who worshiped Him.

So, my focus is on tracing the worship of THIS prehistoric Nilo-Saharan Supreme Father God HERU, from the Nile Delta, the Isle of Rhodes and elsewhere in the Mediterranean of pre-history, to the first Heliopolitan High Civilization of Egypt, and from there to the other Great Bhakti Traditions of global history.

This means that I am pulling the Golden Thread of this Rhoda-Kouros and YahuBal centered Heliopolitan Monotheism to see where it goes through the tapestry of history. My concern is the real world worship of THIS Deity, Who is the most ancient Helios of the first and longest enduring High Civilization of Egypt, Greece and the Levant. By the Classical Age, He was still the GOD of the great Greek Ascetic Monotheists, like Socrates and Plato.

Filtering the Noise of Extraneous, Irrelevant and Erroneous Information

To filter-out the extraneous and irrelevant information ‘noise’ that will absolutely JAMB and stop the needed discourse on these ‘West-East’ Bhakti Yoga Tradition connections, we need to discipline our inquiry by focusing ONLY on authentic ancient sources and those scholarly and insightful commentaries that can actually shed light on our subjects of inquiry.

This means that these Saint Francis of Assisi Ecumenical Retreat and Bhakti Ananda Goswami facebook pages, which are dedicated to this Gospel Truth-Seeking and Communicating Mission, must not be used to post or promote the ‘channeled’ writings etc. of modern self-proclaimed ‘prophets’, or the confused imaginings and speculations of Neo-Gnostics and other New Age ‘revelators’. There are uncountable websites purveying this kind of stuff, which is NOT IN ANY WAY WHAT THESE PAGES or my Mission is about. I have looked for GOD and ESS in history, theology, physics and metaphysics and the physical evidence of the real world, and in the testimonies of the real people who have known THIS GOD.

I am FOCUSED on studying and understanding the worship of this God-Who-Is-Love in real exoteric incarnate world history. I am attempting to communicate actual real-world verifiable information regarding the worship of THIS GODHEAD and His SHAKTIS accross regions, times and cultures.

If people come here and insist on posting and promoting things like modern ‘channeled’ revelations or gnostic speculations, these things will divert the discourse here away from the GODHEAD and Our Lady of authentic Bhakti Tradition Guru, Shastra and Sadhu, into all kinds of dead-ends and endless detours away from the ONE TRUE GODHEAD, WHO IS our GOAL in every way.

So, if you want to discuss these subjects with me, please choose your references carefully, and use the carefully chosen words and terms that I use in your searches. These will focus your research on what is authentic and relevant to our discussion. This discipline will lead you into the TRUTH! I ask you all to test my propositions, by looking at or reading the evidence for yourselves! All I ask is for you to please not waste our attention and time with in-authenitc and irrelevant postings.

Also, as I am always struggling with serious and physically limiting health problems, I ask that you first try to find and read the already detailed writings of mine on these various subjects that are on, or linked to this web page. I cannot keep writing the same things hundreds of more times to each new inquirer. Secondly, please restrict yourselves to the most generally important single question that you have, and ask it as simply as you can. This way I can write answers to the most important questions that I have not already answered elsewhere.

Dear Brother Vrin, and others, have offered to help me to create some kind of index to my collected writings, audio and video tapes etc. here on facebook, so that everyone can find the answers that they want. In the meantime I apologize for the chaos of this site. I am trying to get this GOSPEL out to everyone in whatever way that I can, with whatever meager energy and resources i hav to work with.

May The Lord and Our Lady bless our efforts!

Divine Peace and Love to You All!
Your aspiring servant, Bhakti Ananda Goswami

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