The Greek Word ‘Krima’ is Cognate with the Sanskrit Word ‘Karma’


Temple of Aesculapius (Balarama), Villa Borghese, Rome

The actual Sanskrit-Greek cognates in the Judeo-cCatholic Scriptures, the Septuagint, Apocrypha and New Testament, are quite revealing . There really is no need for speculation. However confusion arises when people ignore the authentic Judeo-cCatholic Greek Scriptures. By consulting these Greek Jewish and New Testament scriptures, many countless other profoundly important Jewish and Catholic connections to Vaishnavism are revealed.

In the Judeo-cCatholic Greek Scriptures you will find the Greek word ‘Krima’ and related words for God’s judgment, either favorable or unfavorable, used over 200 times. (See krima [karma], krino [karma], katakrima, katakrisis, krisis [crisis, trial test], kriterion [criteria also], krites and kritikos [critic, critical, judging, judgmental]). The English words ‘crime’ and ‘criminal’ are related to the Sanskrit word karma and the Greek word krima. A criminal is a person who has been judged (and sentenced).

In many of these extremely important Judeo-cCatholic Greek Old Testament, Apocrypha and New Testament verses, the word ‘karma’ could be exchanged for ‘krima’ / ‘krino’ etc. with no change in the verse’s traditional Jewish or Catholic meaning at all. However, it seems that the Calvinist and related Protestant misreadings of the neutral judgment word ‘krima’, always in the extreme negative as ‘damnation’, became the basis of the Protestant Bible’s heavy focus on ‘damnation’ and ‘hellfire’.

Krima [karma] as God’s perfect ‘judgment’ is subjectively experienced as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, while a ‘criminal’ is now one upon whom a ‘negative’ judgment has been pronounced. However, the Jewish and Catholic Traditions make it clear that God’s judgment is always both just and merciful.

Furthermore, the universal Messiah Jesus Christ declares that “for judgment I am come into this world” John 9.39. “For KRIMA I am come into this world.”

See also…

Matthew 7.1 “Judge not, lest you be judged” “KRINO not, lest you be KRINOed”


2 Matthew 7.2 “with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged.” “what what KRIMA you KRIMA, you shall be KRIMAed.”

There are over 200 verses in the three Judeo-cCatholic Greek Shastras/Scriptures to study in this regard!

‘Critic’, ‘crisis’,’criteria’,’criterion’ etc. are all Greek ‘krima’ related words in the English. Please, I am urging serious study of the Greek Judeo-cCatholic Shastras of Mediterranean Rhoda-Kouros (Radha-Krishna) Centric Vaishnavism. In this Mediterranean Brahma-Sampradaya-related Vaishnava Tradition, the ‘Second Person’ of the Godhead is Incarnate as the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Seraphic Great Physician, Asclepios (Roman Aesculapius, Egyptian Serapis). He is Ananta Balarama in His “Hidden Incarnation” as the divine wandering medicant Healer and Ayur Vedic Naga-Physician Charaka (not to be confused with the late court physician of the same name).

There is no need for outside speculation and the study of the much later corrupted forms of Protestantism, when we go back to the authentically early Hebrew and Greek Jewish and cCatholic Apostolic Scriptures and Traditions.

Godhead’s Divine Peace and Love to you all, Bhakti Ananda Goswami

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